My Essay On Freedom Of Opinion And Thought.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jimbee68, Jul 6, 2024.

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    I wrote this essay in 2023, and turned it into a meme:

    Freedom of thought may not be found explicitly in the First Amendment. But our Founding Fathers would definitely agree it's implied by it. The Supreme Court has held states violate this right, when they tell you what books you may read and what movies you may watch in the privacy of your own home. The right to freedom of thought and opinion are absolute, although laws may be imposed regulating speech and expression.

    Other ways your right to freedom of thought and opinion are violated occur when governments try to suppress criticism, or when people try to impose their beliefs on you.
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    Freedom is the right to surrender to reality, Or Not!

    Freedom of thought is the least of anyone's concerns, when a quarter of the population still claims the sun revolves around the earth, and they've all made their own dictionary and analog logic taboo, insisting Three Stooges Slapstick is their "cultural" tradition.

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