My ex turned me on to spanking Do girls like spankings?

Discussion in 'Spanking' started by Squonk71, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Squonk71

    Squonk71 Member

    My ex turned me onto spanking before I always thought it was kinda cool but Iam notreally the dominate type so I never really thought about bringing it to the bedroom.

    After my ex one night said to me spank me that was it I loved giving spankings

    yeah I wonder though? Do girls like that? My ex LOVED it I wonder how many girls actualy like it rather than just doing it for the enjoyment of their guy
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  2. Spirit Wynd

    Spirit Wynd Member

    Hey man, I've had a few that love a good slap on her ass during love making... it's not so much the slap part they like, its what the slap causes... a sudden contraction of the muscles that can provide her with more pleasure. Sort of an induced mini orgasm... an extra bonus on her part... you may have felt it, but never knew how to reconize it when it happened... now ya know.
    Also read up on Kegel exercises for you and her to intensify things for the both of you.

    Just sharing the experience bro, peace.
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  3. chinadoll

    chinadoll Member

    I love it! It just gives such pleasurable sensations that I never even knew existed. I've always fantasized about being spanked as long as I can remember. Althoug I have to say that a casual slap during sex does NOTHING for me. For me it's mostly psychological. :toetap05:
  4. Squonk71

    Squonk71 Member

    Yeah if I am going to spank someone I am going to spank someone lol. A tap on the ass doesn't do it for me at all. I want to bend you over the knee kinda of spank ya lol I mean not to hurt the girl but if you are going to spank someone do it right lol
  5. funkadelix

    funkadelix Member

    I love getting spanked. Clearly, during sex is the best, but I also like it when my boy spanks me in public.
  6. la Principessa

    la Principessa Old School HF Member

    I LOVE it.
  7. angelknight

    angelknight Member

    I love it as well there's just something about putting you total trust in someone enough to let him hit you its very arousing, and a sharp sting across the rear can be very sensual. for me it adds a lot to a sexual experiance.
  8. Lipsca

    Lipsca Member

    I Love being spanked especially when I'm really horny and my ass is sweaty,
    it makes me wet down to knees.
    After I've been spanked to redness and my tender little butt is glowing' I
    love the one who runs there tongue up and down the crack of mysweet tenderness & drives me ever closer to where I want to go.
  9. DazedGypsy

    DazedGypsy fire

    I love being bent over a man's knee and getting my ass slapped. and whatever else he wants to do to me.
    I could go for a spanking right now..
  10. jia

    jia Member

    Yes girls like spankings!!
  11. dick100

    dick100 Member

    My ex liked to be spanked once in a while. I would spank her with my hand or ping pong paddle. Her ass would get really red then I would tie her up and use a dildo or a cucumber to fill her as I played with her until she had a big orgasm. Then, I would untie her hands so she could play with herself. She would make herself cum 10 more times. A voyeurs dream.
  12. RokMyBobbySox

    RokMyBobbySox Member

    I love spankings. Make them last and make them hurt. I get off very much with pain. I espcially love getting spanked when a man is eating me out from behind. Also when one is under me while I am on my knees and a man whoops me for not feeding the one below fast enough. I don't know what it is about it. Just very hot and sensual.
  13. NikkiLou6387

    NikkiLou6387 ~peace~

    i love getting spanked! spanking can make me cum if i'm almost there or speed me up if i'm slowing down
  14. Some girls love spankings.

    I've spanked a girl who just kind of "endured" it until I was satisfied. I've also spanked a girl who could cum just from the spanking itself. Real, body-shaking, ass-quivering orgasms.

    God, I miss her...
  15. ruffrider610

    ruffrider610 Guest

    Is spanking a regular part of your relationship, or is it just an arousal thing?
  16. ruffrider610

    ruffrider610 Guest

    Is spanking a normal part of your relationship, or is it just an arousal thing?
  17. nakedman55

    nakedman55 Member

    A question for the ladies that really like spankings, were you spanked as a child and somehow now crave that in your sex life or is there no connection and you just like it for the feelings it now brings you? I might consider smacking my wife on the ass during sex but I do not want to piss her off, or more importantly turn her off. It might turn her on and I wont really know unless I do it, If I ask she might assume it will just hurt and say no, any advice?
  18. BlackTar_46

    BlackTar_46 Member

    Ill admit it. I like to be spanked BEFORE sex but with clitoral stimulation and nothing to hard. My ex used to give me firm, open handed slaps on the ass before we got busy and i loved it. During sex i prefer my ass to be squeezed.I have to be wet before hand for it to feel good. i hate the idea of discipline and pain for sex. i like to make love-not not bruises.
  19. trudyuk43

    trudyuk43 Member

    i like light spanking nothing to hard, im not in to the discipline thing just for erotic purposes. me and my bf often do it when we roleplay, and it is always a precurser to sex

  20. curious78

    curious78 Member

    my wife likes to have her ass smacked when I'm pounding her from behind.. everytime I've asked her if I've gotten carried away she says "nope it adds to it."

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