Musk Fails Again

Discussion in 'Latest Hip News Stories' started by ~Zen~, Mar 14, 2024.

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    In the latest (third time) test of the Starship rocket that Musk hopes will spirit him away from humanity to a new life on Mars, has failed.

    It did successfully take off, and orbit the globe (almost) before failure struck. It disintegrated, burned up and fell into the Indian ocean. No doubt leaving a massive amount of debris.

    The waste of all this, in terms of pollution, wasted energy, wasted man hours, etc. is incalculable. It took thirty-two engines blasting with full power to rocket this missile into destruction. Imagine how much fuel that took?

    I just hope one of his rockets doesn't fall on anyone down here on earth.

    The Guardian News reports: "Two previous attempts ended in the explosion of both the spacecraft’s 33-engine booster, nicknamed Super Heavy, and the cruise vessel, which is designed to eventually carry up to 100 astronauts. Stacked together, they stand at 10 metres taller than the Saturn V rocket that sent humans to the moon in 1969."

    starship comparisons.JPG
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    Thanks for sharing
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    He should come to London and attach one of our new EV busses to the base of his ship. That should get him to the moon and beyond.
    We had one a few hundred yards from home that he could have let him test a few weeks ago.

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