Methadone for Diluadid/Hydromorphone withdrawls?

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by ZenStateOfMind, May 25, 2013.

  1. So most of you are right away going to say no don't do this but hear my situation out.

    So i have been doing approximately 3mg(give or take) of hydromorph snorted a day for about 3 weeks straight.
    Now i am running out and cant get more till the 4th.
    Now i know i deserve to go through withdrawls for abusing this substance for so long and i have endured them before but I am currently working full time and have just recently started a night job as well so i cant endure serious withdrawls for 3 days minimum while working.

    So a friend suggested using methadone (liquid) as it was made for withdrawls.
    So i have 90ml of 'done and plan on using 30ml a day to get past the worst part of withdrawls so i can still work.

    Is this a good plan? If not can you please tell me why not or what a better plan may be?
    Also is this a good dosage of methadone to be taking for my situation?
    Will methadone just make withdrawls go away until the methadone wears off?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as i will run out in 4 days and put this plan into action.
  2. p0rkch0p

    p0rkch0p Member

    ZenStateOfMind u on instagram

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  3. Done, mine is Zenmindstate... follow back.
    Dont be fooled by my innocent pictures on there, haha.
  4. PillShark

    PillShark Member

    if you are able to get just a 3 day supply of methadone than i would say go for it. Other than that I would recommend getting some Kratom. I always keep some on hand for when im going to go through withdrawals. IME it works just as well as methadone or buprenorphine. It's a great alternative to suboxone or subutex.
  5. Thanks pillshark or should i call you blitz? haha. We never talked but i always liked your posts homie! Anyways this is exactly what i did still have some withdrawls after day 3 though of stopping methadone oh well at least they were bearable. Never tried kratom but i will get around to it one day. Would kratom last all day like methadone? Or would you dose twice daily for withdrawls?
  6. PillShark

    PillShark Member

    When i was using kratom for detox i would take it twice a day at about a 2/1 ratio for the morning and evening doses. I took a higher dose in the morning because when I'm in withdrawals I tend to feel the worst right when I wake up in the morning and then the symptoms seem to ease off a little bit towards the evening.

    And yes Zen I am the poster formerly known as Blitz7341. It's too bad I was a HF member since 2006 and alot of people knew me on the forums. But one night i got drunk and spam PMed everyone on my friends list. It was quiet a bummer but its my own fault breaking forum rules like that. Luckily after a few months I was allowed to sign back up with a different username.
  7. BottleFED

    BottleFED Member

    3mg/day of hydromorphone for 3 weeks and thats going to put you in withdrawals? Wow, Porkchop, correct me if Im wrong but isn't Opana 2x as strong as Diladid? Was this 3 week binge your first use of Opiates?

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