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Discussion in 'Mental Health' started by PoeticPeacenik, Jan 9, 2021.

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    When I spotted this thread, I thought it would be about the clear signs of widespread mental illness that are increasingly being manifested in U.S. politics these days. But instead, I see the emphasis is on how knowledge of this fact is contributing to stress, anxiety, and depression on the part of people accustomed to the good old days when Americans were united and saner. I can appreciate PP's dilemma since he apparently lives in a family and neighborhood of Trump-lovers. Generally speaking, I don't think denial or escape are healthy ways to deal with reality, but for the sake of psychological survival in PP's case, they may be necessary.

    The pathology of our politics really hit me yesterday, when I was watching the Senate confirmation hearings on Katamji Brown Jackson for Supreme Court Justice. What in the past would have been smooth sailing with strong by-partisan support became a circus where the leading Republican clowns performed for their constituents. Josh Hawley stands out for his single-minded obsession with pedophilia. What was that all about? I think he was playing to a Q constituency--the folks who believe the Democrats are controlled by a ring of pedophiles. The Q crowd are certified nut jobs--witness the bunch who showed up to see JFK Jr. (and Sr) last Novermber, despite the problem that both are long dead. Between Q and the Great Replacement theorists backed by Fox news Putin-lover Tucker Carlson, the American public is fed a steady diet of "alternative facts" that could drive anybody insane. We had at least one of them on HF before the last Presidential election. I won't mention the name, although I think he's long gone and banned. He used to dish out a a steady diet of Great replacement/Q propaganda and would even cite Russia Today as one of his sources. He also, revealingly, contributed to the Mental Health Forum where he talked about his history of being put on
    strong mind altering drugs during childhood and concluding "Therapy is harmful and it destroys you." I remeber his last post, ranting about pedophilesand Democrats--the latest Q-inspired talking point. We had an attempted coup d'etat in this country by mentally deranged folks who refuse to believe that their Dear Leader, the Donald, actually lost the election. We saw the violence on TV, and were then subjected to gaslighting by Republican political operatives who tried to tell us they were just tourists. Trump, the Putin Lover in Chief who thinks the invader of Ukraine is a genius, is a mentally deranged authoritarian crime boss who never met a dictator he doesn't like. He stands a good chance of becoming President in 2024, thanks to the corrupt alliance of sociopathic politicians, nutty true believers and apathetic voters who are trying to escape into the Never Never land of America As It Used To Be. Enough to drive anybody crazy!
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    Tysonwood. I'm glad you liked it. I was about to erase the post, cuz I thought it was just what Poetic Peacenik didn't need to hear. It was something I thought I needed to get off my chest, but probably not a ticket to good mental health. Sorry PP.
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    Yeah... It's worth saying.
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    No, Tish sir--do not erase the post please. I watched the hearing also and the republicans made complete fools of themselves and at this point---I wonder if they , as a party, have any relevance at all in a society that , for the most part, aspires to be a democracy. In the main, right wing legislators have NOT comported themselves as this modern, trump inspired collection of anti-American, lying buffoons are doing and doing right out in public on TV! Frankly , they deserve all the criticism directed toward them. The more we and others criticize and point out the damned foolishness of these trump cultists---hopefully they will recognize their own undiscerning behavior regarding facts and right wing, ginned up alternative facts.
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