My experiences with 25i-nbome,lsd,meditation

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by paultreselli, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. paultreselli

    paultreselli Guest

    Hello, im a new member, Paul. I had my first foray with psychedelics about a month ago...sadly it was nbome, i got duped. My experienced trip sitter mentioned the oddity of the numbness, but we proceeded. He ate 2 1/2 tabs i ate 2 . Not so sadly, i had an amazing trip but blacked out on the peak. Mind you, this is my first ,FIRST chemically induced psychedelic trip, no tolerance. So its no surprise that my trip ended with me jumping off some table,messing up my knee, whirling like an idiot onto a car,police called, and amazingly just a hospital visit,no tickets. Doc gave me a nice rap on how i should use my brain ,dont do drugs, yada yada... If this had happened in the woods i just woulda slept it off fine.
    So after that i did my research and connected the dots and concluded that i got
    "N bombed". Thankfully , i have good connects and got the real deal,Lucy and ate 2 tabs. Ok i will not lie, the L was supremely blissful, electric, and the come up was tolerable, exciting, eventually gave way to these body orgasms, transcendental, no words to all know what i mean though, we are all energy beings connected, it really opened me up to whats out there,in there, everywhere. I took very good acid 200mics on three occasions, once alone. The solo trip at 400mic was the deepest, most reflective,euphoric
    ,revealing experience i ever had. It dealt with past trauma and led me to
    Seek a spiritual path. I digress.
    Ok so back to nbomb. Lucy dried up, sorta, and i yearned for more, my third eye buzzing all over.
    I have since had 5 25i experiences, all @1.5mg(1500ug). All were positive with strings attached. So two tabs was too much. One is COSMIC!
    The come up from nbom is almost identical to Lucy, but gentler. The visuals are about the same: floors get swirly, rainbow energy everywhere, less tracers, but still see auras...everything shimmers, sparkly,cev were very nice,intense say exactly like lsd. Not to totally detract from L, id say nbom was almost the same,like L , I got all this feeling of warmth,love, just drunk with bliss. And no trip is complete without great tunes. My last nbom trip was a morning 5am meditation, 6am drop tab and hit the trails. Within an hour that drunk bliss kicks in, it feels sooooooo good! As the energy picks up i pick up, so it never feels like a come up. So theres a tip with * active , if you start with elevated heart rate then the adrenaline spike will not be overwhelming. Anyway, music was so amazing, i was just consumed with euphoria, and the trees and sky were all in sync with the music, the grass body exploded with symbols, mathematics ive never seen, drawn onto pavement,walls,the sky.
    By noon i was still tripping, but hit the dojo for my gungfu lesson.
    Ok so whats bad about nbom? Not totally sure yet.
    Both L and nbom experiences were very lucid , never felt out of control,
    Was able to function in the "real" world just fine- not including my first nbombing,haha.
    The comedown is what sucks ass! Very tense in the chest. I noticed this a little on come up, but very much so coming down. By noon it started, this ever present achy,tense chest feeling, like my heart being squeezed. Not good.
    I took a niacin and did some pranayama. It subsided mostly, but lingered till about 6pm. By then i was home, had a nice vegetable dinner and started typing this here.
    My take on nbom: its risky but does offer a readily available,cheap
    Psychedelic headspace. Those who say its not as spiritually insightful as L, id say thats on the user. My nbom trips have been just as mind bending and emotionally charged. But I have not dosed heavy on L and maybe "break through" trips on an nbom demand prohibitive/possibly lethal dosage.
    My biggest concern with the bomb is the numbness. My tongue still feels funny, the tip feels like its been burned.
    What is causing that? To me , anything that causes numbness is likely neurotoxic...imagine what that could do to the heart?! I don't know. So cardiotoxic???
    So i'd like to know about that. Also , even Lucy come up is pretty heart racy like, and i still wonder if this is bad for the heart ,in general. I get the whole partial vs full agonist argument. So is slamming that serotonin recepter hard enuf to cause heart problems?
    All this stuff Aside. Ive had some very intense mystical experiences during periods of fasting and meditation. Kundalini is all i got to say. When it starts moving up and down , you will trip balls. So hard work and patience can get one to these altered states without ingesting a chemical, and the truth is that this "altered state" is nothing more than the present state. Its just a matter of acknowledging it. Ever since my first trip, my eyes have not seen the same.
    If i focus hard, i can almost "flashback" at will. It takes practice. Im not saying i will never intensify my meditations with acid again, but my goal is to not ever have to use them to "get there."
    Thanks for reading this rather longish thread post. Thanks for having (or not) me
    Aboard. Looking forward to some good replies and insights into
    Nbom numbness and its relation to toxicity ( of our city!!! System of a down reference duh ) , and whatever else comes to mind.
    Cheers, happy trails!

    -pitpat loves you
  2. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    so what's bad about NBOMe?

    mainly, the fact that people sell it as LSD.
    not to mention the fact that you freaked out on it from taking two hits instead of one.
    also, the tight chest feeling.

    the fact that other people have had seizures and died from NBOMe chemicals.

    and i could think of other more subjective reasons why LSD kicks the shit out of NBOMe.
  3. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    Interesting read, it's good that you could recover from that first 25i-nbome trip which sounded pretty horrific and have nothing but positive, powerful trips from there on.

    Nbome does have some similarities with LSD in my experience as well, many of which you touched on but I find Nbome has a bit rougher of a body load and I don't find it as cognitively interesting as LSD. The visuals of Nbome impress me nearly every time though, very complex, unique, intricate and most the sensory affects are really quality. I've had flirtations with the spiritually insightful or tremendous profundity on Nbome but I haven't really gotten there in the same way LSD can take me there, some of it may have to due with my set/setting. Also due to Nbome being around for only a few years for human use and coupled with some overdoses, I'm more hesitant to push the envelope with NBome than I am with LSD. The one trip I felt I pushed the envelope was very strange, intense and not very enjoyable for most of it, so I prefer moderate doses with Nbome.

    Yes that's good stuff with the revealing and healing, that's what LSD is all about.

    Both of these chems have a more wide ranging pharmalogical effect than just the specific serotonin receptor site(s). A more comprehensive pharmalogical profile of 25i-nbome compared to LSD will likely suggest why the former may be far more dangerous. For instance, even sticking with neurotransmitters, dopamine is known to play a role in increasing heart rate, and I think perhaps indirect effects on the sympathetic nervous system may as well, so while the serotonin receptors may contribute to these effects, I don't think it's the sole or even primary cause of it.
  4. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    The tightness in your chest is caused by vasoconstriction, a very nasty side effect. I don't know why nbome causes local numbing/tingling but i also agree that it doesn't feel too healthy. it almost feels caustic.

    I like how your description of your first nbome trip was all "I blacked out and hurt my knee and police and hospital were involved" while your first lsd trip was "cosmic unity, bliss, beauty, understanding the nature of everything" :D

    yet you still feel they are very similar... you are right that breakthrough doses on both substances is where you tell the difference, and i wouldn't want to take a breakthrough nbome dose, given i might come out of it an amputee or dead. whereas breakthrough with lsd is an unfathomable cascade of beauty with no permanent cost to your body.
  5. paultreselli

    paultreselli Guest

    Interesting.But i was I was under the assumption the those wider effects are the direct result of the serotonergic stimulation. So phenethylami and tryptamines can mess with other bodily functions? Wow. And dopamine ,endorphins can be
    Relased during exercize, meditation. I'm leaning towards not using nbome cuz i can get nearly the safe effect from meditation. I know people who have non-ejaculatory orgasms during pranayama, so its really amazing what our minds can do; we do not need these drugs, tho they are useful.
  6. paultreselli

    paultreselli Guest

    Thanks for that. Yes, LSD is another animal, its so wonderful. It saddens me that its not schedule 3. I do think it should be readily available to anyone because there are many who would freak out, just could not handle it. The ones who reap benefits are the ones who are prepared to learn, to let go. People who fight , trying to hold onto this reality- they likely will suffer. I have never had a bad trip, and even my friends who ive tripped with remark at how much they notice I enjoy and give into the sessions. We all had a mutual understanding, felt many moments of telepathy, sensuality by touch,massage, star gazing, it was so transcendent, justing thinking about it gets me goosebumps. Chat more soon.
  7. paultreselli

    paultreselli Guest

    I failed to point out clearly: both Lsd and nbome have a strong come up phase,
    Rather intense. And i also noticed some chest tension on Lucy,just not as annoying as the bom. When i took the two tabs of lucy, during the up phase I thought my heart was gonna pop out...but my pulse only measured 80bpm, so slight elevation from my normal resting 55bpm. It was just a jolting,double espresso felling. But this gave way to great enjoyment once i breathed through it. I guess some of the body load is very much a mindstate. We have allot of control over that. What begins as a bad load can transition to a good one with the right thought patterns. Anyway,
    Does the come up with acid get more intense as one increases dosage?
    Or is it fixed? So I took two tabs , @400ug, had a pretty intense trip,as stated, very visual. But it was not like a DMT oobe , transported to another world trip.
    That's what I want to experience. So I'm concerned if 800ug is going to be a more intense come up,possibly landing me in the er. I may even want to try 1mg of acid. But also, is there a
    Cap on dosage effectiveness, ie more doses means no effect?
    Also, I've heard that allot of times one can have varying intensity of trip with same dosage amount. A friend took 200ug twice, first trip cool, second trip total ego death. Thanks for sharing.
  8. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    There have been studies to suggest that LSD has a direct effect on dopamine receptor sites. The discovery and study of neurotransmitters preceeded the discovery of LSD by about a decade, and the understanding of roles of neurotransmitters and drugs interacting with them, pretty much coincided with the discovery of LSD. So there was about a 20 year time frame in the US at least before LSD was scheduled to study the neural interaction of the drug on humans during a time where pharmalogical knowledge was in its infancy.

    25i-nbome on the other hand has had minimal to no legitimate human studies that I'm aware of.
  9. paultreselli

    paultreselli Guest

    Interesting. Well, so back to my question. If two tabs of acid is a rough come up for me, is 4 or 5 going to be even rougher?
    I think im keeping nbom use to a min...i can get shrooms easily. Growing them is very doable too, if one puts the effort. I liked shrooms allot...and they are pretty safe afaik.
  10. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    the more acid you take the more intense the come up, but not always in an unpleasant way . . . with a big dose of acid it hits you so hard so fast before you know it you're melted
  11. paultreselli

    paultreselli Guest

    Sounds awesome!
  12. Lets get nbombed its drunk bliss.


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