Mentally mature enough?

Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by jean_genie, May 30, 2006.

  1. jean_genie

    jean_genie psychedelic saturday

    Im considering Salvia, but i want to be sure that im mentally mature enough to handle it, and as this is something i cant completely know until ive done it, i want to get an idea. Anyone got any thoughts on how to.. assess, if you will, the maturity of the mind?

    Also, for you guys out there who have tried Salvia, what state of mind do you think i should have (not mood specifically) beforehand?

  2. prismatism

    prismatism loves you

    just by this post, i can tell you're probably mature enough. just the fact that you've put so much thought into it beforehand is a good sign. and i think if you meditate, you should do that before you do salvia. do anything that relaxes you and gets you thinking clearly.
  3. yes i guess the fact that youve thought about it enough to really contemplate it means youll be as ready as ever.
  4. mellow

    mellow Eased

    You are mature enough if your ready. Really and truley ready.
  5. prismatism

    prismatism loves you

    earlyxsunsets is right. you'll never be ready, but you've got to be able and willing to interpret your shock and weave it into your reality :). post again after you've done it the first time, i'd love to hear about it.
  6. redgreenvines

    redgreenvines Member

    i am concerned about the turn of phrase.
    "mature enough."
    based upon what measure?
    were the child warriors of mogadishu mature enough to be handling automatic weapons.
    clearly yes they were.
    the aiming and trigger pulling worked. who will argue about ready?!?
    IMO if you are asking the question, enough doubt exists, and this is not an arena to be engaged in.
    at your age, whichever it is, many things are possible that do not include using salvia, eg. yoga, meditation, studies in school, music, dance, even physical activity.

    if you are still growing physically, I would not reccommend this type of extremely potent psychedellic, even though it's action window is so short (5 mins).
    not enough is known, you do not have a support network that is informed and ready to advise if you become confused, and it is guaranteed that a priest will be of no use too.

    nor would I reccommend that persons who could physically fire a gun do so just because they can. continue to be patient and careful and you will reap the rewards of that.
  7. prismatism

    prismatism loves you

    i don't think asking questions means doubt exists. most of the kids who don't ask questions are the ones who don't care.

    she has us for support.
  8. redgreenvines

    redgreenvines Member

    today we are here
    in 5 years where are we
    dust and memories
    we see text
    we know nothing
    who are we
    compared to family and friends

    be aware that some need others to follow them to convince themselves that they did the right thing.

    like peer pressure of the new peerdom. that is not support. just a gesture of commitment. nice, but insubstantial.
  9. i would imagine having even a remotly close idea of what to expect can ready you for a trip more then anything, what are your past experiences with hallucinogens, personally iv tripped over 350 times before my first salvia experience. & priority would be research on salvia divinorum.

    iv tripped on salvia divinorum around 200 seperate occasions in all envirorments and i would reconmend a quiete candle lit room(not too many candles), late at nite when everyone is asleep. i wouldnt reconmend outdoors for a first experience considering i dont know your history yet and there are too many possibilities of distractions and other unpleasent interuptions etc.

    ****dosage shouldnt be anything more then 5x extract for someone looking to test their tolerance. you never know what your tolerance is.

    not saying that you wont or arent but its always a good to be reminded to try to give respect to the experience to make it ceremonialish.

    i hope i helped a little and to hear from you soon on my questions so i can offer more advice.
  10. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    im starting to think that youre figures are pretty ridiculous man, during what age period did you do these 200 trips? once or twice every second day for a year? i mean what were you doing, just sitting in a hole taking drugs every day?
  11. once or twice every second day lol :p try constantly smoking standardized extract a shitload of countless hours upon hours a day for a month solid and then steadily declined months later to not using it at all... i guessed 200 trips because i was stoned when i wrote that, like i am now, it was probably alot more considering i dealt with an ounce of premium standard leafs ontop of the extracts and an ounce of diviners blend a combination of wild dagga, blue lotus and premium salvia.

    most quests for god and peace of mind are times of social holes, but i still try to maintain my health and interact with people.:cool:
  12. jean_genie

    jean_genie psychedelic saturday

    youll hear all about it in about 3 weeks, ill make a post or something, i think my friends already got some 5x, possibly 10x, if its 10x then ill just take way less. But yeah.. cant wait ;D
  13. which part, buddy.

    and why is everyone being argumentative and negative lately?

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    because were all gonna die soon, buddy
  15. and i never got to see paris :/

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    you dont even want to, buddy.

    hahaha this buddy thing is weird, i better stop.

    besides, you tripped before, what do you need to see anything else for?
  17. moving post into private message :eek:
  18. redgreenvines

    redgreenvines Member

    this picture is like salvia already
  19. yea whatever that thing is she has her cheek pressed on is mad trippy
  20. jean_genie

    jean_genie psychedelic saturday

    ill give you 3 geese if you can guess what it is ;D

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