Michael Flynn Case Gets Dismissed

Discussion in 'Politics' started by walkoflife, May 8, 2020.

  1. Piney

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    Perjury is when one is questioned under oath.

    Flynn was not under oath when The FBI "dropped by for a chat"

    Question authority.

    Wow: The Logan Act. Really?
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  2. erofant

    erofant Members

    srgreene -

    So the FBI or any other agency of law - any type of police, CIA, NSA, Interpol, NIA, etc. should never set up any traps to ensnare the "bad guys" ??? That sort of thing has been done for centuries to catch liars and bad guys !!! Do you expect them to come walking in and say, "Look what I did." ??? The only ones to ever complain that it's a "political trap" are the ones caught doing wrong. FLYNN LIED to the FBI. TWICE. HE ADMITTED IT.

    I suppose you're also against surveillance cameras, bugs, wiretaps, spies, recordings, etc. for catching bad guys ??? NEWS FLASH: politicians and their inner circles are NOT immune to doing wrong - or the LAW when it catches them at it.
  3. srgreene

    srgreene Members

    What an absolutely disingenuous response to my comment. I never suggested law enforcement should not set "traps" (a very non-specific term- entrapment, btw, is a legal term and is not an appropriate law enforcement tool). Nothing I have said suggested I am against "cameras, bugs, wiretaps, spies, recordings, etc for catching bad guys"- you "suppose" wrong.

    The prosecution of Michael Flynn is a miscarriage of justice on numerous levels. During a more-than-usually hectic interregnum, Flynn apparently fielded over 1000 phone calls. Even the FBI agent who interviewed him didn't think he was lying, but, after weighing the prospects of an exhausting, financially draining legal process, and having the FBI threaten action against his son, he plead guilty, even, it appears, after relying on legal advice that may have had a conflict of interest. That your idea of "justice"?

    Need I point out that with respect to his dealings with the Russian ambassador, there is no evidence that he compromised national security in any way? (you could read the transcript if you like- I have not, but I rely on numerous reports from sources I consider reliable for that conclusion) The Logan act, from 1799, under whose provisions he supposedly was scrutinized, but not charged, was never intended to apply to situations like Flynn's, and in fact, his actions fit broadly into what other administration officials have done during interregnums.

    A blog post on the generally sensible and reliable American Thinker (Ref 1) put it quite well:

    <i>On Friday, the DOJ did a huge dump of "Brady material" — that is, exculpatory material that the government possessed and was obligated to produce. This information dump means that, at the time the FBI and DOJ were persecuting...er, prosecuting Flynn, they possessed this information and failed in their obligation to give it to him. That in itself justifies Flynn's pending motion.</i>

    What, dude, you think guilty pleas obtained by corrupt investigations fits your notion of justice? Oh, but since Flynn worked for Trump, anything goes, I suppose.

    I strongly suspect members of the Obama administration- possibly Obama himself, but he kept himself at a distance- used intel and law enforcement for partisan political purposes. And that is a threat to the very foundations of liberty and constitutional government.

    Your rendition of my comment is utterly, insipidly asinine- yet you presumably consider yourself capable of casting a thoughtful vote. And I will wager you probably consider people who voted for Trump your intellectual inferiors.

    1. http://www.americanthinker.com.s3-w...by_the_doj_the_fbi_and_his_own_attorneys.html
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  4. Balbus

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    Flynn pleaded guilty and the Judge in his case said that he couldn’t hide his disgust and disdain for what he had done.

    But I get the feeling Greene doesn't really care about reality seeming to prefer conspiracy theories

    I really can’t see how anyone can say that with a straight face while supporting Trump with everything he is actually doing to subvert and corrupt the US political system.

    It would be funny if it were not so tragic
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  5. srgreene

    srgreene Members

    Yours is one of those sneering, vacuous comments long on emotive opinions, short on facts.

    You seem to regard Judge Sullivan as an arbiter of truth- I suspect because he fits your narrative.
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  6. Balbus

    Balbus Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator


    LOL – lets see –

    Flynn did plead guilty…check

    The Judge did say he couldn’t hide his disgust and disdain for what Flynn had done… check

    You did bring up a conspiracy theory….check

    Is this your reply sneering, vacuous and emotive…check
  7. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    You just described your own posts...
  8. srgreene

    srgreene Members

    I provided several relevant facts, including improper withholding of exculpatory information from the defense team, as well as some opinion in this discussion. QED, you insipid liar.

    The facts I present receive no considered response from the likes of you and Balbus. It would hardly be the first time in the history of law enforcement that a person plead guilty when in fact he or she was not. That possibility- which fairly screams out in this case- seems to be of no concern to your ilk.

    It is hardly a wild eyed conspiracy theory to suggest that Team Obama used the law enforcement and intel agencies in an effort to thwart Trump- I think the finality has not been yet reached on that. The poster child for that effort is Peter Strzok and his lovely paramour, but I suspect there were others. Speaking of conspiracy theories, I suppose you have some fanciful explanation for how a political hit job funded by HRC and the DNC became the basis for the Russia collusion hoax and an ensuing FBI investigation.
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  9. Balbus

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    Flynn pleaded guilty twice – and entered after much haggling into a plea agreement whereby other charges were dropped against him – not exactly the actions of an innocent man.

    Conspiracy theories are based on innuendo and unsubstantiated supposition - hardly a wild eyedsuggestsuppose – are key words you have nothing of substance backing them up, and what you do have is factually incorrect and you don’t just telegraph your bias you scream it.

    You are ignoring the corruption going on in plain sight in favour of some supposed hidden corruption that you have no actually evidence for.

    This is another case of edging in authoritarianism 101 corrupt the judicial system so that it attacks your political enemies and helps your political friends

    Go look at dictatorships, see how they formed and I’d go look at those that supported the rise of those types of regimes because it never worked out well for them either.
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  10. MeAgain

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    I grew tired of fact checking this stuff, it always turns out to be out of context, lies, fake facts, innuendos, suppositions, etc.

    Now I just consider the source.
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