My Family

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    My Family

    You would do well to learn the name of my family, to remember and respect it.

    We are no strangers to inhumane treatment.
    There are those who have tried, and are still trying to prove that we are in fact not human at all.

    Still, learn the name of my family, remember and respect it;
    for whether we are human or not we “are” a family.

    If you have once known one of us,
    Though you may find yourself in the worst of circumstances,
    Ostracized and cut off from human kind;
    Me and the rest of my family will gather their force behind you,
    as if we all knew you and what you have been through,

    Despite anything you have done,
    No matter what position in which you find yourself,
    Though there is no person alive who does not despise and hate you;

    “We” can, and will still love you, nurture you, feed you, house you.
    Though no one else will,
    We will do what we can,
    We will do it for as long as you need us to do it;

    Until, if it is your wish,
    You can walk proudly, and hold your head high among your fellow human beings once again.

    I AM

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