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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by pbfanatic321, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. pbfanatic321

    pbfanatic321 Member

    hey guys i was just messing around with my hair and back combing it to see what actually would happen. is this anything close to a dread, i sat there for a little while and before i messed around i read up on back combing to see how you do it. and i sat there for a little while doing it and this is what i came out with -


    is this ANYTHING close to a dread? i think this might be the closest you can get with back combing, then the rest is just natural?

    am i right?
  2. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    hard to see but looks pretty much right yea
    just zoomed in on it pretty close and your scalps looking red and itritated , the dread i cant see clear enough but doesnt look like alotta dammage that i can see but the end looks kinda split?n it dont matter though it'll do what it wants anyway

    edit: wow just looked again your scalps bright red, not just a lil iritated
    looks on the verge of bleeding
  3. Thekarthika

    Thekarthika Member

    Well, backcombing isn't technically natural, but yes that's how it'll work.

    If you plan on backcombing I'd suggest starting somewhere else where you can control the sectioning better or you'll end up with really bad sections.
  4. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    well depends if your going for a more natural look without that annotying checkerboard pattern id secion more randomly so theyre not all perfect 1 inch squares but rather all ddifferent shapes and sizes, but i think u mean startiat the sides or back or front instead of right in the middle
    the only caution id offer if u do the non square version is to be careful about habving too mant hairs crossing at the roots that will cause too much congoing

    did that 1 hurt? looks pretty sore
  5. pbfanatic321

    pbfanatic321 Member

    well yeah but like i said this wasn't for real, i was just messing around.

    and soaring eagle : no this didn't hurt 1 bit, i don't think my scalp is red i think it's just my hairs and some glare or something.
  6. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    ok looking at it on my monitor it looks bright red, on the tv just lil red but still redish, kinda like a mild sunburn, but on the monitor its looking more like an angry red like if u fall off a mtorcycle doing 60 and use your face oin the sidewalk for a brake kinda red
    was kinda socked if it caused that much iritation that
    glad its just my moniitor
  7. pbfanatic321

    pbfanatic321 Member

    yeah, so are there any cons for back combing? the reason i like it is because you have dreads right away and isn't it the same as neglect?

    i don't understand what you mean by when you back comb it damages the dreads or something?
  8. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    combing damages hair thats why ppl who comb have to trim every few months to remove dammaged ends, combing backwards does far far greatter dammage as well as the pulling involved, some do it too agresssively and rip 1/2 theyre hair right out, so thery have masses ofugly white spots at the base that are the roots that have been ripped out
    and dont believe the lies that backcombing gives instent dreads, most fall out 1st wash some completely some just loosenm alotdrewads happen over time wether u backcomb or not but not results in strionger healthier dammage

    theres also lies to discourage natural, saying they always take 2 years and always look bad messy like cavemen,these lies are used tosell products
    many natural dreads have dreads in weeks (beginnings still take time to mature() some doi take longer though, length helps alot to speed it up

    backcombing is often a long painful experience 6-10 hours or more havuing your hair pulled and ripped only to a week later be back to practicly straight hair again just to let natural method take over
    kinda backward thinking i me it makes sence to try natural a few months and then if theres no real progress backcomb

    there are many here who in just weeks had beautiful natural locks ofcourse theres a few that have taken many months, (i think more have had locks in a couple months then have just had messes over 3, but alots got to do with starting length)

    if u backcomb u wont have locks just backcombed hair for several months anyways till they really lock up so why not let them lock strong with as little pain and dammage as u can?

    im not tryong to discourage you, thats your choice to make,
    but i think if u look around 90% of the thrweads like help my drewads are___ or im frustrated with mt dreads type threwads are from backcombed because they expect instant perfection and get frustrated with every bit of the process and those who went the natural route never seem to have complaints or problems (insteasd find profound joy in what the others concider redoing theyres over like loops lumps flatness and zig zagas or frizzies

    why do you want dreads, whewn you answer that it should give you a clue to the right method for you
  9. mamamojo

    mamamojo Member


    You'll get great advice from SE - listen to him :cool:
  10. amybird

    amybird Senior Member

    AND killer typos ;) They'll actually break the spell-check function even on really fast computers :p :p
  11. WorldPeace

    WorldPeace Senior Member

    backcombing can cause instant dreads, but then you also need to crochet twist and rip, and it needs to be so fucking tight. But what soaring eagle said, this really damages your hair.
    If you backcomb right, it will not fall out all, but you'll see that they get looser the first months and later they'll get tighter again.
    When backcomb you have sections immidiatly (probably spelled wrong), going natural this takes a little longer.

    I backcombed, some came out a little, but I used to crochet a lot in the beginning, so they looked a little tighter. Now i wished i had gone natural, because it's such a cool process.
  12. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    hahaha you havent been here long enough to say

    but it used to be my keyboard had every letter worn blank
    but also sleep deprivation affects uit i can type 80% at least during the day but by 5 am i add alotta exrtra letters and some words are rediculouse cause the keys move aroubnd too much
    my brain becomes a liquified squishuy mess around mnow
    luckily my dreads soak up leakages and feed it back into my brain to resolidify by nmorning
  13. menghele

    menghele Member

    "backcombing is often a long painful experience 6-10 hours or more havuing your hair pulled and ripped only to a week later be back to practicly straight hair again just to let natural method take over
    kinda backward thinking i think"

    That's not true. My backcombing never fell out. And im at 1 year and something...
  14. WorldPeace

    WorldPeace Senior Member

    Mine didn't really came out either, and backcombing took only 3 hours orso (after trying myself for 2 weeks, someone else did it in 3 hours)
  15. roguette

    roguette Member

    Okay, I have a few bits of advice.

    First I'll throw it out there that I started in a very similar manner, so this is from my experience.

    What you did to your hair is teasing it (backcombing). It's not a dreadlock, and you know it's not a real dread yet because you had to ask. It's the beginning of a dread, and an easy way to section off some pieces. My advice would be to plop a few beads on those backcombed sections, or else they'll have a good chance of coming out.

    Over time though, you can't backcomb them anymore and they form into their own little dreads. It'll take a good amount of time, but it's very rewarding. I like having some control over the size of my dreads, so I preferred backcombing, and it's really no more damaging to your hair than dreads are in the first place.

    Don't let others scare you; backcombing will give you perfect dreads, but you still have to have a nice deal of patience.
  16. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    no more dammaguing then dreads are in the 1st place? that makes no sence at all

    read through manty many past threads some yes have had theyre backcombing never fall apart but all have experienced some dammage wether noticable or not..some have complained about exrteremely noticable dammage even having nearly 1/2 theyre roots yanked iut
    ofcourse its all in how u do it but the fact that u are combing your haitt backwards is doing dasmmage no matterhow gently you are
    on the other hand you cloaim having dreads is dammaging, thats a total lie and makes no sence at all
    hair that has never been combed and is locked inside a dread cannot suffer any dammjage at all (as long as its neverchemicaly dasmmaged)
    the hair remains in perfect condition, no split ends no broken shafts no dammaged roots, there simply is no way it becomes dammafed by the natural process (well unless agressive rubbing/rolling/twisting is used)

    if dreading is so dammaging please explain how the dammage occurs when no sharp metal teeth rip throughit no excessive forces are applired
    the only minimal damafge would be a few broken hairs from seperating thwat later become new dreads or join other dreads
    this dammage affects less then 1% of your total hair, unlike 100% (ok maybe uper 90's) that backconmbing dammages

    think before you post i know yiou mean well just trying to give advice, bgut to satybackcombibng is no more dammaging then natural is against thelaws of physics and not logical at all
  17. Thekarthika

    Thekarthika Member

    I don't think this kid actually wanted dreads at all.

    I don't understand why he posted.

    But, hey, it's a free forum.
  18. WorldPeace

    WorldPeace Senior Member

    talking about splitt ends, I was just checking it

    i felted my ends with a felting needle like 3 years ago, combed it out a year later, and all my ends were splitt and damaged, I cut of the damaged hair, and now all my ends look perfect haha :D cut the ends 2 years ago. So that theory is probably true.
  19. menghele

    menghele Member

    Yes its damaged. When u rip them apart don't you break hairs? Me for example i was breaking more hairs at ripping than i was at crocheting.

    Same at crocheting. Few broken hairs just join the dreads. And how can u backcomb and have 100% damaged hair lol? End up with 2-3 dreads?
  20. shadygrov

    shadygrov Member

    Doing absolutely nothing to your hair except separate does far less damage than crochet, felting, or backcombing. To say other wise doesn't make sense. Plus most of the time when I separate I can work the how of the other dread and 90% don't ever have to break them, if you do this often. But when your hair grows and you do nothing to break it (aside from very minimal separating) how is going to be more damaged than crocheting dreads.

    Most of the crocheted dreads I have seen have tons of little frizzy hair off the lock. With natural locks there is no little frizzy hairs. It's either a completely loose hair or completely locked up. It makes no sense to say crocheting is less damaging than natural locks. On top of that, if you crochet, you have to continue to maintain them or the new natural growth looks COMPLETELY different. Same is said about backcombed dreads.

    Backcombing is damaging. I ended up tons of broken hairs, a pile of them. And a later I can still tell where some roots are thin. My natural grown looks totally different than the backcombed. It looks way better IMO.

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