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Discussion in 'California' started by mariahsmajick, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. mariahsmajick

    mariahsmajick Member

    Hi all, I am moving to humbolt. I am not real happy about the move in fact i am down right depressed, can't sleep at night the whole works. I would like to maybe hook up and meet people. last time I lived there several years ago i was a total hermit and never had any friends. I am a very open person, completely non judgemental and like to party [​IMG] However, I unfortunately have to pretty much keep it to my self. My spouse is very straight no partyin at all. Don't care if you party or not just want someone I can talk to and occasionaly hang with. Also I have horses, does any one know of any one with pasture they might want to rent out? I have no issues or hangups, not mental lol. I feel like I am writing a personal add [​IMG] Any way If any one is interested in making a new friend please let me know.
  2. simz

    simz Member

    Maybe you can put the horses down in the pasture lands, there's a few, I dont like there but have a girlfriend there..
  3. mariahsmajick

    mariahsmajick Member

    That would be awsome! Wow thankyou. If you could ask for me I would be forever grateful. My horses, I have 2, have always had lush pasture and shelter. truly they live and eat better than me lol. I have raised them from babies and have had them for 10 years. The thought of them standing in some stall 24/7 is horrendous :( I think thats a big part of why I am so unhappy about moving there. that and the fact that I did not have good experiences the last time I lived there. I am going from truly a dream home where I have 10 buetifull acres and no neighbors to living in a crappy house with nosy people living right next to me. I keep trying to find something, anything good about this move but can't seem to think of even one :( Thanks for answering my post.

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