Michael Stipe 'Outs' rest of band

Discussion in 'Gay News' started by Lady Midnight, Mar 23, 2008.

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    This gave me a laugh. I'm a huge REM fan so I don't know if thats the only reason I find it funny but:

    Michael Stipe was 'Outed' by Spin Magazine last week. This is amusing because he has ostensiably been 'out' for about 25 years now. Apparantly no one told Spin Magazine. Anyway this sparked a flurry of stories in the media along the lines of 'Stipe is Gay, who Knew?'

    This was his response.

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    Yeah LOL,

    I suppose straight people don't pay attention or don't need to pay attention, but its bizarre how clueless they can be sometimes, they have this warped sense from the media of what gay is and tend not to see the real red flags.

    Like when Ricky Martin came out, some were like wow, to me it was like D'uh!

    Or I remember when George Michael came out, some of my straight friends were like "Huh, but he can get any girl" - like gay guys are gay cos they cant get women??? Like the buff guys in the gay parades would have trouble getting women if they wanted to???

    Not saying it always clear though, but sometimes its like D'uh! Like the singer in Tool, or the drummer in Slipknot (In that case, I don't even need to see his face to know he's gay)

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