Most definately busted, but Not sure if i'm in trouble...

Discussion in 'Busted!' started by Icktongo1, May 10, 2007.

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    Well today has been interesting... I had to spend the day in the detetion room today in school for not serving detentions.. Well. I have no weed. And I can't get any from my main dealer any time soon... So I was gonna but some good shit off of my buddy. I asked to go to the bathroom in the middle of a passing period and got a dime of "The best shit in school" Which it most definately was.
    After school I go to my friends house and we smoke 2 hits of a bong and we are BLOWN... It smelled like pinapple and tasted like it too. Any idea what strain it is?
    Well anyways... About half an hour later my mom calls and I dont answer because I couldn't talk right. THen she sends me a txt saying "Where are you?" then I get parinoid.
    Well I walk home and talk to my mom in the living room and she was only calling to see if I wanted a ride but then she told me to sit down for a bit. She was making a conversation and I know I wasn't talking right... I was still blown.
    Then we have to go to dinner with my dad and my brother and his friend..
    Now my mom starts playing with me after I refuse to look her in the eyes.. She started talking like a baby and stuff to try and make me laugh.. WTF. SHe was pissing me off, but I'm sure she knew I was blown. My dad brother and his friend were completely oblivious to the fact I was blown, but my mom knew and they kept tellin my mom to stop making all the stupid jokes at me and such.
    Well We get home and I came donw here started writing this message, and all... Do you guys think im busted? Is my mom cool with me smoking do you think or is she just waiting till im sober to bitch at me and stuff? Fuck... I dunno if i'm busted or not.
    That stuff was better then the dank I normally buy outside of school from good dealer's. I think since it was a different strain, I had no tollerance to that strain. Is that a possibility?
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    You are fine man. Do not worry.
  3. katyismename

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    yeah you're probably fine... she probably just thought you were a bit moody or something
    , so tried to make you laugh.
  4. lostdazedintime

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    you dont really have different tollerances from strain to strain, they're all weed. it could be the dank you bought was actualy dank and the dank you normaly buy is not as good, but lack of experiance tells you otherwise. if it tasted and smelled like pineapple it might be pineapple, we had some pineapple trainwreck in the room last year and it smelled awsome, never smoked any cause rippers got our lights and tore out all our electrical in the process, we were running aeroponics so it was instant death.

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