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    I just decided to post this today, since i had my first lucid dream in a long time. There are probably tons of grammatical and spelling mistakes left, but you should have seen it before i edited it :eek:

    January 1st

    Fish monster down by the stone dock. It kept coming straight for us from the middle of the river and i kept grabbing fist-sized rocks and trying to hit it in the face as it approached. I think we wrestled or it came up on shore at some point

    --neglected to write dreams for several nights--

    at grandma's house in dunn's eddie. i saw a saucer, so high up in the sky that it looked white and it left a trail. i wasn't sure that that's what it was, but a little later we heard a loud noise and i looked out the window. there was a large bronze flying saucer flying much lower in curve that went over the river. I felt terrified when i realized i was actually seeing an alien ship with my own eyes. in the sky, there were many many more. we saw that they were using some kind of weapon to kill anyone outside. i wondered why they weren't blowing up all the houses. we decided to hide in the house because maybe they didn't know that houses are where people live. soon there were fewer in the sky and i decided to go outside. i hid under trees from saucers and made my way up the road. i found some people fighting aliens on a platform and helped them. I found out the aliens weren't attacking houses because they wanted to kill all the people without damaging anything else. they started dropping small killer dog creatures that could stretch out very far to grab things. our group made our way back down the road, hiding under pine trees while at the same time battling the creatures.


    some guys were trying to mess with me on rt. 6 by the loop. i was stopped under the underpass and one guy was asking me something through the driver side window, one was in front of the car, and another guy opened the passanger side door and tried to get in. i hit the gas and he fell out of the car. the dude in front of me jumped out of the way, then when i was away from them i turned to look behind me and accidentally cut into the other lane where there were 2 people walking in the road. they jumped out of the way and a cop was coming toward me and pulled me over. it was a lady cop. i told her what happened and didnt get a ticket.

    January 21st

    spent a week at strange annual camp with wierd criminal guys. some guy was held prisoner there and was supposed to be killed on the last day. on the night before the last day, a small group of us snuck away and broke the guy out of his holding cell and helped him escape through the woods. the prisoner was wanted by the group for something he did in the past, and was captured every year to be killed, but each year he was helped to escape. there's a lot more to it that i can't remember. it was very sad. he had to hide out in the woods somewhere over night and i did something to help him or sabotage the hunters. there was a town like youngsville and right where the housing is there was a festival type thing with tents and people in costumes. i was riding a bike through town.

    there was another group, that i think was a different group, that had boys and girls in a scouting-like system. i was placed in leadership, then we went on long camping hikes. it was cold so i lead them south to florida. when i was leading them there i knew it wouldnt take long because it was the second time i'd made the trip in the dream.

    January 23rd

    concert hall place. miranda was there, and some of her friends. we watched some kind of show from a side balcony at one point, and from the regular seats at another. there were passageways and a whole community of people in the building the hall was in. we (the kids) played games and ran around inside and outside, through different areas like a place with cooks. there was a dark basement with a fenced in electrified area with power box like in half-life. i was attacked by soldiers and i think i killed them. i looted a body (like in stalker) and found an mp3 player. later i had the mp3 player on the back porch at dad's house. it looked mike mine, but it was tapered and had buttons like a cell phone.

    January 24th

    rode bike around mountain area, went into mcdonals from back entrance and asked for food from behind the desk. i saw ashton as a young teenager coming in all dressed up to apply for a job. then i rode my bike a little ways up the mountain and rode into a circular designed burger king. they wouldnt serve me because i rode my bike in. some teacher lady I had saw me and was mad. As i was leaving out the back door, i saw ashton coming in the front to apply. i rode down the hill and ran into a group of people.

    family get together at dad's, and emily o was there. she was ignoring me and talking to dad. she asked how many meters would 90 feet be and dad and i said 30 meters at the same time. then i went and got food from the table in the backyard and talked to wendy. then i was in the dining room and i was trying to talk to emily. she asked why i was being so selfish, so i walked into the kitchen, opened the cereal cupboard, closed it, went up to my room, and punched the headboard of my bed twice. it folded in half and the bar fell down. i tried to fix it.


    Famous rodeo themed (i think) restaurant/store. meal phase was an hectic event with dancers, multiple and courses, and synchronized servers. food was "even better than last year!!". then it switched to a fine objects store. there was nothing i liked and i really needed to pee but there was no bathroom. i asked the owner where the restroom was and she said i could buy a special pitcher to pee in, and it was 15 dollars. i said that was a little too expensive. then i looked through the store and found something i wanted, awesome posters. they were only 4 dollars. i picked out the three that i liked: one of donkey kong chasing a shark underwater with a bladed weapon, one of "Metal Gear Solid 1" with a picture of snake in the first area, and one good metal band poster. when the owner lady was checking me out, she said that one of the posters was a different type than the others and had a different price, 34 dollars. i was sad that i didnt get all of them.


    couldnt pick out clothes for work. garbage bag shirt


    --today i woke up early and shoveled the driveway with my dad, then went back to sleep for a few hours before work, which is when i had these dreams--

    tons of dreams. lucid. murderers. i was in a sad movie with a gay cop (young al paccino?), who finally kissed his long haired partner at the end. they (we) were trying to infiltrate a house at night, where the first stage was a hallway where we were welcomed by holly (my little cousin). she was in with the bad guys, so we couldn't let her go ahead of us because we knew she'd tell. the next room was a living room with a ton of mom's side of the family, watching tv. the terrorists were in the rest of the house. i could see them through door windows and across a counter, down the hallway, but i don't remember fighting them. out of an upstairs window i saw a woman get set on fire by three murderers. later when i was trying to get away, my partners weren't there and i didn't know which van was ours on the street or who had the key. three people got out of two vehicles and started coming towards me with a gas can, taunting me. i was carrying my boots and turned on them. i knocked them out one at a time, by smathing them repeatedly in the face with the boots. then i was at home and i felt like everything was going wrong. then it turned lucid. i started thinking about what i wanted to see, i went down stairs and morgan was there. i hugged him and he was as tall as my chest. he talked and talked. i went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, and my face was all ripped away. my teeth were uncovered and went all the way up my cheek and were all rotting away. I was freaked out but i knew it was a dream. i felt all over my face and it was smooth. then i wanted to fly around the night, so i went through the glass of the bathroom window. i ended up in a trailer with mom and the family. uncle don, aunt lea, joseph and holly were around i guess. something bad happened, and everybody in the park was running around. uncle don came to the door with a weird look on his face like he was almost crying. i let him in. don and lea were fighting outside, then my alarm went off.
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    wow i cant get over how much you dream in a month im lucky to dream twice a month you must have one heck of an immagination:cheers2:
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    so i had these two very extensive dreams this morning. I've noticed that most dreams come in the morning, especially after i've woken up, done something, and then gone back to sleep.


    A group of people that play BF2, some who i knew and some who i didn't, and I decided to have a bf2 weekend at a cottage in punxetawny. we had all our computers hooked up to play bf2 together, but the game was in real life. I remember flying as an eagle super high up in the sky over where our cottage was, seeing all these farms stretched out and trying to imagine how scared i would be to be that high in real life. it was the view from a plane, and 4 bf2 guys jumped out of it. they didn't open their parachutes, and another squad (that i was in) came running to the point where they would land, and jumped into the falling bodies, killing both people. each one managed to get hit. we did this just to see if we could, and because it was funny. then john and i decided that he needed a new video card to have as much fun as he could have. we went to wal-mart. we got out of a rusted orange blazer like dad's old one and walked across the parking lot. it was me, calista (step-sister), morgan (little bro), miranda (my sister), and one other person (john/ben). I was excited to tell them that knew where the electronics section was in this wal-mart because i had been there before (even though i haven't in real life). it was just an opened closet door and i led them past it the first time. it was smaller than i remembered, and i wasn't sure they would have video cards so i went to find the electronics department guy. he was big and middle-aged and had a beard, and wasn't wearing wal-mart emloyee clothes. he dug around in a drawer in the closet and finally found one. i think it was a geforce 8800, or some ati card with an 8 in it, and it was two hundred something dollars. then he found the only other one, that was the newest card they make and it was 700 dollars. then we ended up having to eat dinner with him and his wife at his house, which was also wal-mart. after we waited at the table for a long time we kept getting creeped out, and i got in some kind of argument with the guy in another room down the hallway, about his plans. i came back into the dining room and miranda was saying to the wife "when we leave here i will be so glad" and the lady was like "i just touched you" and poked her shoulder again. i started putting on my shoes and she asked what i was doing. i said "so that when we leave we can leave quick." we ended up having to escape, and we came out of the back porch at dad's. as we ran down the river bank, ben (my step-brother) tripped and slammed his neck on the ground. he was laying there bleeding and not moving and i was yelling and so worried that he would die. then i realized that i didn't know where morgan was. calista had him with her at wal-mart. I ran back up to the house, and morgan was on the back porch with a leash on his wrist, screming. the leash went through the screen, and holly was in the back yard pulling on it. morgan was crying and trying to go the other way. holly yanked him through the screen, then my alarm went off.

    --i didn't have to get up for a few more hours, so i went back to sleep--

    I was in a school/jail gymnasium, wearing an orange jumpsuit, along with one other person, and we were being inspected by 2 officers. at first they were being easy with us. i remember thinking that i hoped they didn't find out something about me. then somehow they realized that i had been in jail before, and i was wearing the color of a first-time prisoner. they said i lied about that, and i lied about something else too, so the one officer said to the higher one, that they should now go hard on me. when he said that, my vision pulsed black for a second and a feeling of "oh no" filled me.

    then i was riding home from school on my bike, and my mom called on my cell phone and said she was mad that she filled out all the paperwork for this thing at school and i didn't even do it. the road was very curvey and dangerous, and i kept almost running into oncoming cars. it was going uphill and i wanted to get off the road, so i pushed my bike up a field of dried plants and dead grass. this huge bug was flying in front of me and i was trying to keep behind it so it wouldnt notice and attack me. I got lost and ended up in a city with a huge river running through it with islands. i rode my bike through all these large buildings, looking for someone to ask where i was. i came to a huge glass dome high up on a platform, with a small train station attached but with no people around. then i was in a big old house with many floors. i finally found this asian lady and showed her my hands, backed away and said hello. she didn't speak english. i told her i was trying to find north east (the town i used to live in) i met her family and none of them could help me. then finally my friends came on their scooters to find me. they were riding around in the park in front of the house. it was jordan, my old neighbor andrew, and some other kid i didn't know from school. they came in and we had to watch rush hour 3 or some other movie like that with the asians whole family. the oldest man could speak english a little bit and tried talking to me and i faked that i understood him. then we watched this weird jellyfish sucking the life out of a plant in their fishtank. it was something i'd seen before (not really though). then we were watching another movie. i felt i was making the movie as i watched it and it was how comic book movies should be. a lone costumed warrior, like from an arcade game, met with a costumed villian and a bunch of his side-kicks in an old playground, then just started owning them all left and right. he was totally kicking ass, but then this huge blue guy came from nowhere and just demolished the hero. the hero was then standing there and couldn't move for some reason, and one of the henchment came up and kicked this lever and cement started pouring over him. i heard my older sister shawna say "oh no!" and i looked over and she was watching the movie with us. after that, i wanted to leave, but i couldnt find my bike anywhere. I searched all through the house, invading the asians' privacy on every floor, finding rooms full of all kinds of weird and stolen things. i knew they stole my bike and they were evil. i ran from them and searched for a long time, but my alarm woke me up.
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    Last night i was in my closet, admiring my airsoft gun (g36c with a folding foregrip, dual mags, a sling and a red dot sight) and all of a sudden the memory of this huge airsoft dream battle hit me. I had it the same night i had those last 2 dreams. That memory also brought with it another strange dream that i can't really remember very much of.


    huge airsoft battle with the yvillanz. in snowy hill tree area kind of like the zone (from the game Stalker. i know i read about people doing this), and the outcome of the game really mattered. there was a large building with cut-out doors. it was grey and square with square rooms and textures like old fps, and some unknown enemy like aliens or something. the fighting was really intense. either me or aaron got shot in the face or eye. someone got betrayed. we went around the building somehow. there were things we had to do in the rooms with power plugs. there was inside fighting, in a city apartment place. at some point, i was fighting all by myself in the woods by my house, in the deep brush. the woods were much more extensive, and i was crawling on the bank. the sky was in deep sunset. i was fighting urgently, but i was the only one there.

    dining resort district, with walls and sliding gates made of fine grills. poodles and ladies with long cigarettes walked around. there were different stores. people skated around. i needed to get through this one area to the back to finish the stage, but had to do something with golden toms that flamed.

    31 --these are what i remembered today--

    sword fight at uncle richard's with wendy and another guy. wendy had a sword, the guy had terminus est. i was fighting for my life and threw my crappy weapon at wendy so i was defenseless. she sliced me bad on the left forearm. i ran away. in the kitchen, the other guy tried to stab me with terminus est, but i i held the flat tip of the blade with my palm and got cut badly. i grabbed the two biggest knives from the kitchen and tried to fight them with those.

    i had a wife and we were the couple from 'on golden pond'. we left the country, to some huge lake with many islands, and we were driving around in a motorboat. my wife thought we were on vacation and didn't know we were on the run. there were floating rocks in the water, and i crashed into one of them. there were large colorful cartoon fish mutants in the water that would all swarm in a circle and mutate together at the same time (this had to be from watching the mutants swarm after blowouts in stalker). i got launched high in the air over the lake.
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    I'll just continue this one batch at a time. One more thing, I've found that the amount of dreams i can remember increases dramatically when i stop smoking pot.

    February 1st

    dark jungle, with paths, steep drops, and small rooms with traps (and ghosts?). it was an airsoft event or a real invasion. I felt like i was following the others to death. there were mayans or incas, and a temple. later i was one of them. i was a child and was woken up from my cott to face the test. we were all naked. i had to climb a ladder/studded wall of the temple while a child threw a spear at me. if i made it to the top, i could live (or became a man). he could only throw once, so if he missed then i was safe. he missed

    huge hillside covered in snow with lake at bottom, sled riding

    big theme park. we didnt have much time to spend there. big water slides and water roller coasters. we had to come back to get our car (jurassic park car)

    place with huge rock steps in mountain side and broken pillars. it was all the color of golden sand. i was a conan-like person, and i had to do a challenge that seemed impossible, but i thought i would be able to do it. there was a man or a statue made of iron, at a high place.

    Feb 2nd

    field trip with school. first we went to a big mall. there were mall police men, and one of them was the cop that pulled me over on new years. he acknowledged me by name, as we went down the mall stairs. I can remember the next area of the mall. there were with benches, and stores side by side, and everyone was socializing. emily b was there. then everyone was at this outdoor place with sidewalks. we were role playing or doing scenarios, where we were wearing monkey suits. i stealthily creeped behind a teacher, i think to find the other team's hideout. There were real monkeys involved too, and pigs. the animals were supposed to be NPCs i think. the scar on the sole of my foot was cut open again and it was all black, and i showed it to the others to show i had experience. There was a pig-pen like room, and 3 hogs were led inside. there were 3 token machines at the center of the room, and the pigs had to press the coin return button on them at a certain time when the lights lit up. 2 of the pigs did it, but the one i was watching didn't know what was going on. Then there was a contest where we had to make floats and roll them through a ribbon. marshall and i were partners and made a few, the best ones. we made them funny, and wrapped uncooked bacon around the handholds.
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    Comments are welcome.

    Feb 3rd

    at some indoor place with totally evil monsters, who kidnapped me. they were like people, but very "monsterish" in different colors, and some were taller than others, like mabe 8 feet.and i was going to be a participant in some monster spectacle of theirs. the one of that was guarding me said when it was over he was going to bury me alive. he was large, tan/yellow one, bald. then he left me alone and i somehow got through a grate in the ceiling. then i had to run through these crazy different rooms or areas (like in sven co-op for HL) and evade capture from the monsters, very narrowly at some points. I think i got away, because i was running through a town and ran into some girl, or had to find her or something. i can remember my room in this town, maybe from the beginning.

    mom and allen went away somewhere, and miranda and I calista and had to watch morgan. it was a mixture of grandma tipton's house and mom's house. a bird flew into the window, and i felt that at that moment an evil spirit entered the house. then morgan was acting so crazy. he wouldn't stop flailing around and doing bad things. he would try to hurt us and damage everything. we couldnt make him listen to us or settle down. holly was there sometimes too. i felt that she was evil or the instigator. all we could do was hold him down while he fought us. we called mom and she canceled her trip to came back, but she couldnt settle him down. i think we took him to a hospital, maybe. but some other day, i remember that some people said it was lucky that morgan was still alive. mom was crying and i followed her at this church thing. i didn't know what to say. I went to this science place where with offices and in some large room, these four science expert guys were floating at the far end in four gray bendy beam station things that went up to the ceiling, and some more experts were standing in front of them having a discussion. grandpa zuefall was one of them (a strong christian). they were telling me all these complications or something to what could be done. then i went into the bathroom right across the hallway from that room. grandpa came there and talked to me in a serious way. then he was needed back with the others, but he said he had to poop in the bathroom. i had to pee so i denied him by saying i had to pee (i really did), and i closed the door. i think things got better with morgan. he was acting normal, but one day i dont know if holly came back, but someone left a window open and i saw the bird fly in again. there was a feeling of dread, and it seems like there was a lot more to this dream but I don't remember it.

    ---not really sure which day these ones were. i just keep remembering pieces during the days---

    attacked while skydiving. guy kept disappearing. he would appear above me and attack, startling me and i hit the ground and died. i did this more than once. he messed up my parachoute in one time. i tried to fight back but i died both times i can remember.

    driving towards our house passing blair. i had to learn to work there and it was a wierd factory with high walkways and spindley lava/coal/energy carrying machines. driving down the road and it was very snowy (like it has been) and there might have been a wreck off to the right in the field, or i might have wrecked. but i remember driving out of the driveway at night in an urgent or resolute way. at sallie's, she was there selling clay pots or something. her neighborhood was perilous. further down there was a snowy warland place. a place where people lived in underground rooms, covered with snow. i think there was a very slow, underground territory war between groups and every so many years, one shelter would take over another. i was part of or witnessed one of these times. and remember feeling sad looking "my" side's capsule thinking that it was doomed or lost. maybe it was empty, or we might have been locked inside. on the hills on the other side of 62 from my house, there were large open areas with old ghost house(s?) and a pond. down where lenheart road is there were tons of bike trails and the cemetery was there.

    -different dream- this was just one level or area of some huge game that i was playing through. i remember thinking of it as a huge 3d square area, and remembering the previous area. me team and I started in the bottom right of the map. the top (or north) section had more structures and roads, with one main road leading west to the end of the area. the middle was more forest, but there were houses. uncle rob's house was one of them, with the same yard with the string, and farmland. there was a shed with a light, that was part of something i had to do. i was doing it frantically there were enemies hunting us. east of that, there was an outpost h a few (english?) country style houses or a house and a barn, with sandbags all over, and stone walls covering parts of the space in between. we eventually got to the top section, where the enemy soldiers were marching. i dont remember after that.
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    I, too, have found that my strangest and most vivid dreams are usually in either the morning after I've gotten up and done stuff and gone back to sleep/nap OR if it is an afternoon nap.
    It is the UNINVITED people from Way in my past here lately (that are gripping my butt) that are appearing in my dreams, aside from nasty cat mess. :)
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    Hi cooolz, I took a snippet from your journal and analyzed them. If you would like me to do all of them for you, you can become one of my dream members.

    It's absolutely outstanding that you keep a dream journal; it is the first step in your personal journey of excellence.

    I would advise you to analyze a high stakes environment like school or work, scanning for issues of "manhood" that could point to any number of desirable statuses. The child on child violence indicates a split in your internal innocence, and the void is filled with envy. You may wish to pursue one path out of your true, authentic ambition, but have equally strong feelings in the other.

    Not getting any deeper symbology. Rely on your own impressions.

    This sequence seems to say you do not have time to stop and look at your own feelings (water; emotion) about how you internally envision creating your own pleasure ( a theme park). You seem pulled along by some out-dated initiative, symbolized by the jurassic-park car. Super-impose over this interpretation where you've felt some sense of stumbling forward without complete assessment.

    The temple-like setting gives this dream a context of tremendous spiritual opportunity. You embody the role of a "conan-like person", meaning that this relates to an innate, heroic strength you hold. Remember that when you use this strength, it is appropriate and able to overcome "the opponent". This opponent showcases certain antitheses to your own natural, called strength: something emotionless, impenetrable, shell-like and synthetic. We should also note that it is a "statue", however. You may put this state of being on a pedestal; it may be something you desire for various reasons.

    This dream overall, then, contrasts the authentic and the lie.

    Let's begin! Malls are a dream context set around this issue: getting what one wants. Police show up in dreams as forces of positive control and judgement, leading the dreamer to right or point out the spiritual violations of the dreamer's waking approach to life. Here they lead you, step by step, to something important you must notice.

    The socializing people symbolize a good kind of busy, going on within yourself, which is generated by the interlocking sequences of action and inaction, gains and refrain from gain (stores and benches), one part at a time. You appear at ease with this process.

    When we see sequence with the animals and the animal suits, you are actually trying out a different kind of energy and seeing how much grace it adds to your abilities, but there is a suggestion that this is not fit for you or phony in some way, because you never actually become a pig or monkey -- as the dream told you they were non-playable characters -- you can only "wear the suit". You show a scar to others to demonstrate you should be taken seriously. The foot has to do with foundations and early assumptions you have brought into the present. You need to acknowledge that there are historic forces compelling you to act in ways which are not "suitable".

    The coin return represents returns from life including love, esteem, money, etc. Your hog (wealth of being) cannot mentally access these things.

    At this point, an alternative approach to life begins. A float is about going forward in life, in a way that is jocular, festive, and set to "cross the finish line" at a slow, calm pace. For deeper analysis, evaluate your friend's qualities. You excel at this "approach" completely, wrapping the bacon around the handles and thus using your pig power wisely. Again, the pig symbolizes wealth of being.
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    Thank you, Ecomancer, for your in-depth analyses. They are good reading and brought up some interesting ideas. I especially like your concept of "pig power". However, I know it would be nearly impossible for any reader of my journal to to really understand these dreams. I can't write them down in the detail and complexity of thought in which I remember them, and a lot of meaning, I think, is lost when I translate them to simple paragraphs. For example, in the shopping mall dream, when the others were socializing, i felt as if i was wandering from place to place, seeking companionship but only finding little groups of friends who were not welcoming, among the stores and benches. Many times I cannot help but omit scene-changing details like this for time's sake, but I'll try to catch the important ones.

    There are underlying messages that I've recognized, but I find that dreams are a lot like real life: just like not everything is under the dreamer's control, many things are not directly linked to something universally relevant. I prefer to learn from dreams in the same way one learns from life, instead of looking for symbols. Feel free to post more of your ideas though, if you wish to. it's good to know someone is reading.

    February 6th

    monsters. valleys with bad guy bases. walkway place. monster cam up on elevator. killed him, but reward dissapeared. on a canvas conveyor belt.
    covered his body with a sheet of canvas

    swept through large glass tubes in a game or machine with toy fishes or toy sea creatures that turned real.

    i had a new school or job. my new boss came to my house. he came into my room when a friend was over, and found my weed. he showed my dad and made all kinds of trouble. i hid the weed inside a monopoly box, and my dad moved everything out of my closet. at some point the closet was big and there was a horse in there (this might have been a different dream)


    I was a character played by will smith. i escaped some machines at my house, by using this weird train spawning device i had. i blew a hole in a wall, and i could feel the transporter coming to the rescue and building the track. i grabbed my sidekick computer voice friend thing and jumped through, and there was a curving rail going through a tunnel through blackness. we swung onto the rail and get taken away. at the other end, it was a strange world where dark-skinned people lived in primitive societies. they feared the advanced people with technology and crazy armor and vizors, who came to kill and take them away. The character learned to live among the people (referred to as cubans) and eventually learned that he was born to be one of them. there was a western-ish town with people walking around. for part of the time, it was like zelda (ocarina of time) graphics and i remember a wooden box that had something that jumped out. there was a trading area place with a bunch of real people, and a group was sitting on a wagon or something, and they had all the best diablo II items, on and for sale. they were like the "elite" traders of d2. their armor was all different colors and very extravagant. items were laying all over the ground, and you could see their discriptions by looking at them. also i had an inventory with items, and i think i stole some of the one on the ground. Then there was a huge battle in this clear patch between 2 lines of trees. i remember sneaking down the tree lane to the left, but also running down the field, doing an arabian over their few rows of soldiers, and taking a lot of them down while running parallel to their line towards the trees.


    in my room, laying in my bed in the day time. i had some kind of video recording device that was like a freak of technology, that could also record dreams. it might have been my mp3 player. i fell asleep and had a dream that I walked into my room, and there were was a little open area where my window is. there were these three naked babies doing wierd things. they were old man babies. i ran into my closet and closed the door, then loaded a mag for the G36, spilling bbs everywhere. then I put the battery in the gun as fast as i could, removing the pin to take off the handguard, and reassembling it afterwards. i don't know if there was more to that dream but I was awake in my bed and i watched it on the dream recorder, the viewer added dvd menues with music and loud noises. the three old man babies were doing "the train" thing (ugh). I had a few more dreams and recorded them. i think miranda was watching at some times. the recorded dreams followed the same general events, but a lot of little things were different. then my mom downstairs was yelling at me to get out of bed (i live at my dad's, my mom took us children and moved out almost 10 years ago). she had something to talk to me about at the table. sometime before or after that, i was laying in my bed in sleep paralysis, looking up at the ceiling. the hanging wooden airplane was positioned more above my chest (rather than by the window, where it is in real life), and i couldn't move, though i was trying make myself. i knew i was asleep and that my eyes were closed, even though i could see the cieling, but i thought that my first dream was "awake". I couldn't wake up, but i found that i could make noise so i called for my mom, and someone came and woke me.

    Huge role playing event in a large forest and field area. out in a field there was a large tent and some important players were inside. i was supposed to be protecting the king, who i think was the emperor from the elder scrolls: oblivion. we had wooden swords, and two other guys in the tent who we were supposed to be meeting with attacked us, and the king got dragged away to the woods. i killed the first of the two (he wore a stripey shirt) though he was cheating like crazy. he wouldn't say he was out, and i had to strike him like 10 times. the other guy was larger and looked like patrick stewart. i hit him over and over again, even on the head until he was covered in blood but he wouldn't say he was out. i think he thought he was being noble or courageous for his team even though he was breaking the rules of the game. later we were both out and he sang this weird folk song to me that was just like the residents' "buckaroo blues". he was one of the few who knew these old songs, as i did. it morphed into this screaming song with a flowing futuristic sound.

    I was in a strange city in europe at night. i left an empty nightclub type building and there were three youths in the street below me. one of them threw a bottle at another one who was further away. then they all turned around and said that I threw it, and ran to attack me. one of them grappled me and got a leverage advantage somehow even though he was smaller, though i still threw him on the ground. then i was running and another of them threw the glass jug at me. i caught it, spun around and threw it back. i completely missed, but i knocked him out somehow. then it was just a girl chasing me, and there was no gravity. we were shooting in straight lines from walls to rooftops as fast as our legs could push us. she couldn't catch me, but eventually i stopped and asked her why they attacked me and said i didn't do anything to them. we were riding this chair lift that barely cleared the rooftops, and scraped on some of them. i was scared we would fall and die, but the girl didn't take it seriously. then the chairlift ahead of us cought on a rooftop and dumped the two people down to the cement. i saw a newspaper with their deaths as the headline.


    2 guys were trying to break into my house. one was ben stiller. i caught him in the house, but sneeked into my closet and loaded my airsoft gun. then i held him up. he tried funny stuff, so i ended up blasting the shit out of him all over the neck and hands. he went down. i got to the phone and first dialed 911. this recorded voice answered saying "you have reached the police emergency contact blah blah blah" and went on and on with all these numbers and useless information in a slow voice with lots of pauses. so i hung up and tried dialing the local police number, but got it wrong, then i tried backspacing, but it just got all screwed up because it had stored all the previously entered numbers in front of the one i was trying to call. i gave up on it, but realized that both the indruders were outside, on the carport, so i ran to the door and locked it, then locked the back door before they could reach it.

    i was in "heaven", a loft type room at the very top of a very tall square stairway above the YMCA. I think there were only girls there. chrystal (the girl i loved) was there, and she was the queen or something, and i didn't get to talk to her and only got a few glimpses. she looked different. her friend steph was there, and my friend kristin, too. i think they were deciding what to do with me. then for some reason we had to run away. i was running with steph, and there was no gravity so we were jumping in straight lines down the all the sections of stairs which took forever. then we were shooting down the hallway, going through doors and pushing off of them in creative ways. the hallway was a much extended version of the YMCA hallway, mixed with a hospital hallway, and my middle school hallway. when we got outside it was dark and raining, and i went with steph to her car. we were leaving a party and i was drunk. she said she would take care of me. when we were leaving the parking lot, i started thinking: what if i was on acid and steph wasn't really there? what if i was actually driving drunk, and just seeing it from the passenger's seat? i started freaking myself out but then looked around to confirm that i was aware and we were driving safely, whoever was driving.
  10. Ecomancer

    Ecomancer Member

    Very exceptional, very appropos my dear. It is exactly as you say: the details are where the true information lies; the emotions we often pass over telling are just as important, if not more so, than the "physical material" you see, for dreams are pure emotion. You are also wholly correct, that there is a correlation between the dreaming dialogue and the waking dialogue -- that is, the sequential events in dreams, and the sequential events of life -- that the dreamer himself should recognize.

    You say that it is impossible for anyone to truly understand these dreams. Not so; I would put the responsibility to understand in the hands of the receiver, you. If you "feel" there is more significance than my analysis hints at, I would tell you to go with that feeling and allow deeper symbols to emerge to your understanding, with the natural course of time.

    Best of luck!
  11. cooolz

    cooolz Member


    I went through a weird metroid game. it was like real life and i was the character. the levels and design was crazy, it was like metroid prime style but really colorful, futuristic and wet. the whole place might have been submerged in something. there were all kinds of colored light and energy effects. the walls and machines were mostly organic, like it was an alien ship or something. i remember being at the edge of a vertical tunnel, an elevator that was a passage into a lower tunnel. across the gap there was a short walkway then a glass wall with a kind of octagonal metal framework and i guess it was a door, because the walkway continued from what i could see. it might have been an opening into a huge space. behind me was a darker tunnel I think.

    HL1 co-op, wit john. tunnels /gates level with water. clean water, slight ambient light. there was an underground cement room with a ramp, sort of like a parking garage that was partially underwater, with a wooden grate gate thing that was locked. we got through a black metal door and continued on the level. there didn't seem to be danger. john's character (i think the guy from project IGI) looked unoffending, wearing black and gray clothes and carrying a black m4. his name in the game sometimes showed up over him in small green text.

    airsoft. my group and i had to go into underground theaters to watch films repeatedly, a series of movies or videos.


    In europe, i was traveling with somebody, and we had to get authorization to go through some place. there was a tense situation or a conflict or something going on. the people we had to deal with were bad. we had to split up for some reason. I think I was going to get the authorization, having to take this weird, gravity defying mine-cart ride to the other country, and i think the other person was staying to wait for me. At some point, i was riding in a small airplane, and it crash landed into a bay in the middle of a city. That might have been before or after I took the cart ride, but i remember seeing long, suspended cart tracks curving along over the city, as we banked in our approach

    at a costume party, wearing a mask of a famous president (whose name i think started with a C and had an o in it, but i think it was fictional). three other people were with me there, wearing masks of Reagan, JFK and Nixon. we had some kind of evil scheme in the works. i think we went to a grocery store, and a large fancy marble room at some point. later i wanted to leave the party but we had to stay and watch a movie in this dark room with a couch that not everybody could fit on.

    at my old house in north east. there was a bunch of kids in the back yard doing some kind of work on the swimming pool. i think it was empty. there was a boss kid telling everybody what to do. some thing almost got thrown over the fence into andrews yard, and i was thinking that if the boss kid tried to tell me what to do at my house I would make him do it.


    ---this recollection is fragmented because i didn't get around to writing it for some time--- there was some kind of party at night in the driveway of a mansion at the top of pool hill (where in reality there's just a field and a swimming pool) and there were kids i knew there. my step-sister calista was there. there might have been pot there. then i was being perecuted at some courthouse by either mr tanner (my high school vice principal) or the cop from new years (who looks like him). they said they had two charges against me. one of the charges was totally false, and the other i didn't think was wrong. i don't know if i escaped them, but then i was at the place on the hill again, at night with the same people, and the cop showed up again. i ran through all these passageways in the mansion, opening windows that led to other indoor rooms and going down these long drops that were inside, like the mansion was built on the side of a mountain.


    bf2. i was on a ravine-ey map with pine trees and some water. parts of it were like a warped version of buckaloons. i saw an enemy armored jeep drive near me, and i was near an empty jeep so i got in and chased after them, even though i didn't have a gunner. they got to an outpost and all jumped out. i switched to the gunner seat and started shooting them. they were ducking and trying to shoot at me from behind some sandbags, but when they stood up the 50 cal took them out. some more came and i was doing really good, but soon one of them killed me. i looked at the score list and i had 6 kills and 3 deaths.


    We were getting ready to go on vacation at our old house in north east. i helped carry some things out to the van. i watched the girls carry these huge tires down the porch steps and they could barely move them. i carried the last tire. then i was at the beach with a different group of people, witch chrystal (i hate having dreams about her). i went down the beach, and there were all these people fishing from the dunes, casting their lines over the beach into the water, and there were hooks and lines all over the beach. At the end, i found a party with a fire, and joe bower, nuhfer, and a lot of other kids that i used to do drugs with were there. there were adults there too, but all the kids were doing cocaine and smoking weed. there were ATVs and trampolines and everybody was running around doing flips and laying in huge piles. my sister miranda was there, and i found my other sister shawna. she and I were going to go to my family's spot on a different part of the beach. we had to go past the trampolines, into this barn-like structure, where there was a hallway with a floor of sand, leading up at a 45 degree angle, and right beside it there was separate hallway with stairs, with an opening to the other passageway at one point in the middle and another near the top. we took the stars, but at the end, there was this strange saloon style door that wouldnt open all the way, leading out to a 20 foot or so drop. i could reach over the door and pull this weighted rope pully thing that i thought would bring up a lift or something. i messed with it for a while but couldn't figure it out, then we decided to go through the opening to the sand slope, where there was an easy exit. then shawna and I were on another beach. in the water to our right, there were huge brown flying bull seals! they would jump out of the surf and fly a little ways down the beach, eating things out of the air, and then dive back into the water. we got to this spot and sat down. there was someone next to us who had a quite large hole dug in the sand and she was sitting in it. thean all of a sudden she screamed. for some reason i thought she was screaming about a seal. as soon as i heard it i looked in the hole and there was a huge brown creature in there with here. The creature had huge boobs, a face and hands, and it took me about 1 second to realize it was a huge naked black lady. it scared the crap out of me. i think the other lady did it as a joke. then i went back to the party. sometime during the dream, one of the fishing hooks cought me as the fisher was reeling it in. i screamed and screamed but he kept reeling it in. then i was back at the barn thing where the ATVs were and john was there. i let him drive with me on the back, but he was way out of control. we went super fast through where the adults were and crashed. at the party i found nuhfer and asked if he had any weed. he said they just scored some, and i took one hit. then i went and did flips on the ground and then did more on the trampolines. then i wanted to find chrystal. i looked all over for her at the party. i couldn't find her. i was wearing some kind of glasses, maybe they were just sunglasses, but many of the girls, the ones laying on the ground, looked all silver, like they were painted. i kept lifting my glasses up and putting them down as i looked, as if it changed something about the girls. i thought i would look for miranda and ask her if she knew where chrystal was. i couldn't find her either. then i woke up.

    ---this morning i had some ludic dreams. i was laying there with my eyes closed, drifting to sleep, and sometimes when i tried to open my eyes very gently, i would see a cieling fan spinning above me. there is no cieling fan in my room. my eyes were still closed in reality, but i could see my room and even get up and leave it. sometimes when i tried to open my eyes i would just wake up, and then i would have to relax again. The dream i can best remember was this:

    I left my room and somehow got to this junkyard place where a guy was parking a semi or a fire truck, backing it into a corner, beside a large loading door. i hid behind the truck when he got out, between it and a section of brick wall. since i knew it was a dream and so wasn't concerned with morality, i stole the truck and started driving it away. there were cops chasing me, and i was leading them down this road on the side of a hill. there was a roller coaster beside the hill, and i jumped the truck onto it, and drove on the track as if i was riding the roller coaster. eventually the truck flew off. i think i woke up then.
  12. cooolz

    cooolz Member

    just want to bump this. i'd like to start keeping a dream log again, if only i started having dreams

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