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    Okay, i'd like to take this moment to let you all know about a fundraiser going on to help Jeff Reagle of Mountains of the Moon . i know alot of you folks attend festivals and Mountains of the Moon have been venders at Bonnaroo, Vibe and many others!! Jeff was in a bad motorcycle accident over the past weekend, he suffered a skull fracture and was put into an induced coma for two days. He is now awake and recovering, but has a long road ahead of him. Jeff is the co-owner of Mountains of the Moon, with his wife Melissa. They are uninsured independant artists and this business is their sole income.
    The Sb family crafters have organized a charity auction to try and help them with medical expenses. So please check out the auction and look for auctions with ~Reagle Recovery~ in the title, these auctions are donating all proceeds to Jeff and Mel, to help them with their medical expenses and recovery. There will be new auctions being posted until the end of May, so please check it out and help if you can! Thanks!!
    in love and light,

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