Mineral oil?

Discussion in 'Body Care' started by MissJo, Jul 5, 2006.

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    My co-worker was going on about using lotions without mineral oil, something about the oil clogging your pores...


    I'm just curious if this is true or not. She says that it softens your skin but doesn't let any moisture in...How does that work?
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    If I remember correctly, the structure of the mineral oil molecule is too large to permeate the skin/go into the pores so it just sits on top of your skin, not allowing it to breath. In contrast, the structure of the jojoba oil molecule is small & so similar to the structure of our skin's own oil (sebum) that it doesn't block the pores but instead goes into them. Maybe some of the technical details of that aren't right (it's late), but that's the overall idea. In my own personal experience, products containing mineral oil broke me out, whereas jojoba oil actually helped clear me up.
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    products with mineral oil actually dry your skin rather than moisturizing it, unless you put it on after your shower but before you dry off. Then the barrier will trap the moisture inside your skin instead. But it's still not good for you, it is a petroleum product and lots of better ingredients do exist.
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    olive oil for one. Jo, I "wash" my face with olive oil at night every other night.
    Now, I'm 37. Did I look it compared to the 35-40 yo you see at work (I know, we're all old to you)?
    lace is right about the structure.
    jojoba is also good, I hear from anecdotal reports, for acne because it can get under the plugs in the pores. ymmv.
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    Mineral oil is the pits. It is toxic in large doses. Especially in infants and babies which is a shame becasue it is "baby oil" Mineral oil is refined petroleum. It is the same as vaseline and just a few refinements above commercial axle grease. Mineral oil is absorbed into the skin but it's molecules are too large for the liver to metabolize so it is dumped into your intestines where it leaches the fat soluble minerals from the body . Adult livers are better able to handle the sludge. Babies livers are not . Basically it is a by product of the petroleum industry and they have found a nice way to make people think it is good for you.
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    mineral oil is a petrochemical. not good for skin. blech, can you imagine smearing raw crude on your skin? haha, mineral oil isnt that gross but it's pretty close.

    jojoba oil is the closest 'oil' to human sebum. it's antiinflammatory and very nice. it's actually a wax, technically, and it's absolutely lovely. :)

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