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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by hippiecomeflores, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. hey guys well i need a little advise in here now... im gonna explain how the situation is right now:

    i just got a new job about two months ago, i loved it and i got many friends, suddenly just one friend and i kissed, he had a gf, and i was like oh yeah its only a kiss...after one week we talked to eachother and he told me he really liked me and he wanted to go out with me as for getting to know eachother better and see what happened, he said he wasnt with her gf because or love, just because the gf's twin sister is our BOSS!

    By that time i was like yeah what ever, lets go out, but he started callin, we started going out, etc etc and stuff... kissing... so we both were like so much into eachother and we talked over it and he was like, well im tryin to walk away from her so she's the one who breaks up and then her sister cant do nothing to us.. i was like ok all right... but then, like she would call him, or go visit him to the office and i mean, he was indifferent but not as much, not enough.

    I eventually tried to walk away but then the problem is i really really like him, i love being with him, as friends as everything but there is too much attraction as well, so... wat i was trying to do was to go out with him and dont see him as more as a friend... but that wont be that possible because what if in a long term i end up falling in love!??

    guys gimme some adivse im extremely confused about all this!
  2. headymoechick

    headymoechick I have no idea

    Look, I know you like this guy, but think of your fellow sister. Leave this guy alone for a while. Respect yourself and her. Show this guy that you don't approve of cheating or he will probably do it to you! Do you really want to be with a guy who plays head games like that? Trying to get her to break up with him? He sounds quite immature. If he was a real man and wanted to be with you, he would respect you enough to end his first relationship and start fresh and pure with you. But he's too much of a sissy to get the balls to break it off with her. The excuse is this girl's twin sister is your boss? So what? What will she do? Fire you? That's illegal. Don't screw around at work and it won't happen. Things may be uncomfortable, but you're taking that risk dating a co-worker anyway, right? So what's the difference? Tell him you really like him, but you have respect for other women and it can't continue until he is single again. If he breaks up with her and then starts to date you, the twin can't be THAT unreasonable. But if you guys get caught messing around behind her back, you may have bigger problems. Just do yourself a favor- leave this guy alone. If he REALLY likes you, he'll grow some balls and tell the truth. If not, you don't want a mind-fucker as a boyfriend anyway.
  3. right on girl! thank u so much. we dont talk anymore tho... like its so awkward but its better leave it like that, pity, hes a fun guy but,, right hes a mind-fucker so.. fuck him

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