Mugabe sacked

Discussion in 'People' started by GeorgeJetStoned, Nov 19, 2017.

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    It's amazing to see this happening. The man is 93 and ruled as a dictator for 37 years. Surely he was going to die soon enough, but the Zimbabwean military couldn't wait any longer. While there has been all kinds of speculation about Mugabe's alleged sinister deeds when dealing with white land owners and farmers (no, he didn't call for a white holocaust), a few things are obvious. Rhodesia was called the breadbasket of Africa before Mugabe took over. Agriculture went to shit on his watch.

    Then went the economy as massive inflation took permanent root............
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  2. I have so little to offer in terms of Zimbabwe, because I simply don't know what has happened. The news reported a coup. That's about as far as I got. I know the leader was Mugabe, and at first no one sided with the military that ousted him. It was reported as a serious upheaval in the governing structure of Zimbabwe. It's too bad that it comes down to a coup for some governments. I'm surprised that their military leaders decided to revolt. Do you know why they chose this revolution?
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    Because the Mugabes are (were?) striving to let his wife follow him up. Yeah, whatever we can say about military intervention, good riddance! Now, lets hope they get replaced by something that actually serves the zimbabwian people
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  4. Zimbabwe.. It feels like there's such a long way to go for them. I hope they find some solace in having a new leader. Perhaps, as Asmodean suggests, it will be something that serves the people better than Mugabe had.
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    Its not that hard to get something better because Mugabe didn't serve the people at all. He could only stay in his position because of rigid oppression and support of the army.
    But yeah, Zimbabwe has a lot to do. Happily now they finally seem to have a viable chance.

    Btw: at this moment the asshole still holds on to his position. He does not seem to accept the fact he's been sacked yet
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  6. World Health Organization made him a goodwill ambassador this year ????????

    What the mutha fuckin fuck fuck????????????

    Cunt has a billion dollars in assets after what his country went through over the last four decades, someone please just shoot him

    Also, another reason to tear apart the UN
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    Media focus is on the Wife and the shopping. The real story is the failure of asset redistribution which occured in the socialist revolution. The nation is no longer able to feed itself.
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    One of my coworkers is an immigrant from Zimbabwe. His sister is here too, and another sister still in Zim is starting the immigration process. Their family wanted them out of there because of Mugabe.
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    The Zimbabwe central bank mismanaged currency inflation under Mugabe big time.

    It got to the point that run-away inflation got to be so out of control, that Zimbabwe printed a $10trillion ZWD bank note.
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    it is wonderful to know that people in this country are staying up-to-date w/ respect to economic opportunity on the sub-continent of africa i will remember the post and consult it if purchase comes my way
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    They should just put him in a sack and dump it somewhere.
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    I guess now would be the time to get in on the ground floor of investments in Zimbabwe. However, what will bring the most ROI? Swords, or plowshares?

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