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    I read all the techniques to extract mesc., which makes me sick since it's takes some work. I've read that if you boil any powdered mesc. containing cactus for about 6-8 hours it will be an adequate dose. Is this true? Does boiling damage the mesc. ? If so, do we simmer? I just wanted to know if there was an easier way to do this. Thank you.
  2. Boiling will not damage the mesc. But this is not an extraction, this is making a tea. The reason people perform an extraction is because the tea is not palatable.
  3. I would say IDL, take your powder i believe its 25gs. first make an acidic/water extraction using a 1 part lemon juice, 2 parts distilled water. Put your powder into a small pot and fill with acidic water just enough to cover the powder. bring to a quick hard boil then strain through a baking strainer into a bowl or cup. repeat process for a total of three boils of your powdered cactus tissue. strain potion through a resuable coffee filter if needed, to remove any excess bulk! This works good for ayahuasca herbs for sure! I,ve tried this method with partially dried skins with success! It definetly helps if you store the potion in 12oz plastic water bottles and let it cool. It makes it way easier to chug! you should get about 4 -6oz of liquid. e;)

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