Mind Tripping?

Discussion in 'Mind Games' started by wastingthedawn, May 19, 2004.

  1. specifically the ones that people call "mind altering"
  2. Mind-Altering Energy Drink Turns Senior High Bible Study Into Godless Sex Orgy Liquid Sin in a Can of Tin

    how about that?
  3. sooty_the_kat

    sooty_the_kat Senior Member

    What i think is really cool is that you can trick people into thinking they are getting a drug when they really arent and they will still experience the effects as if they were taking the drug. this is because their brain starts the reactions which would occur if the drug was there even though it isnt. this has been experimentally proven.
  4. OmEgA-X1

    OmEgA-X1 Member

    sooty - thats the placebo effect.

    deram - I have to disagree on your view that drugs "turn off synapses". I dont know were you heard that or figured that, but it can be quite the opposite. Look at psilocybin. When this chemical in shrooms breaks down in the body to Psilocin, its nearly identical to the natural occuring chemicals in the brain that control neuron function. Neurons work by chemical messenger "key holes" on the neuron, when enough of the chemical keys into the neuron, the neuron fires off all the chemicals to the surrounding neurons, the system is very much like transistors in a CPU (only exponentially more complicated). So Psilocin fires off neurons that normally would not be activated, and each neuron that fires off creates a chain reaction due to the addition of Psilocin, entering thought processes that have been untouched, arguably expanding ones conciousness, or achieving enlightenment. You can also argue that the enlightenment created by Psilocin is not a temporary bliss, Ive personally been permanently enlightened, and have many friends who have been noticably changed, its not every day you pick up the phone and talk to god, whos speaking on your deep thoughts and giving you advice.
  5. Hmm that's why drugs are illegal. Some people would totally change their view of life if they took drugs and the government knows this and doesn't want people trying to take away there problem. Drugs don't make people crazy, people are crazy to being with..
  6. "drugs don't make people crazy, people are crazy to begin with.."

    That's a cool way to look at it lildeadheadash

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