Most times you mastubated in a day?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by The Penis, May 28, 2004.

  1. bluegill

    bluegill Member

    hehe....probably 15
  2. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    A person I know claimed to have done so 17 times in one day.
  3. PsyChOStaLk3r

    PsyChOStaLk3r Member

    hopefully my mommy dont read this but i love masterbating i think its amazing how good it makes me feel im so horny right now!!!;)
  4. Ikarion

    Ikarion Member

    Are we talking about the number of orgasms or ythe number of masturbating sessions?
  5. :confused: What's the difference? Masturbating always leads to orgasm. I would never just stroke it for an hour and move on.
  6. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    Females might
  7. Ikarion

    Ikarion Member

    When i had 15 or 16 was when i masturbated more . I could have as much as 20 orgasms but that only made part of one single session or time of the day, usually at night.

    The intensity of the orgasms is drecreasing as well as the arousal state, usually the first was(and still is) too fast to really enjoy it in full the second is the best, third is ok and so is fourth. Usually it´s better to make 5 minutes breaks beteween them, because it gives me time to have full erections, and it´s best to have orgasms that way, and pause to go pee if necessary (with an empty blader is allot better, but if you´re having an erection sometimes you will not notice it), but even without full erection and with a nearly flacid penis i cab still stimulate the gland to the point of ejaculation even if am already bone dry. Of course it´s harder to pull an orgasm each time so this is something i don´t do for a long time, looking back i feel stupid to have mastubated so much, i think it had a part in fucking up my development, both physical and social. Now, i just wish i never, EVER, had the stupid idea of masturbating that first time just to see if i could do it. Shit.
  8. Coffinspire

    Coffinspire Members

    Like 10 lol, I had a lot of time.
  9. JessWithCurves

    JessWithCurves Members

  10. Running Man

    Running Man Guardian

    Probably two or three times a day in recent years.

    As a teenager, it would possibly be two or three times a night, with a couple more thrown in for good measure!
  11. 1) The most ejaculatory orgasms ever recorded in 1 hour for a man is 16.

    2) The farthest a woman has been recorded to ejaculate is about 9'29" (3 m).

    3) The greatest distance attained for a jet of semen that has ever been recorded is 18'9" (5.71 m) which was achieved with a "substantial" amount of seminal fluid by Horst Schultz.

    4) The average speed of a man's ejaculation is 28 miles (45.05 km) per hour. The average speed of a city bus is 25 miles (40.22 km) per hour.

    5) Having swallowed the most amount of semen ever officially recorded Michelle Monaghan had 1.7 pints (0.96 liter) of semen pumped out of her stomach in Los Angeles in July 1991.

    6) The female gangbang world record is owned by a woman named Houston who had intercourse with 620 men in one day! A video was made of this historic event. As it took about 10 hours (with a few very brief breaks) to do it, the average time of intercourse was less than 58 seconds.

    7) Women hold the record for having the most orgasms. The biggest amount of orgasms enjoyed by a woman in 1 hour ever recorded is a pussy shattering 134!

    8) The male gangbang world record goes to porn actor Jon Dough who worked himself over 55 women in one day. He had 5 to 6 ejaculations. Actually, he was supposed to have had intercourse with at least 101 women, but he did the other 46 two weeks later.

    9) The record of the man who has had intercourse the most frequently goes to a man who was recorded to have had intercourse about 52,000 times over a period of 30 years. This means he had intercourse on average 33.3 times a week!

    10) Youngest Father - Sean Stewart, of Sharnbrook, England, became the father of a healthy 6 lb. baby boy on January 20, 1998, at age 12
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  12. deleted

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  13. 37.

    It was a once in a lifetime experience though and I was exhausted as fuck. Never more than 20-25 nowadays.
  14. atsizat9050

    atsizat9050 Members

    Oh my god???? I did 9 times once when I was in high school, I was 17. I dont masturbate more than 5 or 6 times in a day nowadays.
  15. I've done 7 times and came every time. I had illusions of setting some sort of personal record, but after about 4, I start to lose interest. If I had a naughty phone sex partner with a wicked imagination each time, I could probably do several more.

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