my cat and my rituals

Discussion in 'Paganism' started by cerridwen, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    Lately, whenever I'm infront of my altar doing some kind of ritual or spellwork, my cat (who normally keeps to herself) starts crawling all over me. Isn't that weird? She just can't get enough of keeping herself on me somehow... and it's almost always while I'm doing ritual work...
  2. kitty fabulous

    kitty fabulous smoked tofu

    yeah, cats do that.

    my cat, frodo, loves to sit or roll around on my tarot spreads. he is generally a very shy creature, and hides all day. it seems like the only time he comes out of hiding is to sit his fuzzy ass down on my cards. well, that and he'll come out to flirt and get his ears rubbed on the very rare visits from my friend justin, which is also odd because he ignores every other person on the planet except for me and the baby.
  3. Sage-Phoenix

    Sage-Phoenix Imagine

    Looks like you've got a familiar. :)

    Apparently animals can sense the energy being raised and like it.
  4. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    my familiar - it certainly looks that way ;)
  5. wastingthedawn

    wastingthedawn *~Pure Light~*

    My kitty usually sits about a foot away and just watches over me, i find it very comforting.
  6. The Flow

    The Flow Member

    I don´t want to take away your imagination of having found your familiar, but...

    Couldn´t it be some kind influence of the moon phases (of course only, if you schedule your rituals after the moon)?
    We found out, that our two tomcats often behave strange during esbat rituals (which follow the moon calendar) and don´t at sabbat rituals (which are on certain days on the calendar, not depending on the moon).
  7. tokens

    tokens Member

    That is so cool that your cat wants to help! I've tried to do rituals with my cat, but he'd rather knock over the God candle and sniff around, which is cool too.
  8. SageDreamer

    SageDreamer Senior Member

    It may also be something to do with candles. Do you use incense? That's another possibility. Do you wear any ritual garb that might attract your cat?
  9. katherine

    katherine Member

    Is this before or after you slaughter it as an offering to the devil :X
    Oh dear, I've been reading to many fundamental Christian propaganda sites :rolleyes:
    Remember, you can't spell fundamental without mental :p

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