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Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by dacre4, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. dacre4

    dacre4 Member

    Hello all, i have been using salvia on and off for quite some time now, and i would like to share my experiences of this powerful herb.

    I have read many of the stories on here and these are very very interesting to me because i understand what they are talking about describing the trips. I have stepped completely out of it into salvia land about 2-3 times now. I have smoked salvia probably about 30 times now but those other 27 times were at medium doses (still connected to reality). I dont smoke as much to reach this out of scaredness lol. I would definately say that those times that i crossed the line were much more meaningful, incredible, well yeah you get it.

    Anyway my first time doing it i was about 15 at the time, and i was able to get some 10x. At this point i had already researched salvia on the internet and had an idea of what it was like. So i waited until my parents werent home to smoke my very first salvia. I did not have a sitter for my first time, because it wasnt necessary in my opinion, and it turned out i was right. Keep in mind this is one of the times i left reality. So i was very nervous about trying a new intense drug but the curiosity of it won me over so i smoke a very big toke of 10x i would say if it was weed itd be half of a bowl. after the hit i wait about 5-10 seconds and then everything in my vision started going up and down, flashing really fast. So then i walk into my house not even thinking what im doing it just happens somehow, then as i walked into the door into the laundery room, then the first thing i see is the most bueatiful thing i had ever seen, it was while i was going through the laundery room in motion, i was seeing the objects on the sides of me in this room all connected together as "one".

    So i start walking upatairs (one thing i forgot to mention is nomatter what salvia world im in, one thing is that i personally never have forgotten that ive smoked salvia). So i feel as im in a dream, walking around, but it was weird because i was only half controlling what i could do, and i diddnt really think about what i was doing but i just did it, ya know. So therefore since i had my pipe and lighter without thinking i just put it underneath the coffee table, being somewhat aware of reality.

    Then next was the most intense part for me. My dad had left his tv on in his room, (upstairs from where i was) and i was unaware of this until after this whole thing was over. So as i am tripping on the couch, i hear people talking on the tv upstairs and this scares the fucking shit out of me because i remember i was at the peak at this point, so i was laying down (or sitting i cant remember) but everything was going by in salvia land and was halucinating that those guys talking were in my house talking about me saying things that were made up in my mind, i cant remember exactly what, but it was something like: I could hear them chuckling and talking about me and somehow i got the idea that these people are gods of some sort and they were looking upon me like i was some kinda experiment or something. they were on some kind of balcony above me? but then i remember reality again, and remember that i dont have a balcony lol. But then i kept hearing these voices upstairs. I was 100% determined that i was hearing people talk up there and i knew i was the only one that has been home, so without even thinking i go up the stairs as i yell "who the fuck is in my house?!?! I diddnt know wtf i was doing because after i yelled that i scared the shit out of myself for a moment, thinking that the people will kill me. Then i look in the room with the tv, and i start laughing my ass off. from that point on, the effects wore away. And yes that whole thing was all in like 2-3 minutes probably.

    So that was the first experience i had with salvia, sorry that its long, but i was trying my best to type the trip as well as i remember it. I would tell my other really intense salvia trip that i had recently, but im tired of typing now lol.

    I think i was able to handle my first experience with salvia, because i had been a big pothead beforehand and i somewhat knew how to deal with the scary feeling.
  2. tripoli

    tripoli Member

    Thanks for the report!

    The first time I did it, right after I came down, I remember hearing a voice on the stereo, singing to the music "Almost had you....almost had you...."

    Also, the first two times I did it, which was about two weeks apart, as soon as I blew out the smoke, the exact same song came on the radio, and it was internet radio, one of those groove stations where you don't hear too many repeats.
  3. darkain

    darkain Member

    Wow bro, You tripped yourself right out.
  4. -beatnick

    -beatnick Senior Member

    nice. my first couple of times:

    first - my friend and ex dealer had a gram of 21x. we went to his house and went into the forest behind his house. this was in the afternoon. we took one hit each, and at first i didnt feel anything. after a few moments i remember seeing a stream under all the leaves in the forest. i was like oh shit, theres a river and thought i was getting soaked and all the leaves were moving and my balance was distorted. then i stood up and just started laughing with my friend, who had been laughing a whole lot. he was just like, holy shit, your face looked crazy. not a crazy ass trip.

    second - i was in a jeep wrangler with 3 others. we had just been smoking 3 bowls of some good bud. i had 5x extract in my pocket and decided to make things more interesting. so i loaded the bowl up and took the first hit. i felt it a bit, but not too much. so we packed more until everyone took like 2 or 3 hits. at that point, i was gone. the 3 people turned into indian gods that took out a scroll, unraveled it and read me my future and destiny in life, which i dont remember too clearly. as i come down, i recall one of the people saying, dang, salvia is fun.
  5. dacre4

    dacre4 Member

    ok i had another breakthrough experience with salvia, which i haven't had in a long time so i thought i would share it. I believe salvia is a great challenge for your mind, to see how much you can handle takes great bravery.
    So right as i have the fat hit in my lungs (for me it works better with a pipe) i could start to feel the old feelin once again of goin into that place far from reality. I could start to feel it immediately like it just whacks you in the head like nothing. Everything starts to feel really really fake all of a sudden, everything starts feeling so stupid and silly that the whole salvia thing feels like a joke or something. And im guessin it musta been about 5-8 seconds after i blew out the hit that i was peaking. And as i was peaking i remember thinking one thing and that is "holy crap this really is the most intense drug ever"" well ive never done dmt so i can't really say that but that is what i was thinking. I remember at that moment i could feel the drug like it was a whole new atmosphere, a whole new world there was like pillars of energy that where all around me but this part was normal even though i was really fucked. I say this because the next moment after that was my breakthrough moment. Ok first i will say that if you are tired at all than it may not be a good time for salvia because i think that you feel the tiredness alot more and its kinda uncomfortable. I was a bit tired i was in for the mood for it anyway.
    So then as i'm in this atmosphere of salvia i start sensing the tiredness so i think to myself really fast to go grab the comforter off the floor to lay down in bed. So as i go to do it i think i put away my pipe into my drawer or something and grab the blanket then right there was fucked up. I felt like i was supposed to be doing something but couldn't remember what. And that when i looked at my chair and the cabinet next to me they where not there where they were supposed to be because i wasn't even there. (i thought that knew exactly where i was in the back of my head but i was proven wrong). So even though i am by myself i had a very real feeling that someone else was present telling me that i am doing something wrong and i was'nt thinking about it at all while it was happening. But i was communicating with "something" in my mind it was like there was a whole
    that had opened in the universe then some kind of being was kinda placing the matter back in front of me and it was like i was seeing things that weren't meant to be seen like i was on the outside world that looks into our reality. The "something" told me to go back into my reality or else i would be in trouble. Let me add that i don't actually belive any of this in a real way it was just what was happening in my head.
    So all that happened in about 20 seconds. After the breakthrough part happened i was back in my normal mind think "wait WTF just happened??" and so i tried to remember exactly what i was thinking and trying to put it all together but it is very hard to do. I would say that i remember/ wrote down 85-90 % of what had happened (what i was thinking)
  6. GanjaGuru

    GanjaGuru Member

    god I hate that shit I've realized sounds really impact you on lower doses,my friend said he was sending an SOS to the whole world because the song Sending out an SOS was playing, I was using some 5x and only got to threshold effects and almost every time any fucking sound would start talking some scary shit (not in noticeable words really, it was just scary) I really want to get some stronger stuff so I can get the full effects. The one time I did get some real effects was when I hit it and then went to sleep. It was like my whole perception moved backwards into my head and I became my brain and then these things were trying to blast me(my brain) off into space with some rockets. I wouldn't let them because I didn't want my house to be destroyed. So then they tied like some firecracker rockets onto me(my brain) but I still wouldn't let them lol. I regret it now...if any beings offer to launch your brain just let them.
    I also think that taking it right before you go to bed is the best way because it seems to last throughout your dreams, I'm not that experienced with it though so I could be wrong
  7. dacre4

    dacre4 Member

    Umm yeah but going to sleep on salvia is pretty impossible in my opinion. My mind is just racing so fast that i couldn't possibly. I think it would take about a half an hour at least to fall asleep after a heavy dose.
  8. Piece Of Mind

    Piece Of Mind Member

    My one experience with salvia was not a good one at all. I don't know exactly what is meant by the 10x indication, but my boyfriend and I bought a pack at a head shop that was packaged in a box, manufactured by a company I suppose because it has the name "Salvia Zone" on it. It was a powdery substance. It was the "yellow" level. I must of smoked four pinches of that thing, but the only thing that happened to me was an emotional state of panic.

    At first, I couldn't sit still, so my boyfriend and I took a walk. I heard a noise so I had to go investigate. We live near a river, so I was walking towards that. When we got back inside I just was having the most suicidal thoughts. Period. End of trip. Thankfully the boyfriend was there, but I was flippin' hysterical.

    He believes that we should have meditated before taking the drug some. (I'm not quite sure what had happened that day that would put me in a bad trip). Has anyone else had such an experience?
  9. dacre4

    dacre4 Member

    Well this kind of thing is very common for this drug. It is not to be taken lightly and you have to expect to feel hectic feelings.
    If you had suicidal thoughts on this stuff than i would reccomend not to do it because it is not for everyone and it sounds like you diddn't enjoy it at all. But if you are still interested than you should do a lower dosage next time or a lighter extract like 5x.

    The only extract i have ever done is 10x and i find it perfect because it isn't too hard to break through with it.
  10. dacre4

    dacre4 Member

    Ok today i had a freaking hardcore ass trip. Probably my 4th or 5th time to break through. Ok i was sitting on A brick wall when i smoked it, and then as i feel it coming on nothing bizzare was happening yet, but next thing i know 5 secs later i wasnt on the brick wall anymore i cant remember if i wanted to get off it or what but i was planning to stay on it before i lit up. Ok so this is the point i was fully gone. At this point i don't remember which direction i was looking or anything. I just kinda remember what i was believing to be going on. So even though nobody was with me, i couldve sworn that i had thought somebody was right next to me, mabey more people it was very hard to tell. The person had come up from nowhere but then as the trip continued, I had realized that he had come up from underneath the brick wall because all of the bricks were knocked over,(In reality these bricks are huge like 60 pounds each) and this entity (i clearly saw this person he was brown and dirty like he came up from the ground) went to where the wall was and started to stack the bricks back up very fast one by one (stacking the bricks onto himself so he could go back under from where he came because i was not meant to see him) And then this part was my first real auditory hallucination ever!! as he was stacking the bricks onto himself I could actually hear him saying very clearly "stack brick upon brick, upon brick, upon brick, upon brick, upon brick" And then at this point i was just so confused and then the peak ended then (which is the breakthrough part) so i go over to check the brick wall where it all happened, and all of the bricks were stacked perfectly just as they were before the trip. I tried lifting up a brick to see what the deal was and wtf happened but it was too late, the person had already went back into the ground. That trip was just so damnn convincing its just amazing. After that i was extremely tired and thought about it as i was laying in bed for like 5 min and then fell asleep.
  11. Tim The Hero

    Tim The Hero Member

    The first time i tried it, i didnt hit it right, so nothing really happened.

    Around the third time, me and some friends tryed it, and i got up to go in the house, and my arms strecthed 5 feet longer. In a way, i was stretch armstrong,
    but being with my friends ruined the experince, showing me that salvia is not a social drug, more a personal.

    The next time i tried it was the most intense trip of my life,

    20X, and i had a HUGE intake.

    I got up, walked out the door, and vision got blurred,
    I fell on the grass of my friends lawn, and while they watched, i started rolling around, and i couldnt stop.

    What i was seeing was incredible. My vision had become a tv screen, and i could see what i was doing, but there was like, standings, (kinda of like watching nascar) and i was for some reason trying to race to the door on my belly.

    I was racing different objects, such as a stick, a shoe, etc. I could even hear announcers announcing my name. I finally made it, and after laying in the grass, my legs were sticky as shit, and it was the most unconfortable feeling ive ever had,

    so i washed it off, and went outside to see my friends sitting in the grass.
    I sat down, and all of a sudden, a thought hit me like a train, and i began to think that there was no point in life. I was saying to them, "Why am i here?! Theres no point!!! Why am i alive?!! Why am i going to go home?!! Theres no point?!!" It was the scariest moment ever, i thought there was no point in life, and every action i could evr do would be pointless and useless. It was in a way, a suicidal trip.

    So, my friends got me calmed down, and i went and layed in a bed, because i was cold, even though it was about 80 degrees.

    I then started to realize i was going to come out of it. I listened to Music, which turned out to be pepper,

    It felt like the music was a warm layer being laid over me.

    I then snapped back into reality.

    If you've read all this, I love you. :p

    But, after that trip, i feel more confident with my mind
  12. dacre4

    dacre4 Member

    Sounds pretty scary, whenever i have a really intense trip i don't really get scared I think im pretty good at controlling that. I do however get very very cold i can relate to, and i always get very tired.

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