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Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by Cosmic Butterfly, May 23, 2004.

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    How many of have been to an Arab country, or know Muslim women as friends? Im tired of hearing Americans moan about how the entire Islamic community treats all their women like pieces of shit. This is not true. There are plenty of Arab countries where Muslim women live happily, and live lives just like European girls. Tunisia, Morrocco, Algeria, Egypt, Lebannon, Dubai, are countries that come to mind.
    Not all Muslim women wear head squarves or the Burqua. In my country Tunisia, it is kind of looked down upon for women to wear headsquarves. Only the really old women cover themselves up. Also alot of the women have great educations, and treated equally in their families. I had the oppurtunity of meeting Arab girls from all over that were studying in Tunis. Once their education was done they would go back home.
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    yeah, i've known a few. well treated for the most part. no worse off than any number of other women i've known through the years. the taliban is pretty much regarded by many people to be the standard for treatment of muslim women. obviously it's not true, but there are disgusting numbers of muslim women who ARE treated dispicably, and are subjected to horrific abuses.

    though, i would also say that that applies to people pretty much anywhere. it just depends on which abuses piss you off the most, that'll tend to be the battle you fight. we're all affected differently.
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    i've known quite a few muslim women who didnt wear headscarfs/burqas....but there are a lot around the world who do(by force or by choice)...

    i thought the funniest example was when i was in Malaysia last year(incidentally the day that uday/qusay were killed)....there was a man decked out in jeans and a polo shirt with nikes on...what was his wife wearing? A burqa. Here is this guy decked out in american shit, and he has his wife in a burqa.
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    actually accused me of knowing nothing about the Arab cultures.

    I really do.

    I have dated men(in university alma mater has one of the largest middle eastern/northern african student populations in the world)and have been friends with women from various countries.I have a family friend who's Algerian,and couple of others from Kuwait.

    I have date men from the UAE,Morocco,Egypt,Kuwait,Lebanon.

    I adored these guys until I learned the hard way what they are like.What started as a normal(by american standards)relationship would develop into something completely foreign...and my boyfriend from the UAE?? had to be deported for stalking me and threatening my life.He ordered a Fatwa(sp?) on me. I was just his girlfriend...he suspected me of cheating...the kids(like 18 year olds)he tried to pay to kill me went to the authorities...they loved the USA and enjoyed the school...they didnt want to throw that away for some college broad who may or may not have cheated(I didnt but how would they know?) on a boyfriend.

    Yes I know plenty of decent people from these countries.Some of the kindest souls come from neighborhood is chock full of em.but these are american citizens who left those countries for varied reasons.

    the reality is....even in the UAE(also known as the Middle-east riviera) women are not even allowed to drive.

    Egypt...female genital mutilations are performed daily..and women attempting to escape with their daughters to keep from this barbarism from happening are denied visas and passports to leave.

    These cultures are patriarchial to the fullest extent. Most of those countries women still cant vote and the others made it a recent thing.

    I have been to Senegal...I wanted to go to Morocco but there was no time for extended travel during my visit...which was to build homes and dig sewers for the people there.

    I have always wanted to visit Egypt...who freakin doesnt?

    Visit..yes.Live?....hell no.

    Maybe Tunisia is more progressive then say...Iran.but not to long wasnt.

    Afghanistan used to be VERY progressive...there were women judges,doctors,professors.The taliban took over and destroyed that.they took a nice country and in 1995..reduced it to the middle ages.

    Who's to say Tunisia isnt next? I hope for your isnt ever gonna change in that direction.

    Men are men worldwide.but unfortunately the cultures,religions,and customs stemming from that region are able to support the male dominacy to the T.

    American women wont allow our men to have that kind of control because we know that it is wrong.but women who live in Sudan rarely question the men...especially under Sharia law.They dont know or dont understand that it isnt right for a man to tell a woman what she can and cannot do...that it isnt right to kill women just "because".That it isnt right to stone a rape victim.

    yes there are some countries where the actual laws demand equality..all the ones you named...on paper demand equality.

    but even in Morocco....honor killings and spousel abuse are rampant.this is factual....groups like Amnesty International exist because of human rights violations like this.

    When I was in college...I wanted so badly to go to Egypt with AI to start a militant campaign against human rights violations against women and children.My mom wouldnt let me go..she was afraid..I wouldnt be returning.

    But even in countries where cultural practices exist despite law only shows the battle between culture and law.and that culture will exist despite law.

    It may be illegal to stab your sister because she dated an Unapproved boy...but that wont stop her brother who is more passionate about his culture and faith interpretation then he is about some law that defies his beliefs.

    I will find you an article about a Lebanese college student from Cleveland(where I live) her brother and cousins honor-killed her.

    I thought the Lebanese culture was progressive but even the Lebanese-american girls arent safe.

    how does stuff like this happen if it's all false or misinterpreted?

    murder is cant misinterpret that.

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