Discussion in 'Computers and The Internet' started by ImaPeach, May 22, 2004.

  1. ImaPeach

    ImaPeach Member

    yay! i just figured out that you can take the ball out of the mouse and clean it! Now mine works perfectly! I can click on anything! The world is my oyster! Actually, i'm vegetarian, so the world is my seaweed!!!!!

    btw. what is the plural for mouse? mice or mouses?
  2. you need an infa red mouse,because it does`nt have a ball,so no cleaning;)
  3. Flowerian

    Flowerian Senior Member

    Well, if he (or she?) discovers now that the ball can be taken out it seems to me that he/she doesn't use a PC so often ;) Buying a optical mouse would be like throwing money out of the window
  4. we all have to learn ,discovery is a great thing(even the smallest of things) theres a first time for everything;)
  5. Azura_Mist

    Azura_Mist Member

    I discovered I like the actual piece under my hand to stay in place, so I got this...


    ...wonder how you clean it though?
  6. xaosflux

    xaosflux Sysop Lifetime Supporter Super Moderator

    Hea thats my trackball (almost).

    Mine has a circle that opens on the top, looks lke yours has one on the bottom probally, turn it over and look.
  7. xaosflux

    xaosflux Sysop Lifetime Supporter Super Moderator

    mouses is technically correct (it's not a group of animals needed a special name)...but both terms are used interchangebly

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