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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by bye-byethepound, May 27, 2004.

  1. Don't waste your stems...I had about an eight saved up...grind them up and make some leary biscuits out of is hard to get down but water helps...use penut butter...i hav never had a high like this in my life
  2. How big of a pile was an 1/8th of stems?
  3. RedStar

    RedStar Member

    keeping stems and shake around is a good idea. you can make lots of butter out of them at the end of the year..
  4. Shaman420

    Shaman420 Herbalist

    You can also make bubblehash.
  5. RedStar

    RedStar Member

    whats bubblehash?
  6. Shaman420

    Shaman420 Herbalist

    Its hash made by a bubble/cold water extraction. You can buy bubblebags at a lot of headshops, thats whats used in the hash extraction process. Its basically pure canibinoids and nothing else, so its actually more efficient than smoking marijuana plant material which has other things inside of besides the psychoactive canibinoids.
  7. doobie

    doobie Member

    yeh. u can do alot with stems....u can boil them and drink the water and it will give a body buzz or u can cook with them and that works...juss experiment with them, and see what u can doo.
  8. grind them up and put em in a vaporizer, preferable a vaporbrothers or any other that uses hot air to vaporize, it works, high like straightbuds
  9. Cosmo4

    Cosmo4 Member

    Ooh that butter idea sounds good..I wanna make some good cookies with a bunch of extra shake.. I just took a few pinches from a sack of this really good stuff I bought about a month ago, along with all of my stems, and another pinch from this other stuff i bought a while back, and put them in my stash the end of the year I'm gonna make butter with them :)
  10. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    Or make potka... stick them in a container with vodka and let it sit for a while, then strain out the stems.
  11. It was pretty big...i guess all together it was the stems of about 4-5 Ounces of good bud.

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