Morning glories or HBW seeds?

Discussion in 'Exotic Psychedelic Plants' started by RoBoWaLkEr, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. RoBoWaLkEr

    RoBoWaLkEr Member

    Which do you think is better, and why? I have only had experience with morning glories...the nausea sucks, so i might try to make a cold tea with them.
  2. InFlames420

    InFlames420 Member

    personally I would reccomend the HBWR because you need much less to get the desired results. They both have LSA so they are very similar. IMHO I find both of these substances to be mild. I found myself eating over 30 HBWR to only get a body high with tracers. I wouldn't expect to see any visuals. I can't even imagine taking the morning glory equivalent to 30 woodrose, it would be a fucking assload. Also I find the morning glories taste a very little bit better, but this doesn't really materr because you need to eat like 1000+. Oh, and I find that grinding the seeds and putting them in gelcaps greatly reduces the nausea.
  3. McJesus

    McJesus Member

    Actually, if you had eaten 30 good HBWR you woulda went through a hell I can't comprehend. They sell many varying kinds online but only the very best strain will produce an intense experience. You only need 5 of the best HBWR seeds to trip. Morning Glories are just a waste.
  4. InFlames420

    InFlames420 Member

    no, they were 30 good HBWR. I didn't start at that dose, and I wouldn't recommend to. I took some waited awile, about a week so I wouldn't gain tolerance and tried them again. I tend to have a very high tolerence to most drugs. I started at five then gradually worked my way up to 35. It was a very enjoyable expirience, I didn't find the nausea to be much worse then with five. I was dissappointed that there were no visuals tho.
  5. InFlames420

    InFlames420 Member

    Morning glories are OK but they don't have shit on HBWR
  6. ! dont forget to use pure water, ie distilled, as opposed to tap.
  7. InFlames420

    InFlames420 Member

    IMHO I hate the cold water extractions. I find that all they do is increase the volume. Personally I find them to taste awful, and it usually bothers my stomach more than just eating the seeds. Thats just me though, quite a few people choose to use this method.
  8. LostChord

    LostChord Member

    i've looked around online and seem to find 1000 different water extractions..

    some with cold water.. some with warm.. some with room temp..

    then some you leave the seeds in for 10mins.. others 2 hrs...

    so i'm pretty sure I'm just gonna eat the seeds themselves for the 1st time I try em... i mean i got 100 coming in so i should have enough to experiment with for a while...

    and also is the tolerance time the same as with lsd? where you gotta wait like at least 3 days (or better.. a week) for the effects to be back to full..
  9. Mobsta

    Mobsta Member

    Well to be honest, ive been put off by HBWR seeds for a long time...My first trip I had 5 seeds...nothing happened...second trip I tried 8...nothing happened...about 3 days ago I tried 12...nothing happened...

    I think the best way to go about doing the stuff is to make a liquid lsa extraction...I haven't tried this yet myself but it looks very promising...atleast this way I can drop enough LSA for hmm lets see, like 20 seeds or something and I won't have to worry about the sickness and the awful taste the seeds leave in your mouth...

    Oh let me also tell you that all three times my pupils got majorly dilated and I could feel some sort of up and down thing but it didn't feel much out of the ordinary...When I took the 12 seeds last time, I smoked some pot as well with it and i've noticed that when you take that combination, you must...i repeat must be sitting down in a nice comfortable space...I decided to take a shower and it really blew my mind but not in a good way...
  10. modestsmoker

    modestsmoker Member

    morning glorys are tight cept for feeling like shit for a couple hours
    and eating them besides that the trip was similar to lsd
    400-600 is good dose

    never tried hbwr
  11. khronus

    khronus Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    HBWR in preference, less material ( 4 or 5 seeds of my own good uns). You can even use a sublingual dose ( +50% dose ) and you will remove alot of the nausea. Check this erowid report for details:
  12. InFlames420

    InFlames420 Member

    personally I didn't find the nausea bad at all. The seeds taste bad, but putting them in gelcaps reduced the nausea a lot. So much so there really wasn't any. For me this was true with high doses too, I've found that the nausea from like ten seeds seems to be about the same from 30 seeds. IMHO I feel that extracting the LSA is a waste of time, it's easy.... but not at all needed.
  13. drbeaker

    drbeaker Member

    HWBR made me VERY sick, I took 10 seeds and perhaps I didn't clean them properly (I scraped the outer layer off with my fingernails rather than soaking them or anything else) but maaaan that was god awful. It was like the worst food poisoining of my life and tripping at the same time which made it really scary, i was totally convinced that I was going to die for a couple of minutes in the thick of it. I felt awesome once I was finished puking and shitting so I can't say I completely regret taking them but I will certainly never take them again, nor willl I ever take morning glory or any other form of LSA. At this point in my life, its not a big deal to just wait patiently until psilocybin or LSD becomes available again, you shouldn't be in such a rush to trip (Although I can understand the desire to try them if you live in an area where psilocybin and LSD are never available....)
  14. LostChord

    LostChord Member

    ya if you rush into psychedelics your more prone to either a negative experience or not understanding what you do experience...

    you just got to let all flow
  16. InFlames420

    InFlames420 Member

    yea... they were good quality seeds. I tend to be a huge hardhead when it comes to most psychedelics. I split my seeds with my bro, who is about the same size and expirience level. He too is a hard head. We both did the seeds at the same time. I bought 200 and he and I started at five seeds each. We would do em wait a week and try again with a higher dose. I was hoping to see visuals, and was very dissappointed. The highest dose him and I have done is 35 seeds each. With five i felt basically nothing. With ten I could feel it coming on, but still basically nothing. At 20+ there was a huge body high, confusion, sensitivity in my hands, and very slight tracers. The effects increasing with the dose. I ate the seeds in my first few expiriences, but then chose to put them into gelcaps. Each time the effects lasted about 6 hours. I know it wasn't the seeds because i've ordered seeds from different companies and we both noticed the same effects, and required huge doses. I must note that I have had a reoccurring problems like this. I look online at expiriences and such and find that people have been blown away by doses I find to do almost nothing. Other substances I've done with this effect are yopo,ayahuasca(mimosa and p. harmala), and amanita muscaria. With the yopo I didn't feel anything after doing 50 seeds, with the ayahuasca I did 14 grams of mimosa and 4.5 grams of rue.... felt real messed up, but no visuals tracers or even CEVs. The amanitas were ridiculous... people were saying to start with about five grams as a low dose and 25-30 is a strong dose. I ate about 27 grams of amanitas(chocolate covered) and didn't feel anything.
  17. InFlames420

    InFlames420 Member

    oh and for the nausea, I didn't find it to be that bad. The gelcaps got rid of the taste, but I still had some discomfort.
  18. 30 quality HBWR would not have produced results like that. the alkaloids in HBWR cause vasoconstriction, and at that level, you would've barely been able to move. also, your body metabolizes some of the alkaloids into cyanide, and that kind of dosage would have caused some serious sickness, regardless of how resistant to drugs you are.

    in short, those were poor quality seeds. get better seeds, and you won't have to take so many.
  19. yeah, Amanitas dissapointed me when I took the 5grms recommended, everyone talks them up quite a lot, as if more than 5grms is really dangerous. It's weird that you aren't sick from HBWR, but then again, I've never found a tab that made me see anything. Once All my freinds put one under their tounge, I put two under my tounge and one under each eyelid, and get nothing more than a few hours worth of headfuck. No colours, no visuals, no spiritual significance. Just some paranoia and odd thoughts. Everyone else was halfway up the walls, and convinced they could stop time and stuff. V.frustrating. Natural stuff always does it for me though. Everyone reacts very differently to psychadelics though. Whatever works for you.
  20. InFlames420

    InFlames420 Member

    saying the seeds weren't quality is bullshit.... many different times... many different sources.If you're trying to tell me that LSA breaks down into cyanide I think you're mistaken. The outerlayer being converted to cyanide seems like shit to me. A lot of people say it but I can never get them to give me one good resource. As far as the restricted breathing, I noticed that it was a bit harder to breathe but not much. As far as not moving, I was able to move without any major problems. Just a lack of coordination. I severly doubt that it was due to low quality. I tried some seeds from one company and they didn't taste bitter of bad at all (alkaloids are bitter), another tasted horribly bitter. My point is that for all of the seeds that I have done to be low quality just seems impossible.

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