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    as some of you know, i used to read tarot cards out of a new age shop to earn extra cash. this morning i was out for a much-needed walk when an image popped into my head: that of the seventh card of the major arcana, the chariot. this card shows a man in a chariot being drawn by twin sphinxes, one dark, the other white. the meaning of this car is movement. i'm not going to bother analyzing the symbolism of the card; other people have done that elsewhere, a lot of people will find it boring, and it really isn't that relevant to anything. but i do have a few words to say about movement.

    i have been going through a rough time lately, and have spent many hours a day sitting on my fat ass in front of the computer, writing idiotic posts and pming some of you. which is not a bad thing. i like you all, i really do. but what i am seeing in my life currently is a lack of movement.

    you know i read in some natural health journal that some studies were done, and it was found that in most cases not a single prescription anti-depressant was found to be more effective than quality exercise? granted i do know some people who shouldn't think of going out the door without their zoloft, but i have seen the results of movement in my own life: prozac and imipramine didn't help me anywhere near as much as my YMCA membership.

    i think that there is a reason for this. i recall from my various biology classes that by definition one of the requirements for life is movement. think about it. when things stop moving, they die. even plants move. we can't see it, because the movement is so slow, but leaves will turn to catch the rain and sun, flowers open at various times of day, tendrils grip and curl, a stem will bend to grow away from danger. when a pond becomes stagnant, it dies. there is no stillness like barrenness and death. life is movement, movement is life. our bodies were meant to move, as were our minds and spirits.

    that's not to say we always have to be moving forewards, either. this is one of the problems i have with the term "progressive". uncontrolled growth will lead to death as sure as stagnation. the tides move in and out. there are backcurrents in rivers. the seeds of many species of plants need to survive the utter destruction of a forest fire in order to germinate. the sphinxes that pull the chariot are two.

    i think one of the reasons why americans sit around so much is because we fear that we have nothing better to do. sealed in our climate-controlled homes, eating processed "food" from a package, travelling in our cars - yes, we are even still when moving - we have somehow forgotten that we are alive. we have forgotten that we are part of a larger whole that is also alive, call it earth, or gaia if you will. we are each pieces in the big picture. that picture is moving, and yet we are not. this is not just about "excercise". it is about movement, connection, and being alive.

    so as much as you people mean to me, i think i'll take a break for today, and go out and find or create a little movement. i'll see you later tonight, or tomorrow perhaps. have a great day.

    must be moving on, now.
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    The chariot card can also mean being torn between two forces or two ideas ~ depending on what other cards are layed out.

    Maybe you just need a change in your life? Go in a different direction? Sounds like you're in a bit of a rut...
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    Kitty, are you trying to write a Bible or something?
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    lizzie, i really liked that. made A LOT of sense... hope ya have a great day and ill talk to you when i get home to PA.

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