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  1. Alvarez

    Alvarez Member

    Hey everyone- I've only smoked weed and drank alcohol- nothing else. Would you recommend trying shrooms before lsd to see if I can handle it? Also, I wondered if anyone here is a musician at heart and what it's like to play your beloved instrument while you're on acid... Do you feel a new creative side to yourself or are you just too far gone to move your fingers or lips in such a way. My friend is offering to do this with me around easter... Just wanted to know your experiences with it- did it change your perspective on life in a good way- are you a better person now? That sort of thing- I would love to have those questions answered. Take care everyone,

  2. Stand.

    Stand. Member

    Yeah, music in any form is great on LSD. SWIM never got the chance to play his gutair, but he's heard numerous reports playing any instrument is amazing. It also is proven to improve creativity, no wonder so many famous artists use it to write songs! LSD is the only hallucinogen SWIM has ever tried, never done shrooms, and he was fine. Just make sure you do alot of reading before your first trip. Alot of things SWIM read over the months before his trip, surprisingly helped alot when he tripped. I reccomend starting at erowid.
  3. 3xi

    3xi Senior Member

    no - i have had more difficult trips on shrooms then i have with lsd. i would definitely recommend that you try both. they are both wonderful experiences.

    lsd will be better for playing music then the shrooms.

    sometimes i am too far gone to play an instrument. it depends on how much acid i am on and whats going on around me. i always make sure that i get some playing in during a trip.

    playing any instrument is amazing on acid. you will feel and hear the music in a way that is so much better then ever before and your abilities will improve dramatically because of this. you will feel more connected to the instrument as you watch yourself play with immaculate precision. your creativity will open up in such a way that the music will just flow through you as if from another place. free flow or writing music is especially interesting. your abilities in all areas pertaining to music will improve during and after your trip. this is why so many of the great musicians love their LSD.

    my first instrument was guitar. i always had difficulties playing the drums until i played them on acid - i learned to play drums on acid and i am really fucking good if i do say so myself. now i play guitar, bass, and drums as well as sing - i wouldnt be nearly as good at any of them without LSD!

    YES, yes, YES

    lsd changed my perspective on life in a good way and i am a better person because of this. lsd taught me a lot about myself and others.

    the better person you are the better musician you will be. - the more enlightened you are the better your music will be.
  4. Alvarez

    Alvarez Member

    Thank you guys- I may try it and if I do then I will come back and tell you about it. Happy Easter, even if it's not your religion- it's such a fun day =)
  5. gmilenko13

    gmilenko13 Member

    dont worry about trying mushrooms first. just get 2 hits, sit back and let the drug flow. lsd did give me a better outlook on life, and boosted my general perspective on everything. with the music side of things, i play guitar. acid brings things out when you play, had to descripe. just experiance it
  6. PsyGrunge

    PsyGrunge Full Fractal Force

    I play drums, bass, guitar and keyboard especially when tripping or buzzing and that is where my true creative side unravels and I become one with the music. It's interesting playing while tripping and being able to visualise imagery to the tune you are coming up with!
  7. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    When you learn how to do that sober, you know for real that love has settled on your soul :)
  8. i play drums, and i thought it was amazing how much better i was getting just from smoking weed and playing them, then i played drums on acid, and it was fucking incredible. not only was i playing more complicated beats, but i was hardly even trying. also i noticed my stamina went up while playing on acid.,... maybe not even that, maybe it was just because i was having such a good time i didnt give a fuck about getting tired. but yes, playing music on acid is wonderful and you can improve alot while on it.
  9. PsyGrunge

    PsyGrunge Full Fractal Force

    Oh, don't get me wrong; music is pretty much my life. I play all the time and often get lost in my own improvisations. I'm just saying how good it is while under the influence as well.
  10. StayLoose1011

    StayLoose1011 Senior Member

    yeah LSD is probably better than shrooms for playing music - I attempted to play guitar while shrooming and I almost killed myself just trying to get it out of the case, haha
  11. asilos vulnerado

    asilos vulnerado Senior Member

    yo, ive been playing guitar, keyborads, bass, and drums now for awhile
    im very good and guitar and keyboards and kind of suck at bass and drums
    I was INCREDIBLE at playing guitar when i was on acid the first time i tried it beacuse I was really focused on the music and had lots of synethesia going, but the second time i wasnt tripping as hard and i sucked. so you basically have to do the right amount. Mushrooms are good for creating songs in your head but not really playing
    Also, i wouldnt bother with anything electronic (synthesizers etc.), go with acoustic instruments like acoustic guitar, piano drums/bongos; stuff like that.

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