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    An excerpt from The Exclamation Point!

    By Wolf Larsen

    (The Exclamation Point is a 70,000 word run-on sentence. This is just one small part of it. All unconventional spelling is intentional, and grammar? Ha-ha-ha-ha!)

    …endless mountains of fish neverending coming-at-you-coming-at-you down the killing lines mountains and mountains of squirming with life soon to be slaughtered fish rolling down the conveyor belts of the factories in the huge twoblockslooong catcherprocessors like gigantic colossus of death floating across the oceans of the earth plunging their all encompassing spreading nets into the ocean depths tearing up life ripping through life gathering life in its claws and pulling it all up in one big mash of smothering death - one hundred tons of ocean life in just one net - and I’m on deck smiling atthis massive spectacle of death my profit and we’ll all go down and shovel all that ocean life unto the conveyor belts of death stuffing fish down the throats of machines of death as we grab life in all of its nightmare by its thriving panicking swishing warm bodies and chopping its head off in one quick motion of slaughter one after the other proving that we as a species are the greatest conquerors the most cunning malicious violent of animals this earth has ever seen as we slaughter the seas and I’m not complaining -- I like it! -- I was a machine operator turning out an endless production of slaughter and I say -- LET’S RAPE THE OCEANS -- let’s cut open the whales and the sealions and the dolphins and eat and devooouuuur them -- let’s take all the endangered species and slaughter them all into the supermarkets, I wanna hear the rrrrrrrrr-RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-rrrrr of chainsaws all day long slaughtering the forests I wanna hear whole entire forests come thundering-tumbling down across the continents -- let’s take every spare drop of messy black oil out of Alaska and spill it out over the wildlife refugees and pump it all into the air in noxious rising clouds of carbon monoxide engulfing the skies -- let’s slaughter the dogs and cats too, ever taste dog meat pulaton?, it’s the most fucking delicious thing I ever had -- let’s just devooooouuuurrrrrrr all the other animal species and all the plant life too -- let’s all jump into fall out shelters when our rulers start world war 3 -- and when there’s nothing left to eat and we’re sitting in those dark concrete caves all hungry and hungry and so HUUUUUUUNNNNNGGGGRRYYYYY let’s all start DEEEEVOOOOUUUUURRRRRRRR-ing each other yes when I worked on the factory-trawlers we laaaauuuughed as we raped the seas in rages of swooping nets down into the oceans sweeping away life and when in port we raged through the bars and beat the crap out of the locals and longshoremen and sometimes they beat the crap out of us and we breathed in cocaine death like it was white rain and we grabbed your willing wives and daughters and ravaged their black holes and splattered our seeds in their wombs and trotted happily away like tail-waving dogs without a motherfuckin’ care in this wretched pool of a green and blue vomit of a world -- it was a life of long 16 hour days every fucking day and hating - hating - HATING every single eternal moment of it HATING LIFE waking up every morning in your bunk and wanting to put a fucking bullet in your head and smashing down life in drink whenever you’re in port and on many of the boats all it takes is just one careless word, one careless glance and then shouts and glowering eyes and menacing closed fists meeting sometimes in the darkened cargo holds away from the foreman where fists became anonymous secret anticlimaxes to all the hostile turmoil of emotions above in a factory filled with knives and sharp objects and the accidents that are not so accidental and all the others that are, it’s a life, larger boats rageing through the waves of seas, smaller boats engulfed by the waves storms and swells of waves smashing through the windows of the wheelhouse long eternal moments where the entire boat is under water and surprise waves that throw you off deck into the cold black seas of death patiently waiting and the string of smashed mutilated human bodies that leave that port every season and then if you get through another season without getting injured or killed it’s VAAACAAAATIIOOOOOOOOOOOOON the looooong looooooooooooooong vacations with money which is the only reason why even we scum of the earth would go through all this red-dripping hell and people stuck in their boring 9-5 lives say “Alaska, oh what an adventure!” and when they say that you just want to smash them in the face…

    Copyright 1997 by Wolf Larsen

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  2. (The Exclamation Point is a 70,000 word run-on sentence. This is just one small part of it. All unconventional spelling is intentional, and grammar? Ha-ha-ha-ha!)

    no it isnt, you just havent got a clue about where it all fits
    if it was intentional
    may be you could have put all the punctuation at the end in neat rows like this:

    that way people could choose which syntax they wanted to use

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