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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by WishIWasAHippie, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. WishIWasAHippie

    WishIWasAHippie Senior Member

    Does anyone know how long mushroom tea, in a refridgerator can be stored for?

    If not, if you mix it with something like koolaid, then can it be stored for long?

    Other than that, does anyone know a way to store mushrooms for about 2 weeks? Or is using one of the drying techniques on my only bet there?

    Note: The mushrooms are fresh picked from the field.
  2. um prob just drying em would be better
  3. awesker

    awesker Member

    I stored tea in my fridge for a couple of weeks.. wasnt a problem at all.. just cover it up nice and tight and it shouldnt be a problem. cause its not gonna go anywhere so you should be all good..
  4. Viruk

    Viruk Member

    I heard unless you boil mushroom tea for about 15 mins it will go off within 5 days.
    You can boil shrooms for up to 1 hour before the psilocybin breaks down.
    If you want to store shrooms, dry them a bit, then put them in a paper bag in a cool dry place.
    Or I think you can just freeze them, that would work.
  5. ganja fairy

    ganja fairy Member

    dry them and then freeze them.
    they probably dont want to get mixed with koolaid.

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