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    That's how it works...
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    Whenever I catch a plane, security takes my naked picture with their x-ray machines. One time while being frisked in the same airport, I had my balls groped by a security guard who was having too much fun with me. Couldn't do anything about it because I needed to catch this flight.

    Me too
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    Similar thing happened to a male friend while he was crowdsurfing at an indoor concert. It was dark and he kept moving so not much he could do. I bet women are much often subject to this.
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    If I could go back in time...

    Thanks for the support, guys.
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    where i used to work my old boss used to constantly grab my arms, ass, hips
    was not welcomed and completely inappropriate behaviour
    she was like 30 years older than me
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    The #MeToo trend is actually hurting women in the workplace. More male employers are becoming reluctant to hire female employees for risk of career destroying sexual harassment accusations. Many males will not meet with females privately behind closed doors in workplace meetings anymore for this reason. It makes sense as rumors are much less likely to start this way.

    Fears #MeToo Hurting Women in Workplace - ValueWalk

    I can definitely see why. It's amazing how an accusatory post on social media can absolutely destroy an individual's professional life. So men now have to walk on egg shells, and women are losing out on professional opportunities. :(
  8. What airport was that?

  9. 6-eyed shaman

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    PDX - Portland International

    I personally hate airport security for a whole list of reasons. Even after having once worked security for events and night clubs, I still have no appreciation for the current status of airport security.
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    The rignt wing wants this to be true so bad. Women stay in your lane or else. It's just not the case in the real world. Men are not afraid of women. If you are you want a Mad Men workplace which does go right in hand with the hate of feminism.

    If you are dumb enough to not hire a women since she is a women you open yourself up to worse legal action than me too.

    Women famously do not work in my field but the one and only one I work with has been in my office many times. It was just the two of us. No one cared and I did not for a second think she would lie. That happens when you treat her as a an equal not the secretary you call "hun". I mean she went to the same schools I did why not?

    It's also a small company everyone knows everyone. I guess that helps since there is no broad HR structure. We just depend on manners.
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  11. this
    I think office culture is so bedraggled and bogus. At my last job I was doing some small accounting stuff - basically just data entry - and there was some of that happening. I secretly couldn't stand it, and that's not my job anymore; to some extent for that very reason.
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    I discussed just this aspect before in a similar thread. Of course then I get accused of employment discrimination against women. Gee what a shock.

    Here is a certain problem. Women, attractive women make pretty good salespersons. They not only know this, they consider it an advantage. And they know that this aspect is part of the process.

    So now what I have done is implement policy that all women will wear a bodycam while taking part in any activities relating to work. Whether in the office or out making sales calls. Company social functions etc.

    I have also made it policy that all male management will wear bodycams. At the end of the day or at the point where the storage gets full, whichever comes first, they are turned in for downloading. They are filed away by date and times.

    And we send that data off site to a company that stores records for medical, legal etc purposes for bonded storage. If an incident occurs, that file for that day will be retrieved and reviewed. In front of the accuser and myself. Unless it's myself being accused. Then it will be unsealed with counsel present and not myself. If they do this, I will provide legal counsel at company expense to support the claim. If they for whatever reason do not turn it on, don't change out when it's full or short of equipment failure doesn't record their activities, counsel will not be paid at company expense.

    If they do not agree to this policy, they shall not be employed.

    So far it's seems to be well received. It's a pain in the ass until they get used to the routine of making sure it's on etc. But the cost is made up for in better sales.

    None of the lower work force (all male) get them. They would simply get ripped off them while working and the women don't really spend the time near them much. But they all know that the ladies have the bodycams.

    It is against policy to review, alter, or access the recorded data. It will be hours upon hours of tedious daily nothingness, but the intent is to keep it unmolested for it's entire life in storage. It isn't for the intent of the viewing anyone for anything other than a liability event. If someone complains about the way they were treated and the employee wishes to use it for defense, it is allowed. Otherwise nobody ever sees the thousands of hours of nothing.

    In about 2 weeks you don't even think about it. It's like making sure you have your wallet with you. You forget it's recording anything until it beeps that it's close to full.

    So as yet I have no idea if it's worth it in the long run as no incidents have taken place. But video evidence certainly has a way of documenting the real world. And keeping all parties accountable. It's an added business expenses of a few K a year, but that's cheap insurance against a false claims that can't be defended against.

    But I still will not meet with any females in a one on one situation behind closed doors.. It's the only way to prevent any hint they can make a malcious claim.

  13. You made a few obvious mistakes with that post.

    Dont make up stories
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    Good Lord what are you on about this time?

    Another Niller bite.
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    Ask him about Cambridge.
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    *grabs comfy chair and joins Mel*
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  18. Hes got 1/2 dozen blow up dolls for his imaginary company, in his moms garage, all with name tags and he glued together plastic bottle tops to look like body cams.

    If they dont wear them all the time, they are naughty and get spanked ;)
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    Pretty On Par with what I expected.
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    #Me too

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