Michael Flynn Case Gets Dismissed

Discussion in 'Politics' started by walkoflife, May 8, 2020.

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    Perjury is when one is questioned under oath.

    Flynn was not under oath when The FBI "dropped by for a chat"

    Question authority.

    Wow: The Logan Act. Really?
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  2. erofant

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    srgreene -

    So the FBI or any other agency of law - any type of police, CIA, NSA, Interpol, NIA, etc. should never set up any traps to ensnare the "bad guys" ??? That sort of thing has been done for centuries to catch liars and bad guys !!! Do you expect them to come walking in and say, "Look what I did." ??? The only ones to ever complain that it's a "political trap" are the ones caught doing wrong. FLYNN LIED to the FBI. TWICE. HE ADMITTED IT.

    I suppose you're also against surveillance cameras, bugs, wiretaps, spies, recordings, etc. for catching bad guys ??? NEWS FLASH: politicians and their inner circles are NOT immune to doing wrong - or the LAW when it catches them at it.

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