MOVE 9 Needs Your Help

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chaos, Jan 24, 2005.

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    The MOVE-9's appeal is in the federal district court. Magistrate judge Diane Welsh has reviewed the appeal and issued a report
    and recommendation to Judge Harvey Bartle that he dismiss the appeal. Judge Bartle can either accept or reject this recommendation, so it is our work let him know that he must grant this appeal. Unfortunately, we can not get a fax number or e-mail address for Judge Bartle, so the only means of contact are writing or calling him.
    So send him a letter or drop him a line showing your support of the MOVE 9. Every person who thinks that these men and women should go free must state their opinion. The outcry against injustice will be more powerful than the recommendation of a judge!

    - Minneapolis Black Cross

    >Judge Harvey Bartle, III
    >C/O U.S. District Court
    >601 Market St., Rm. .16614
    >Phila., PA. 19106-1752
    >215 597-2693
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    Who or what is the movie 9s?

    By the way, nice sig, even though i don't really get it lol

    peace and Love,
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