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    Kippy and Jeffa were alone in the apartment after a big gig. They were kind of tired, not mention bored and somewhat depressed.

    Kippy: That didn't go so well kid.
    Jeffa: They did everything but throw food.
    Kippa: I need and edge.
    Jeffa: I have just the thing to get me going.
    (Jeffa pulls from her pocket a bag of cocaine. She gets her hand mirror and cuts a line on it. Macky enters the apartment and throws her coat on the floor. Macky gets the daily paper and holds it in the air so Jeffa can read while she snorts. Jeffy does a whole line and shakes her head.)
    Jeffa: AWWW boy that feels so good.
    Macky: I want to make candy canes. (Both Kippy and Jeffa stare at her.)
    Kippa: I don't know how you can do that crap. (Macky gets a bottle of iodine from the medicine cabinet and witch hazel. She rubs a little line of cocaine on her arm, dabs the iodine on it, and licks the concotion. When she's done she then puts the witch hazel on her arm.)
    Kippa: I'll stick with my caffine.

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