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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by sativa_suncloud2012, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Hey yall, not sure if this topic is welcomed or not but just thought i would share a link to my favorite tunes to listen to while dreading my head or others heads, as well as just my favorite tunes in general, enjoy.:cheers2:
  2. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    no offence but that sounded really boring
    theres much much better music to listen to while dreading...and since dreading is a lifelong procedss any music u listen to is great music to dread to
    i really dont know what u mean by good music to dread your head and other ppl's heads to
    do u mean great music to backcomb to? if so i guess that would be a minimal distraction from the pain
    but i dont see why thats good music to drewad to
    i couldnt even listen tio the whole songs..
  3. DetunedRadio

    DetunedRadio Member

    some chill shit, i like it man.
  4. pypes

    pypes Hot alien babes

    nah man, it's all about the mighty tull.
  5. Soaringeagle, its personal preferance, sorry if im boring, but its what im into, some may like the grateful dead (as i do) some may like to listen to rap (As i dont), just thought id share a bit of who i am with yall, sorry if ya dont dig it but i cant plse everyone, as for dreading to it, yeah its relaxing to backcomb to, its also what i like to smoke a joint and sit down,quitly play with my dreads and ponder life and spirituality to. also i am a dj and like to spin ambient/psydub/down tempo/ chillought and up beat stuff like psytrance/goa trance and progressive trance. The festivals in bc are loaded with dreadys that are open to all types o music, so i thought the forum would be likewise,I just felt like sharing what inspires me on my dread journy with others ,Perhaps help others understand who this sativa charecter is, and i always found music a neautral ground to do so. im not offended i can understand how someone may find it boring, its all a matter of perception. Anyway sorry if this is just wasting thread space, but to me it means somthing. Perhaps i will add more charecter to this thread by asking you all what your inspiration is on your dready journy, what keeps you going through the rough days?
  6. Glacius

    Glacius Member

    im only listening to the first song just now, but i like it. im into videogames and i can feel some similarity to this and sounds i hear in the virtual world. i guess that helps me appreciate it.
  7. legal_rasta

    legal_rasta Member

    Good songs for dreading: No

    Good songs for blazing: Yes
  8. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    myusic i like for dreading to (or living life to sinbce the 2 tend to happen simultaniusly) theres alottas great stuff on there..not every one though but most i enjoy
    then theres these guys whjo are freinds of mine

    oh and these guys rocked and were really insopirational
    the 1 starts with a kid playing forward past that if u want.. the second one they actualy played naked, but was lil too dark to tell
    sorry the vids came out so dark,, but crankl em up loud and enjoy
  9. ThePmiester

    ThePmiester Member

    Some laid back dub, or anything really, I have really got into The Doors alot recently!
  10. MoonDoggie

    MoonDoggie Member

    I guess I'm a boring person becuase I liked the music alot.
    And I don't do drugs, so peeps can't say that's why I liked it.
  11. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    people get really mad at me alot when i say i cant stand the dead too
    but i gave up on most comercial music long ago threw out my radio and pretty much wont listen to much unless its live realk has heart and soul and a message
    electronic crap i just find so mindless and empty
    lotta the popular stuff i think is just so regurgitated..mase solely for mass apeal with no real purpose of expressing anythinmg real
    so i tentd to seek out my music in places where names are unimportant where megarockstars dont exist and the songs are being sung solely for the joy of the singing

    hell my bro in law today had the radio on i have no clue wjhat he was listening to..but the singer (if u can call it singing) sounded like someone grabbed his throught and yanked out his voiceboxx and the guy was screamming in paiun through a gurgling hole in his neck..i really had no clue why he found that noise appealing..i found it nerve wrenching
    ive been blessed to know many amazingly talented musicians and many of the most talented ones would rather sing on a stereet corner for chanfge (both the coin variety and the social type) then ever play a stadium or club
    to me musicsa about passion and soul and exprewssion, not just popularity and proffits
    there arent too mamny mainstrweam musicians id call good
    especialy these days
  12. mandyland

    mandyland Senior Member

    Thanks for sharing a bit about who you are! I watched your links...and even though I cant really get into it, I respect all music and what it does for people. Personally psychedelic/trance/ambient stuff freaks me out! I feel like Im on a bad acid trip or something when I listen to it! lol. Heres some stuff I love listening too while playing with my dreadies or just chillaxin.....
  13. pypes

    pypes Hot alien babes

    I take it you don't like chiptune or nerdcore then.
  14. hellodreadhead

    hellodreadhead Beta as fuck

    Agreed. I haven't listened to a radio in years either purely because mainstream music doesn't relate to my life anymore. Given, my music tastes are extremely wide. I like rock and metal and most things in between, I also like to crankout 90's pop like Britney sometimes. I draw lines at dance music genres. I occassionally tune in to kerrang and MTV2 but still, the music they play now doesn't relate.

    I liked the first link in the OP some nice relaxed stuff there.
  15. Slow blur

    Slow blur Member

  16. Advaya

    Advaya Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I liked the music in the first post a lot.

    It was really relaxing and meditative.
  17. RichieAfrica

    RichieAfrica Member

  18. hax

    hax Member

  19. this thread is funny.

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