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    I want to hear from those in Montana, anyone out there?
    Also, for those who are interested, "The Island" - the most kick ass peace loving, creative sharing gathering time in Montana will be somewhere outside of Billings on the Yellowstone July 1-4, I will post updates.

    I'm in the great American void, eastern Montana. Is there anyone remotely near by? Anyone ever been to the lower Yellowstone River valley?
    I'm new to Montana, one year under my belt. I was in Los Angeles, with 8-9 million people, now I'm in eastern Montana, the 16 county region is the size of Tennesssee with only 75,000 people out here living on the range. It's been an amazing extreme adjustment to say the least. I enjoy a good shock to the system every now and again I guess.

    The greatest thing about eastern Montana is it's nature. It is so wild and free, it's just the the big ground, the grass and the wind. It's the last best place in the lower 48.
    Things move on a different frequency here in Montana, where an outfit means a car.

    SO ANyone OuTthere?
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    I went to school at Montana State. Miss it out there a lot, what a great place to be. Never spent much time on the Eastern side (I'm a mountain lover), just driving through, but it always reminds me of my favorite quote, by Steve McQueen of all people...."I'd rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth"
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    Big sky country! Love Montana! I hitchhiked from the east end to the west end and back again! Never made it to Helena. From Glendive to St. Regis it's beautiful, slept all over the interstate never thought about cougars or bears, just went and did it. I like Livingston ( Peter Fonda lives in Livingston) and I like Butte, like the Anaconda! Was just north of Yellowstone, couldn't get into Yellowstone never got a ride in that direction no matter how hard I tried! I thought of hoppin one of those freight trains that run across Montana but I couldn't run fast enough to catch it! I like Big Timbers and Three Forks, hitched to Little Bighorn Battlefield. I love the sunshine, I love the nighttime. That summer I toured Montana. There's not many people in Montana compared to where you're from but that's part of the beauty of it, Montana's a beautiful place to be.

    These days I live way south of Billings in Colorado but sometimes when I've got nothing to do I'll take a ride to Billings on I-25 just to hang out. It's cool. Hang in there Montana grows on you.

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    I'm from Montana, born and raised god forsake. I live in the Bitterroot Valley. I'm rather interested in the gathering that your metioning, a memo for sure. I'd love to hear more details about it.​
    Cloud Flower​
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    I am watching all of these Montana threads because I'm likely moving out there this summer. I'll probably move closer to Missoula, but the idea of the eastern Montana big sky country intrigues me. I'm so excited! I'll likely be visiting sometime in May-June, then moving in July-August. Can't wait... :)
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    I'm from western Montana, the beautiful bitterroot valley to be exact. I've lived here almost all my life (not that long, I know), and I'm loving it so far. If you are at all interested in visiting the state, you would have a way better time in the mountains than you would wandering around the plains staring at the sky...
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    Hey there. We are here in MT. Been here since 2002. Hitched in after the Michigan Nationals. Livingston is an a pretty mellow town. If you are in the area stop on in. Ask for the Rainbow kids. Peace. Wendy & Matt.

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