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Discussion in 'Conspiracy' started by rahu, May 6, 2013.

  1. rahu

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    MSA -

    though this virus (actually 3-4 virus's) is killing more peopple than aids and hep c combined , it gets 1 % of the funding, though there is only one drug ,vancomycin tha can kill it(and there are already strains resistant to this last line drug). there is no new drug inthe "pipeline".and the government is actively neglecting this epidemic as 50% of the population test positive.
    recently there was a main stream news release about a new deadly virus. i forgot the exact name but it was featuresd on and newspaper. they claimed ta this is the new virus of concern as mrsa infections are now rarely reported in the hospitals.this a straight froward lie. the reason there are few reports is that the doctors now refuse to test for might go to mrsa-forum-usa-com and persuse the posts. these are mainly from mrsa positive patients and thier stories are uniformly scary as they report that doctors are misleading and lying to these people.
    the nwo is covering up this epidemic most medical personel are going along with his cover up.older octors still try to be truthful but as the nwo corporations have taken over the health care industry , the newer remaining doctors are all buying this censorship.

    there are two types of mrsa, one which is usually caught in a hospital and it is slower though ard to eradicte.
    a newer new form is very aggressive and was first noticed among "ice" addicts in the early 2000's.
    Ice is a form of methamphetamine tha is produced by benetically modified bacteria.

  2. Aerianne

    Aerianne Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Where are you getting these statistics?

    The Mayo Clinic link you gave had this to say about it:

    That's a big difference from the figures you gave.
  3. Aerianne

    Aerianne Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    So you edited your post and added to it. You still weren't able to show us the report you got the figures from.

    Come on. We need something other than hearsay.
  4. rahu

    rahu Member

    hi Aerianna

    well for one, from doctors and nurses in multiple ER rooms.this is not hidden knowledge if you are interested i suggest you search the net as this FACT is established. that is why it is so unreal that the medical establishment is doing nothing.
    reasons i have head from nurses is that the don't test because %50 percent of the population test postive, so their line of obfustication is tha why test since everyone has it anyway. i suggest you do some research before you continue with your sceptical non-sense.
    across theboard docors flat out refuse to test. go to that forum i mentioned and you can read first hand tesitmony about the andling of mrsa.i don' mean to insult those health care workers that are dedicate but health care is now in the hands of greedy corporation who are dimishing health carea the cost of live for their obscene profits.

    this is why i posted this in the conspiracy section ,the CDC is flat out lying when they say mrsa is present in only 2 % of the may be that looking at current admissions for the last month or so that they come up with 2 %. but doctors and nurses REFUSE to test for mrsa now .so as mark twain worte "there are 3 kinds of lies, lies,damned lies and statistics.obviously if you don't test for it you will not find it.

    again go to that foum and read the consist reports of doctors obfustication of mrsa infections.
  5. Aerianne

    Aerianne Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter


    I suggest that if you are going to make a post like this that you present the research and evidence.

    This is crap. I'm not doing the research for a post you started.
  6. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

  7. You can eradicate MRSA from your body thru bleach baths, hibicleanse, tea tree oil, oil of oregano and collodial silver ... oh and that nose stuff that is rx. i forget the name. i used to be colonized with it... am allergic to many antibiotics so it was hard to treat so i went to an infectious dis. doc who told me to do the bleach baths n rx nose thing... the other things i researched on my own... was diligent in eradicting it and this was about five yrs ago... have passed my 3 nasal mrsa tests to be considering eradicted and never gotten it again.

    anyways it may or may not be some big conspiracy (it DOES have a lot to do with antibiotic use in humans and routine antibiotic use in animals) but you CAN rid yourself of it.
  8. rahu

    rahu Member

    as to the source of one strain in mrsa, 10 yeaqrs ago you could find this discussion but as i've recently searched the web aian i have not
    been able o find his information.
    but all doctors are aware of this etioogy of this aggressive form because if they know you are a meth addict they flat out don't treat you agressively and of fact lie and say there is no cure so they can prescibe maintaince drugs instead.
    this is a makes good sense as why treat a meth addict if they are going to continue o smoke Ice and get reoccurance of the mrsa. the problem is that some doctors flat lie in patients medical record so they
    seemto be ICE addicts and hence deny treatment.
    the othe rmotive for lying is that
    the hospial do not want to be held liable for passing mrsa to a patient hence they do not want o idenify mrsa as present.if you do get mrsa in a hospital you can sue.again the corporate ghouls are pressuring docors to refuse to teat for mrsa so as to protec thweir bottom line. if this makes you sceptical justwait until i report on the level of conspiratory actions being taken.

  9. rahu

    rahu Member

    first i wouild like to clear the air.
    about 3 years ago it was reported tha the pentagon had purchased $80 million worth of software tha enabled a single soldier in their cyber surveillance dividion to create 50 separate idenities on a single forum with out detection. so a single soldier can influence the entire content of a forum.most astrology forums i post on rarely have 50 memebers on line at a time but there are always hundreds of lurkers. so if you folow the staic of people you find up to 2 - 3 hundres viewer on an active astrology site such as

    second point is that it turns out that one of the boston bombers had a license plate with that said Terrorist1.

    in this day of government surveillance it is difficult to believe these markers are allowed. with ouit goverment okays

    for instance there was a case of a woman from texas wo went thru a TSA checkpoint at the airpoint.she had a leathe purse with a leather emblem of a pistol on it.TSA confiscated her purse because of the picture of the gun!!!!!!!.

    as one of the bombers had the license plate reading terrorist1 , it is highly likely some type of government connection to ge away with this. and if you read the post on the boston conspiracy thread you will find inlaw connection to government intelligence agents

    which brings me to you ,american terrorist. the few post i have read tha you have made to do not indicate you have terrorist leaning but in fact are an apologist for the new world order.
    your seeming coherent reply about your personal knowledge and experience with mrsa is suspect art the best and a flat out lie tryng to convince the memebers that there is no problem with mrsa.

    first off you are correct about various homeopathic remedies tha work, but as to research ,you could ave simple gone to the forum i suggest and you would find all these remedies. but 5 years ago you would not be able to have foud these even mentioned on the web.

    secondly the reality is that 99.9 percent of people with mrsa go to a hospital or get it in a hospital. the medical establisment to this day refuse to accept many of tese cure. that is the problem .the only double blind studies have been on tea tree oil. one comes tomid in 2008 when a 2 % solution of tea tree oil was comnpared to a 5% hibicleanse solution for the eradication of nasal mrsa. the result3 were that in about 40% of the patients had a postive reatcion to the hibicleanse with a 35 % rate of success for tea tree oil .there occurence period was only 14 days. so you may be telling the tut habout your situation but ypou are flat out lying were you say mrsa can be cure.i am afraid a 40 percent success rate is not a cure for everyone.
    this is proven by the fact that mrsa death each year are greater than the combined deahs of aids and hep c combined.

    there was a 2011 another double blind study i. the conclusion were that it was not posssible to say wheter tea tree oil was more affective tha the control chemical. but the report did say tha as vancomcin and other drugs were losing theirpower ,that a mrsa epidemic is looming in the near future. i will drag these studies up and post them tommorow so that areianna will get a look. i am not concerned about american terrorist because he will continue to fabricate negative opinions to any anti establisment conspiracy views,in spite of his name de plume.

    the point that there are herbal cure is correct though but the reality is tha mrsa vicims to do not go to a herb store first, they all go to the hospital. as we belive doctors are god, theit words are sancosact .the the first words out of their mouths are you can not control mrsa with herbs or homepatic remedies. in fact they refuse to even consider garlic bath cure and if you mention to them you use them the will tell you to stop the use.
    many posters on say they can't try the galic bath because of their doctors prohibition.
    if you say you use herbs to a doctor then he/she immediately assume you "benefit" are all placebo affects with no real improvement.their eyes do not usually roll up onto their heads but the blank stare does cross their face at you.
  10. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    Mrsa can be cured.. I caught it in a hospital while exchanging parts on a sink.
    as I was keeping the washer from slipping out, I spun the nut down and it pinched my finger. In 2weeks I had a blister. in 4weeks it spread from there, up my arm, to my neck to my face.... I was in the hospital for a week... Im cured but still crazy.."]Toby Keith - American Soldier - YouTube
    aint i a stinker..
  11. quote from the insane meth addict to me

    "which brings me to you ,american terrorist. the few post i have read tha you have made to do not indicate you have terrorist leaning but in fact are an apologist for the new world order.
    your seeming coherent reply about your personal knowledge and experience with mrsa is suspect art the best and a flat out lie tryng to convince the memebers that there is no problem with mrsa.

    first off you are correct about various homeopathic remedies tha work, but as to research ,you could ave simple gone to the forum i suggest and you would find all these remedies. but 5 years ago you would not be able to have foud these even mentioned on the web.

    my response- you are fucking nuts. seriously you are. of course im not a terrorist. my name is from a song by lupe fiasco. and it's irony.

    and it's suspect my story about having mrsa in the past? okay, yep, im gonna try really hard to convince you I was culinized w mrsa and rid myself of it because I am working towards a n.w.o.

    okaaay yea why don't you go smoke some more ice and if you don't like what I have to say, do not respond to me. okay, great. :)

    I personally am proud of myself for ridding myself of mrsa and I have, in other forums, helped other ppl pull it off. yes, I am aware there are new, more resistant strands of bacteria all the time... i'm not saying every type can be cured. what I AM saying is.. you are nuts. and you have no idea who I am on here or anything about me. ive been on this forum for 10 yrs and never once have been told im working for the n.w.o.

    wow :rofl:

    oh and five yrs ago I wouldn't have known to use oil of oregano and colloidal silver in conjunction w bleach baths etc to get rid of mrsa? WHAT? Are you fucking nuts? MRSA is not that new and you can look up alternative treatments anyway on the web... so what you police the whole web?

    YOU ARE INSANE. And here you are accusing me of fucking LYING about shit? Fuck off.

    You don't know shit about shit.
  12. autophobe2e

    autophobe2e Senior Member

    the fuck is this thread?
  13. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    OP needs to get his fucking facts straight.

    MRSA is an abbreviation for Methicillin Resistant Staph. Aureus.
    Staph. aureus is a species of BACTERIA, not a virus. sound like a dumbass before you even finish sentence number 1.

  14. ;) :rofl:

    the op thinks mrsa is a virus? and has the nerve to tell me i dont know what im talking about? i don't even know why i bothered to respond to said person.
  15. rahu

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    that is so cool you were cured. that is the tragedy .it can be cured but the medical establishment relies on chemicals that don't work a 100 percent of the time. wow you were very fortunate because the drain in a hospital ......

    as yo have noticed i haven't post year much in years and when i posted a response to poetsappho's husband chart my computor was attacked by a virus trying to get infprmation. i felt this was a bad omen but i mistakenly perseved anyway.

    the concentration of NWO trolls is exxceedingly high here.

    so my last post,no applause please , is to naive newcomers that are drawn into the "hip" facade.

    the government is using mrsa contaiminated pot to infect people who do not accept the whole new world order fascism. so if you are such a person , be careful with your words,then be very careful whose stash you smoke from.
    of course the snitch that infects will have access to vancomycin that you don't


  16. A reason not to do meth i think.
  17. it's okay. im in a cranky mood today n just not in the mood to be accused of wrong things.

    anyways i always take it upon myself to do my own research regarding any health issue and dont rely on the western medical establishment to fix things for me.
  18. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    .. mesa smoka dis buda ,,

  19. Wait.. you really think they are putting mrsa in pot? Like....realllly?

    The real issue-and the reason we will keep getting worse and worse superbugs like super mrsa is because of the overuse of antibiotics in both humans and animals.
  20. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    Mrsa infections are higher with the Meth and Crackheads.. Crack supposedly more so, since the cocaine is contaminated with levamisole, that disrupts the human immune system.

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