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Discussion in 'Australia' started by orange skies, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. orange skies

    orange skies Member

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed in the last few years that the whole vibe of music festivals has changed. I mean a few years ago at least 90% of people would get dressed up in cool outfits and stuff and it was just a real friendly vibe. Now a days i've noticed a whole bunch of wankers have seemed to have invaded the scene and if anyone dresses up they get teased. I miss the good old days where you could roam around the big day out or homebake in a pair of fish nets and good old doc martains without being picked on.
  2. zoso_zeppelin

    zoso_zeppelin Member

    go to woodford.

    maybe a bit too hippie-vibe though, I dunno your scene
  3. wrench

    wrench Member

    :confused: Its impossible to have too much hippie vibe :p
  4. clockworkorangeagain

    clockworkorangeagain femme fatale

    haha i went to woodfors and it was awesome...and yesterday i went to bdo and it was so fun (and i wore my docs btw - and wasn't teased)...but i think i know what you are saying... a lot of people are in it to be seen and not so much for the music.... and they are the ppl stil stuck on the cool fad... it gives me the shits too.
  5. zoso_zeppelin

    zoso_zeppelin Member

    i agree completely!

    woodford fucking rules my world now....i can't wait to get back there, even if it is soooooooo away from now
  6. august_moon

    august_moon Member

    Hey yeah I agree. Some people to me seem more interested in getting as smashed as they can, on whatever they can get their hands on, rather than dress up for the day and have fun with their mates, watching all the gigs etc.

    Well if Melbourne BDO is anything to go by that is!

    There were SO MANY people messed up and needing to be helped by St johns volunteers yesterday you could'nt take a step without falling over one.

    Sad. Very Sad.

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