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Discussion in 'Music' started by TripAmerika, May 27, 2004.

  1. TripAmerika

    TripAmerika Member

    I know I started this thread in the old forums but I really find this topic rather amusing.

    One lyric that my father misheard is in "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".

    He thought the lyric, "the girl with kaleidoscope eyes" was, "the girl with colitis goes by".
  2. Becknudefck

    Becknudefck Senior Member

    go to www.kissthisguy.com

    its all about misheard lyrics and was based on Hendrix's purple haze when "scuse me while i kiss the sky" was thought to be "scuse me while i kiss this guy"
  3. that sites pretty funny
  4. Spyder

    Spyder La dah de dah

    yeah that is fairly funny
  5. Taylor

    Taylor Repatriated

    in "glycerine" by Bush there is a bit which sounds exactly like "bamboo wine gums, bang bang wine gums." in the bridge. I've looked on numerous websites and at the lyrics in the album itself and no where can i find what it actually says.
  6. nightmarehippygirl

    nightmarehippygirl LEVI'S MOMMY

    my mom heard that rap song that said something about everybody in the club getting tipsy, and thought it said everybody in the club getting chips.

    my niece (14 years old) is always screwing up bjork lyrics. it's a riot.
  7. Does anyone remember tht song 'I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien'

    I thought it was 'I'm an alien I'm a LETHAL alien' :rolleyes:

    The Paragons song 'Ali Baba and the 40 thieves' I thought said

    'I dreamed last night about Alabama, swaying the breeze' :confused:
  8. wastingthedawn

    wastingthedawn *~Pure Light~*

    I had a friend who when he was a little kid thought John Lennon was saying "All we are saying is hippies are great" instead of "All we are saying is give peace a chance."
  9. Power_13

    Power_13 insult ninja

    The first time I heard David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust", I had to ask a friend what the "making love to his ego" line was. I was almost certain that he was singing "making love to a seagull"
  10. Penny

    Penny Supermoderaginaire

    God, imagine what it's like for ME, English isn't even my first language!! I mean I speak it fluently and I even dream and think in english half the time, but even so...

    ... and something weird is that what most English-speaking people (I mean when it's their first language) mis-hear, I usually hear it the right way!! hehe :)
  11. Unkle_John

    Unkle_John Member

    Bad move white again
  12. Unkle_John

    Unkle_John Member

    I always thought Foghat was singing "Your baby arm" in the song Slowride. It turns out he was singing "Your flamin' heart"
  13. when i first heard that line too i thought he was singing -making love with his eagle-

    and then where he says- they come on so loaded man, well hung and snow white tan-
    i heard - they come on so loaded man,well fun the snow i tried.

    then i misunderstood pink floyd's Learn to fly
    - how can i escape that irresistible grasp-
    i heard -how can i escape this irresistible grass-
  14. For years I thought "Ball of Confusion" was really "Born in the Future". Lol. My mom used to think it was "Butter Confusion".

    In "Purple Haze" when Hendrix goes "Is tomorrow or just the end of time?", I used to think he said "Listen, tomorrow or just the end of time?" Odd, eh? There's more but I don't remember.
  15. Jezmund

    Jezmund Member

    When I first heard "twist" by Phish I thought the first line was "I smoke an eighth for many days" but it is actually "I spoke your name for many days"

    "Moma Dance" by Phish has the coolest play on words. They repeat "the moment ends" in the chorus which actually has the same sound as "the moma dance". Tom Marshall is a genius.
  16. navyboy21

    navyboy21 Member

    I remember that one time some younger kid I knew thought that that country song called "The Best That I Can" was actually called "Bessie the Cow". When you listen to it, it does sound awfully similar...
  17. My friend and I were listening to Bon Jovi's "It's my Life"
    she started singing along
    when Bon J got to the part about "and I don't wanna be just a face in the crowd.."
    my friend sang, "and I don't wanna be just a fish in the ground!"
  18. "I had my first real sex dream, it was the summer of sixty-nine..." :rolleyes:
  19. Timmaniac

    Timmaniac Member

    miami from will smith. damn what the hell are the backghround vocals saying? Something with salami?
  20. Timmaniac

    Timmaniac Member


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