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Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by Dizzy Man, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Dizzy Man

    Dizzy Man Member

    I once had a very embarassing experience when I was a teenager (about 16). I'd like to share it...

    In my school there was a room where students used to hang out in their free time. It was a private room overlooking a classroom and the only way to it was up some stone stairs (so you knew when someone was coming up because you could hear their feet walking up the stairs).

    Anyway, one day I was up there alone after school and I saw a girl I really liked working alone in the classroom below. I was feeling pretty horny that day so (stupidly) I got my cock out and started masturbating. I knew that no one could see what I was doing, but what I'd totally forgotten about was that someone could have come up the stairs quietly...

    ...and someone did! Another girl. came up. It was a friend of the girl I was wanking over!

    I didn't know what to do, so I just put my cock away and tried to look like I was just "tucking myself in". (Ha! Yeah, right!) Unfortunately, it was painfully obvious what I'd been doing. She must have seen my erect cock in my hand, she was only about 6 metres (20 feet) away. This is, by a mile, the most embarassing thing that ever happened to me in my entire life.

    I never actually ever spoke to either of the girls, so I don't have a clue what they thought about it. So I was just wondering, could any girls here give me a female perspective on this? Can you take any guesses at what might have been going through her mind at the time? (Hate? Fear? Humour? Arousal? Confusion?) I wish I knew.
  2. DroopySnoopy

    DroopySnoopy The ORIGINAL Dr. Droop

    LOL I can see it now... "You're never gonna raise your GPA like that!" lol
  3. whereami

    whereami Member

    I hope you left the country after that episode! lol

    I was pretty much caught in the same situation by my sister. God that sucked. I was in that fucked up position on the floor where I was rolled over with my legs over my head in hopes to catch my cum in my mouth or on my face. I was about 16 also. I was in the living room where there was more space to play in. That's when I heard the door unlocked & thought I could hear someone walkig up the steps. I didn't hear her though. I rolled over,yanked my pants up faster than the speed of light but she came in as I was pulling them up. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" she asked.

    "Uh....trying on these new underwear mom just bought for me....."

    Silence. She walks to her room.....

    It was awful. lol
  4. Dizzy Man

    Dizzy Man Member


    Makes me feel not so alone in my embarassment now, thanks! :)
  5. whereami

    whereami Member

    Yeah that was over ten years ago. Competey forgotten................I hope.
  6. JoeCool

    JoeCool Member

    lol, and it didn't get around school that someone caught you masturbating there? I know how teenagers can be. Very talkative. Rumors can spread quickly.
  7. horny_as_hell

    horny_as_hell Member

    not to be offensive... but depending on your looks, i'd get really turned on. i wouldn't show it, but i'd probably sit down to show you it didn't bother me... and then after a little bit go to the bathroom to play with my pussy a bit. i think men jacking off is sexy ;)
  8. i never got caught jerking (surprise) but, my mom, and moms boyfriend found my "educational" folder. it wouldnt have been that embarsing, except that there was a couple guys in there :O
  9. darthkacie

    darthkacie crazy diamond

    I second that
  10. JethBroh

    JethBroh VikingAmbasador

    :conehead: :auto: :Chevy_anim:
  11. Angelina31

    Angelina31 Member

    Yep, me too!
  12. dunno, if i walked in on someone doing that id probably stand there a bit kinda confused XD
    then if stayed awkward id leave but if person said hi or something id start talking like it hadnt happened probably, i wouldnt mind it. tho i would tell some of my friends
  13. keeze

    keeze Member

    i think my most embarassing experience involves my mom having a day off of work giving her enough time while i was at school to find all my thongs...we then had the most awkward conversation about it being okay to be gay and that she will still love me
  14. getoff

    getoff Member

    Dizzy Man,

    It didn't matter if She was turned on or not, or that they may of wanked each other while talking about it later.
    Your ass was Headline News the next day I guarantee You!! :eek:

    I would be proud of Myself if I were You! You were famous Bub :cheers2:
  15. brack1936

    brack1936 Member

    Even if I was fat and ugly and the girls had thought it was utterly sickening I'd still fantasize about them masturbating over the encounter.
  16. phlip side

    phlip side Member

    i noticed your twilight pic,im one of few guy i've heard of that likes twilight...and im straight just in case anyone was questioning
  17. rexton56

    rexton56 Member

    so are you gay or not. My friend "Sexually Harrassed" another boy. It was just a joking butt smack (my friend was a footballer) and the other guy was very sensitive. So my friends mom had to come to school and she gave him the same talk later, and hes not gay, so it was awkward for him and it took him months to convince her.

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