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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by oleandermoonfyre, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. My husband and I are trying to conceive. My area of the country is on the conservative side, so I knew it would be hard to find alternative birth providers. Does anyone know if there are any midwives in Northern KY? I have found a doula service already. I want a nice, gentle homebirth. Also, does anyone know of how to reasearch laws to find out if giving birth at home is legal in my state? I am about to just call the Farm and see if I could pay one of their midwives to live with me for a month, just in case the baby is early! Its frustrating to live in such a closed area!
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    It's illegal to have a direct entry midwife attend your birth at home in Kentucky. However, it's not illegal to have a home birth. Certified nurse midwives can attend a homebirth as well. And it also deosn't mean you can't find a direct entry midwife to attend your birth;)
    It's not impossible to have a home birth!
    Ask around at a local La Leche League, ask new mamas at the health food store and local attachement parenting groups, and other "crunchy" hang outs, look for a free standing birth center and find out if the midwives do home births. Ask your doula if she knows any homebirth midwives. People in the natural birth community know each other or know of each other.
    Since direct entry midwifery is prohibited by law, you will have to use a lot of diplomacy when looking for one, ladies who use midwives need to keep their midwives safe, and midwives do not want to go to jail for taking care of pregnant women.

    Good luck!
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    I'm moving back to Northern Ky and my husband and I will be trying for our second child. We want to have a home birth. Did you end up finding a midwife? If so could you give me here name and reference? Thanks!

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