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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by alogrinalexandra, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,this was kind of mentioned in another thread,but I thought maybe I should have my own thread on this.

    I was so nervous be for before leaving to meet with her.
    I didn't know what I should wear,I wanted to make a good first impression,I think I changed 4 times trying to make up my mind.
    We were meeting in front of the Eternal Flame.
    There was also going to be a translator from the agency meeting us there.
    I am happy the translator came.

    I bought one long stem white rose.

    When I seen her,she looked fairly close to the photos I had seen.Beautiful...maybe not everyones taste,but I thought she was beautiful.:love:

    We went to the Stalingrad Restaurant and had coffee and talked for over two hours.
    We have somethings in common.It was funny,I asked if she like flowers and which was her favorit.The translater did not know the English translation for it,so they said they would draw me a picture of it.Before they started I said wouldn't it be funny if it was also my favorit and they laughed.
    Well....guess was,the same flower I like.
    So your thinking big deal,well my favorit flower is a Cala Lily,not really one you find every where and to find some else that even knows this flower...:daisy:

    Any ways we left the Stalingrad and the translator had to leave.
    We walked for over an hour and a half and with the few English words she knows and the few Russian words I know we did very good understanding each other. :daisy:

    :ntrcltrl: I got home and I can not stop thinking of this lady,I have already sent her an email.

    Well thats it for now,Sun.I am meeting with another lady,don't really want after meeting the first one...
  2. Vetryanka

    Vetryanka Guest

    If you like her that much and vise versa than she should probably take some English classes...
  3. FlyingFly

    FlyingFly Dickens

    and he should probably take some russian classes...

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