My day at school (RETARDED)

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by HippyCor$ter, Jan 31, 2005.

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    Ok Im in science (4th hour 10:34-11:17) Well power went out at 10:40. We have a backup generator, but I guess it was broke. So we had to sit in this pich black for 2 hours. To top it off my science teacher is stupid. When I say that I'm not just being a dumb kid saying that the teacher is stupid. This teacher is retarded. Every day we spend at least 15 min. of the class doing nothing because he talks to other people and everything. 3 days out of the 5 we will do absolutely nothing because the day before we will do a worksheet and everyone gets done. So the class just sits there and talk. So I had to sit there for 2 hours in pich black (I didn't even have my cell phone eather). So around 1:40 they said we could go home. Well my prinsable happend to be standing right outside are classroom door when we left. He told me that If I didn't serve them I would get an inschool tommaro. He was being so cocky about it too. Just being a super dick in general. I have done nothing to this guy and he acts like Iv been the worst student in the world. I mean come on give me a brake. I wouldn't mind serving a detenshion, but the fact that his attatude is that way. I was so close to telling him to go fuck him self and get an inschool. So how was your day?
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    i was an irresponsible, cocky kid at seventeen. when ever they threatened me with iss... i would tell them to give it to me and they would. cause we would all just pass notes and sleep behind our books. i dont suggest it though.
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    I remember my school days, i was such an angel. hehehehehe! they would put your name on the board as a warnning for bad behavior. Then every check you got by it after that was five minutes after school, when you got the fourth check you were sent to the principle. I got my name and a check one day and i told the teacher " Where are the other three checks", down to the principles office i went.

    I remember a time a girl and i got caught putting gum under the bleachers in the gym, we got put on what they call step 2, I said in a smartass voice OH REALLY! whats step three?, down to the principle i went again. I was such a rebel in school, everything about school at those teenage years just seemed so retarted that it drove me to insanity.

    Then there was the time in middle school, i was on inschool suspension, they held it in the music room. I went to the bathroom and got a roll of toilet paper and teepeed the instuments and then took the apple from my lunch and stuffed it down a tubba.

    Kidds please dont do these things because it is stupid and disrespectful. Something i did'nt see at that time or even thought about but i have to laugh now.
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    yeah you guys wanna hear something FUNNY?

    alright, on the first day of school my freshman year i got a FULL DAY OF INSCHOOL SUSPENSION!!! (they call it ACR at my school) it was during lunch, and i had just gotten my food and my juice. so i was walking along, and these black guys were like hey you little freshie! we are gunna kick your ASS and beat you down to the GROUND... and stoof like that... i didnt want to fight, so i just hopped over the lunch table to avoid their little group... the dean of students pulls out his HUGEEEE bullhorn thing and is like "LITTLE GIRL, (i was 14) GO TO THE OFFICE NOW!" it being the first day of school, i had NO IDEA where the office was, so i asked. he said DONT GET SMART WITH ME.. so i spent 10 minutes looking for the office... so then, they decide that they are going to SUSPEND me.. SUSPEND ME FOR AVOIDING A FIGHT!!!!!!!!! so i ask to call my mom, and they say no. i ask for a reason why... they say "she is not involved its none of her business" i say "YES it IS her business, untill im 18, my business IS her business... so i call her.. and all of that jazz, she comes down to the school, and everything, so they tell me, "if you cant give names and desciptions of the people that harrassed you, we cant completely take the suspension away, but i guess ACR is appropriate... so now, even though im a sophmore, im still known as "the girl that got ACR on the first day of school..."

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    i would so go back to high school right this second if i could. I had so much fun

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