Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Wayne, Aug 26, 2005.

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    Once the rain surrounds me here
    Your cold and detached expression will make me sad
    The rain of June is you who are merciless
    Bitterly attack me following the bit
    I do not believe that you did not do it on purpose
    But why abandon me on the trials and hardship
    I can not bear not to want to betray you either
    Only wait for you quietly to come around to the correct way of thinking
    I will not leave you either without giving up
    Even if separate, I still wait for you
    I wait for your news wholeheartedly
    You will believe me one day after all, I love you

    due to my bad english, so don't laugh at me, please.
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    oh wayne this is really good. don't worry about bad translations, i think this is a good piece.would you type it in your original language?

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