(Movies) Best soundtracks

Discussion in 'Movies' started by We_All_Shine_On, May 11, 2004.

  1. forest gump (of course)
    garden state
    and almost famous does have good music too
    vanilla sky is kind of good too
  2. Dariah

    Dariah Member

    that thing you do!
  3. rg paddler

    rg paddler Senior Member

    I'd like to get the soundtrack to 'Rumblefish' - Matt Dillon,music by Julian Copeland

    - so - I probably will
  4. Radiation

    Radiation Ruling the Nation

    The Graduate
    The Harder They Come
    Anything by Ennio Morricone, though Once Upon a Time in the West is probably my favorite
  5. retarded_zoe

    retarded_zoe Member

    i love the trainspotting soundtrack
    i think it's immense.
    i also like pulp fiction and donnie darko,
    kevin and perry go large is one of my favourites aswelll as i have a weakspot for 90's dance music
  6. sourdiesel06

    sourdiesel06 Member

    The Song Remains The Same and Trainspotting. I love the Lou Reed song when Renton ODs. It's so nice and chill. Definitely a song to play when youre cashed.
  7. Soberbeah

    Soberbeah Member

    FORREST GUMP, actually probably SLC Punk or The Doors Movie
  8. fountains of nay

    fountains of nay Planet Nayhem!

    Pulp fiction has an amazing soundtrack, as does AMELIE.

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