My dreams tend to show me exactly what I want..

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by TreeFiddy, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. TreeFiddy

    TreeFiddy Member

    It makes it hard as fuck to wake up and realize the whole dream was fake...I had this one dream that I was in a relationship with two people (not a cheating thing, a mutual threesome-relationship) and in the dream we had sex, and afterwards just lay on the bed, and the other guy in the relationship was just resting his head on my chest, while the girl sat by my side...and the rest of the dream was just caught in that moment, and it was one of the happiest feelings I've ever had. The sex was a pretty insignificant part, and I don't think the fact that it was a threesome relationship is partcularly important (the girl didn't play much of a part in it anyway...), it was just that feeling of incredible warmth and closeness to another human being that made it so hard to wake up...
  2. themnax

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    i've had this feeling of being hugged in my dreams.

    what mine show me is more tempered by what can be reasonably probable then just streight what i want. well i mean that about the kind of world they take place in and how people are in them.

    because my dreams are almost never about people but more of wandering arround gratifying my need to explore. seeing places. both natural and built. riding mostly little trains and trolleys, but occasionaly bussess or walking. one time i was even riding a bycycle on an ice road and it was mid winter and cold.

    but a lot of walking little twisty trails out in the woods. just as much a kind of wish fulfillment too i suppose. usualy in a world that no longer has cars, but also no longer has or needs locks on doors either, or even don't enter signs and nobody complains if you do, unless it's someplace someone you don't know is obviously living, which common curtisy you don't, and because everyone practices such thoughtfullness is why locks and fences are mostly abscent and not needed.

    and polyamoury is definately not 'cheeting'. not if it's mutual. interest group families are as much the norm as hermits in that world. and the kind of one mom one pop families the world we live in or the parts of it most of us who can get on the net live in , are the exception in that 'dream world', if they exist at all.

  3. ilario

    ilario Member

    last night, i had a dream i was like flying in a far away place never known to me! i wasnt a super hero or somethin, i was me! dunno what it meant though. anybody here who knows what it says?

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