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Discussion in 'Activist Polls' started by skip, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. scratcho

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    Who gives a shit if global warming is caused by humans?If it's happening,we need to address it in any way we can..Seen any pictures of antarctica lately?North Pole?Greenland?Listened to any scientists that aren't shills for the money-grubbing anti-science pricks that call themselves conservatives?Some ,I suppose ,will have to wait 'till their hair catches on fire to even consider things are changing.--------Anyway,population control needs to be instituted somehow---there are too many people now,at least with capitalism as it it is, with some haves and way too many have-nots.It may take a stretch,which some find exceedingly hard to do,but does anyone believe that unchecked population and the throw-away mentality that pervades most societies can last forever?Why not switch to solar and wind?ooooooooo---scary!! Changes!Changes!Oh please don't make me change.pffft.All existance is change,for fucks sakes.
  2. grmt

    grmt Banned

    I think the most importan issue nowadays is education.

    Too many people running around in our 21st, with 19th century, archaic modes of thinking.
  3. pushit

    pushit One jive Motha Fucka

    I can't stand that we want to do something about Darfur, its their issue not ours and we should stay out of it... Same with Iraq and all the other bullshit we want to involve ourselves in.

    To me the biggest issue is human rights, if they made it a right to do anything and everything with marijuana it would change everything from the economy to crime and people would just calm down a little.

    EDIT: What about censorship though? It is a major issue because nobody should be allowed to decide what anybody has to say or how they say it.
  4. XBloodyNailPolishX

    XBloodyNailPolishX Forgetful Philosopher

    um, I believe that Darfur wants our help?
    I'm all for helping those who need it; i'm not going to stand like a coward and fail to help my fellow man.
  5. Alter-Reality

    Alter-Reality Member

    I think if someone asks for help, we should help them. We'd want them to do the same, right? If you were being murdered, would you want help, or to be killed?

    I completely agree with you about censorship. I am completely against it. The human body is a beautiful thing, in all its forms, sizes, and colors. words are words. Knowledge should be free.
  6. Pahana

    Pahana Banned

    9/11 Truth. Period.
  7. GreenQueen87

    GreenQueen87 Member

    Each one is very important; I don't know that they all could be ranked.
  8. capitalism of course, it is the source for all those problems

    Iraq War-US imperialism, enough said.

    Iran- Iran would be next after capitalism, all though the same factors do apply, and capitalism is the cause of the "Iran Issue". But in more detail, Iran is undergoing development, and nuclear energy development. they have are allied with Russia, and the US doesnt like that. thus the fascist war profiteers in washington claim its all a cover up for nuclear weapons. maybe so, but again if there was no wealth and power to squabble over, then we wouldnt have this problem.

    censorship- the ruling class doesnt want you to know certain things, simple.

    global warming- developing over land irresponsibly is due to the capitalist love of profit. harmful industry (which doesnt have to be harmful by the way) produces pollutants, and the industry cannot be changed because the bourgeois elements that own the industry doesnt give a shit about the environment.

    Palestine/Israeli conflict- oh boy, this is gunna be a long one. well judaism and islam are some of the reasons why capitalism exists in the first place. Israel was funded and created by the West under the veil of of course "compensation for the holocaust". utter bullshit yes, this is why 33 cents of every pepsi you buy goes to israel. Palestine is a flawed idea, as there will never be a unifed arab state, because islamic fascist states do not unite people, but they kill and enslave them. the arab fascists have the wealth/power of there buddy muhammed and dont want to give it up.

    darfur- ah africa, the most fucked up place in the world (respectively), why?? you guessed it, capitalism!!!!! check it out- European theocratic assholes/future american fascists come to africa and follow one ideology. EXPLORE, EXPAND, EXPLOIT, EXTERMINATE. and who ever they dont exterminate, they enslave. so whats left of Africa? well countless wars, brutal ethnic conflict, foreign imperialism STILL PRESENT. so we come to the situation in darfur. again muhammed and his lackeys also had a hand in fucking up africa, as the Janjaweed are a black arab nationalist group, and sudan(capitalist state, go figure). and the JEM/NRF opposed to the African Union. once again none of this would be happening if it wasnt for capitalism.

    Burma- protests against the government, once again, capitalism. plain and simple.

    Human rights- human rights have been violated through out all of time, even before capitalism, but not as nearly as much in the past 250+ years of capitalism's existence. European imperialists begin killing natives on the east coast, once the US is formed, they kill the rest. the Nazi party reportedly killed over 11 million people. why? nationalism and christianity. nationalism evolved out of monarchies collapsing, and christianity, well christianty has killed more people than any one EVER.

    perhaps instead of listing Iran, Iraq, Darfur, Burma, Palestine/Israel; i think you should make the US and the EU options for voting, since they directly or indirectly, caused all these problems.
  9. wa bluska wica

    wa bluska wica Pedestrian

    greed and power

    [business and religion]
  10. oysterhead

    oysterhead Member

    I find one of our biggest problems is the lack of good TV programing. I mean tv sucks balls. The highlight of my day is to watch re runs of welcome back cotter
  11. stacy lulu

    stacy lulu yeeeaah buddy

    I think the conflict b/w those 2 countries because you damn well know America is nosey and wants to get into everything and we're gonna have to juggle 2 wars :/
  12. edenfield

    edenfield Member

    for me its child abuse
  13. D351

    D351 Member

    All of those listed are matters of human rights... and getting rid of capitalism would be a huge step in the right direction for most of them...
  14. elegia

    elegia Member

    I voted for global warming. Natural climate-cycle? Perhaps. I'd rather not take the risk. I haven't been brainwashed by the media, I just believe in taking precautions. With that said, I feel like an absolute hypocrite typing this on my computer.
  15. FlutterBye

    FlutterBye Member

    I would have to say Human Rights. When our right to be human is respected, we can do so mant things to improve upon the other issues in the world. When we are not allowed to be human, and we are oppressed, and our rights are violated, it is extremely difficult to move past that and improve upon the world. Power to the Peacful!
  16. dubsmiley420

    dubsmiley420 Member

    human rights. hands down.

    too many people in the world telling others what they can and cannot do.

    people should be able to live FREELY.
  17. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    Also when they mess up your habitat?
  18. I voted Censorship, because no matter how horrible things get without a public uncensored active media the government can do whatever the fuck they want and get away with it all of these other things fall under that category. That is why the whole net neutrality issue scares the shit out of me so much.
  19. 420UFO

    420UFO Member

    Human rights
    Legalization of Cannabis
  20. Deisceabal

    Deisceabal Member

    The Income Tax
    Human rights
    Legalization of drugs
    Corruption on Wall Street

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