my 2nd real time doing mushrooms...

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by LostChord, Jan 27, 2005.

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    well I got a 1/4 of boomers last night and my mushroom experienced friends said they were pretty good.. so I figured since I've only eaten a gram before.. I'd go with half an 8th... it was a lot less then I was expecting, except for like 30mins.. like I was just listening to some beatles and smoking a small bowl.. it was about 45mins after I ate them... and I could tell right after this one hit that I was I briefly closed my eyes.. the usual flashing and colors and shit that i've experienced with acid... and then a few minutes later I closed my eyes again and just completly relaxed and my body went numb almost instantly.. which was a lot faster then when Ive done acid. then me, my consciousness, was going somewhere.. idk.. like a dark hallway.. and with a lot of speed I was seeing 'things' that symoblized 'me' going away... off into the distance.. and that didnt bother me at all.. but then some random chatter that was going on in my head.. my very last rational thought.. slurred away.. i stopped.. and grabbed it back... it slurred once again.. but this time I couldnt grab it back.. it was too far away... so there I was halfway through the door deciding whether to go into the garden, or to run back and grab my ego.... of course.. for reasons I yet know, i ran back after my ego... at this point my eyes opened and I was tripping hard... my whole room was filled with this glow.. everything was so smooth. at this point my ego was freakin out.. and I could sorta sit there from a slightly different perspective and watch it.. at one point I couldnt remember how much I ate... so I had to check and see if I accidently ate the whole 8th becuase at that point I was like whoa! this is a little more then I was ready for this time lol... but that all only lasted like 30mins.. then after that It was very plain.. very faint visuals, pretty clear mind tho.. confused tho lol... and eventually for probably the last 2 hours or so, I layed down and just tryed to piece it all together.. and I came to this realization as I was getting teased with CEVs with the same quality of those Ive experienced on acid.. I realized when watching my rational thought process that I was doing all my thinking in relation to past experiences and to future time... I've been reading the book be here now, but anyway.. ram dass points of something that seemed to assist me today.. just the concept 'be here now' I sorta meditated on it and I found when I seriously meant it and put everything into it.. that once again my thoughts would 'slur' away (like that actually slurred away.. best way to explain it)... but I didnt notice much difference between acid and mushrooms, well except acid has always presented me with a much stronger and in-my-face trip with strong visual, audial hallucinations, waves.. etc etc.. for a good period of time..... and the mushrooms only did that to me for like 30minutes.. but I was still feeling on a 'light' trip the rest of the time, it also seemed to be more emotional then anything else..

    I'm thinking maybe they are just weak or whatever and I need to eat more.. just it was intense for that period becuase of the meditation

    but anyway I still got an 8th and half left.. so I'm gonna think about whether I want to eat an 8th or just the rest of it at some point next week...

    I can get more too so not a big deal...but I dont really wanna get more at $30 8th if they're not really doing that much... but if I had let myself go today, If i could have surrendered, it probably would have been more then worth it lol...

    idk any thoughts? suggestions?

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