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Discussion in 'Free Love' started by GoogleIsMyGod, Jun 11, 2006.

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    The people at my school are rather closed minded. Or something. Not sure what the word is. I've been at my school for a year (like all other people in my grade), and it's a junior/senior school. I've had three relationships so far. One lasted a month and half, the second a little over 2 months, and the third one has lasted 3 months and a week and is still going strong. I've never had sex with any of them, although I've done oral with the third. All of my friends thing rather poorly of me for my relationship choices. The second relationship I started 2 weeks after ending the first, and the third I started 5 days after the 2nd. But the fact is that I had no particular emotional connection to the first two. Any sort of attachment at all, really. Besides, I haven't had sex with any of them. My thing is, it's high school. We're not supposed to be locked in with people yet. This is the time to figure out who we are, what we're like when we're with people, who we're like. There's no reason to trap yourself in a relationship you don't enjoy, and there's no reason not to get involved with someone when you both like each other. Maybe that's my inner hippie speaking, I don't know. But that's not a major number of relationships at all. It's me enjoying myself.
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    ok... and...

    are you asking a question or telling us a story?

    If you are looking for opinions about your emotional connection, you have it correct, so long as you have no connection there is nothing wrong with it, although if you look at it from the other persons perspective, at a minimum it is NOT very sensitive to their feelings....
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    the only thing you're doing wrong is not screwing them, may as well have some fun :)
    Like you say, you're at a time of life where you are finding yourself, have as much fun as possible, don't worry about being labelled a slut, thats just jealous talk from ppl not getting any.

    My advice, try a relationship with another girl, then your friends will have something to talk about - have sex with her, tape it and email me a copy, i'll let you know how you're going.

    See, easy? Any more questions? :)

    Peace out, baby

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