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Discussion in 'Music' started by Vicar_in_a_Tutu, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. No matter what you think of him, you have to admit he has some of the best songs ever. Anyone else into his music in a big way? I've loved Michael since I was 5 or 6. Please just stick to talking about his music, not his personal life, thanks!
  2. humandraydel

    humandraydel Member

    well, i liked him as a kid. he is a pretty damn good dancer. his old stuff like beat it and billie jean is good. and thriller is still an amazing video. i never liked anything after his first 2 albums though and i dont ever listen to him anymore.
  3. I actually like his slower stuff better, Stranger in Moscow and Human Nature are awesome songs.
  4. bedlam

    bedlam Senior Member

    l have many of his cd's..
  5. You've got to have faith in Michael Jackson to talk about a guy who for me loose his way more than 20 years ago...he was the king child of MTV ...and everybody knows that in this "hipforum" we are thousand miles away from bein' MTV lovers ...because this channel as always a signification for me ...
    MTV = Ronald Reagan Risin' Generation
    MTV = this channel is born in 1981 ...clearly the end of an era in rock history.
    From 82 or 83 the star in rock'n roll were becomin worst to worst with their stupid haircut and their mountain of cocaine under their nozes...
    1982-1991 is probably the worst era of rock ' n roll history...and MTV (and one of their symbol mr Jackson) was highly involved in this poor evolution of a tragic rock'n roll episode...

    sorry for my average english
  6. soulrebel51

    soulrebel51 i's a folkie.

    Best songs ever? Ha... maybe in your opinion, but I find him to be one of first people who killed "real" music, by replacing instruments with computers... also one of the first shitty pop singers... you can thank him for all the justin timberlakes and jessica simpsons of today.

    Kasabian, right on... Kasabian does rule too. :H
  7. Yeah you're right man ...you're always right in your words... you seems to be have real seeds of rebel...
  8. i'm tired of my fault of english ...i've got to read twice what i write before i post it...it makes me angry...i gonna take lessons...
  9. I think the man is pathetic. He was talented but not nearly enough to warrant the name as 'The king of pop' that should go to Elvis or Lennon or even McCartney. If your name 'Vicar in a tutu' isnamed after the Smiths song then I imagine you don't need to look to Jackson for great music that means something.
  10. Ellied

    Ellied Senior Member

    BEAT IT!
    beat it badger
  11. paulfreespirit

    paulfreespirit Senior Member

    i know that alien abdutions and cloning are real michael .here"s lookin at you kid................ /peace /
  12. blckra1n

    blckra1n Member

    maybe his music would seem better to me if he was at least still black
  13. One thing I don't undertand is how people can dislike a person or even believe that person fucks kids and still like the music as if the two things have nothing to do with it.
  14. curly_12

    curly_12 Member

    i LURVE micheal he's amazin i dont like what he has done to himself but his songs are wicked and they reach out to me
  15. jen910

    jen910 Senior Member

    I like "Man in the Mirror" and "Dirty Diana"
  16. So I can't like both?
  17. soulrebel51

    soulrebel51 i's a folkie.

    I just read in another thread... he's just really full of himself. Like whoever you want to like. :p
  18. Butters

    Butters Senior Member

    Hell yea MJ has some kick ass songs. The Thriller album is just a classic. :sunglasse
  19. Yes you can like both, I was just pointing out that Jackson is vastly inferior to the Smiths in everyway possible and that old Michael wouldn't sound quite as good having heard music like that.
  20. So we are all entitled to our opinions.........as long as its a nice one. Or we present that opinion in way that is well mannered and agreeable with everyone. I am not full of myself at all, I just have strong opinions and don't feel the need to condense them into post that represses it in order to keep people sweet. Of course you are not forced to agree with that opinion, but you should respect it and the way it is presented.

    If you feel the need to counter that opinion then please feel free but don't insult a person that you don't know. You can't know a person properly through written words. My name is not really Gladstone Screwer you know. I have also never insulted a person on here (apart from popstars that are due in court soon)

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